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Conor McGregor and His Nutritionist Dispel Floyd Mayweather's Concerns Over Missing Weight | MMAWeekly.com

Conor McGregor and his nutritionist promise that Floyd Mayweather’s concerns about the UFC lightweight champion missing weight are not only unfounded but down right silly.

Over the past few days, Mayweather was stated in numerous interviews that he believed McGregor was suffering through a tough weight cut and it’s possible he would step onto the scale heavier than the 154-pound limit for the fight.

Of course, McGregor is the current 155-pound champion in the UFC and has fought for a big part of his career at 145 pounds but Mayweather still isn’t sold that he’ll make weight on Friday when they face off one last time before stepping into the ring together. Mayweather even suggested in some interviews that he believes McGregor has taken I.V. fluids because his weight is such a concern right now. 

For his part, McGregor believes that Mayweather was just clutching at straws by mentioning his weight cut, especially considering he’s never missed the mark during his UFC career at both featherweight and lightweight.

“Tell him to shut his f–king mouth. He knows nothing,” McGregor said about Mayweather. “Fool of a thing. Let him keep praying. Praying for weight, praying for fatigue, praying for me to take a back step, all he’s doing is praying. But he’s praying to the new god of boxing.”

While weight cutting is relevant in the sport of boxing, athletes practicing the sweet science aren’t typically putting their bodies though a rigorous cut the way most mixed martial artists will do in the lead up to a fight.

There are numerous lightweight fighters competing in the UFC who will walk around in excess of 180 pounds before cutting down to the 155-pound limit. Add to that, McGregor has worked extensively with noted nutritionist George Lockhart for the past two years and together they’ve found the winning formula to ensure that he always makes weight and stays well fed in the days leading up to the fight.

In fact, Lockhart has been with McGregor throughout his entire training camp to prepare for the Mayweather fight including a stay in Ireland before the team relocated to Las Vegas for the past few weeks.

Lockhart knows McGregor’s body chemistry very well and he was able to implement a few changes in his nutrition plan for this fight to help the 29-year old Irishman get ready for 36 minutes in the ring with Mayweather if that’s what it takes to get the job done.Conor McGregor

“Right now he’s getting grains in every meal. Basically lots of spinach, a lot of higher fat foods and when you’re in an anaerobic state, your body burns more fat. When he’s boxing, he’s going to be in and out of that zone quite a bit,” Lockhart explained when speaking to MMAWeekly.com. “So his body is going to be burning a lot of carbohydrates but we need to make sure that the fat’s adapted.

“So with this camp it’s a lot more avocados, more red meat, especially on off days.”

Lockhart compared that to mixed martial arts where his focus on nutrition is different considering the kind of energy that McGregor would need to go hard over 25-minutes in the Octagon while also staying explosive with his wrestling, grappling and clinch work that doesn’t happen inside the ring with boxing.

“When somebody’s wrestling, you’re obviously going to be very highly anaerobic and you’re going to be burning a lot of carbs. In that sense, weight is such a big issue, it’s a huge advantage when I’m wrestling somebody or on top of somebody. Just by sheer physics if I have more weight behind me, I can push somebody over more efficiently. Where as with boxing, you have the clinch but it’s only for a few seconds so weight isn’t as much of a matter so you want to keep the weight lower for boxing. You don’t have a drastic cut. You want to make sure you have speed because speed is key in boxing,” Lockhart said.

“Now we’ve got a lot more higher fats but when we were getting ready for the [Eddie] Alvarez fight, it was a lot more carbohydrates. Post workout he was getting a lot more carbs as well. We’d be giving from 100 to 150 grams of carboyhydrates post workout where as now, I’ll actually add a little bit of fat to the drink and post workout it was basically BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) and carbohydrates and caffeine and now he’s getting a lot more protein post workout. It helps out so his weight goes down but he’s not as hungry and it helps him recover from the workout.”

According to Lockhart, McGregor consumes at least a gallon of water a day if not more while fueling his body with all sorts of foods including a lot of lamb, which is his personal favorite form of protein.

Considering the relationship Lockhart has built with McGregor over the past two years, he has no worries about him making weight and then performing to the top of his ability 24 hours later.

“It’s always fun working with Conor,” Lockhart said.

McGregor will look to prove Mayweather’s claims completely unfounded when he steps onto the scale on Friday at the official weigh-ins just one day ahead of what could be the most lucrative fight in combat sports history.

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