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Other - Nick Diaz: Fighters Should Be Penalized For Stalling

DEZNUTS (anonymous) 2 years ago
It TOOK YOU TWO SENTENCES TO PARAPHRase the words of Nick Diaz which took him about six minutes to deliver thru a microphone. if your taken down and cant get up you deserve to lose by descision. sweeps, backdoor escapes, pulling guard. haha fightings harder than the fighers. respect
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MtlBen (anonymous) 2 years ago
I agree with this stuff, you can stay on the guy to control the position but hey don't just let your shoulders and head close to the guy all the remaining time of the round cause you're avoiding the fight! Controling the position is part of a setup and it has to end with something offensive, you need to finish, all this is a climax. Just like a takedown gives you point but you have to do something with it but hey, the sport is still evolving and those things will be fix in the futur.
We don't see these problems in asian organisations cause wresting is more popular in the USA and the UFC is based there but in the end, we have a fu***** nice sport right there and it's even more promising to see that there's room for improvments and that it will be taken in consideration because of the youth of the sport, in opposition of boxing for example.
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Wrestlethis (anonymous) 2 years ago
I personally dont consider 3 rounds of one fighter lying on top of another as controlling the fight, I see it as avoiding the fight as Nick Diaz mentions.

Its easy to hold someone down and avoid strikes from the top. Its easy to push someone against the cage and clinch and avoid strikes. Its easy to hold someone from the bottom and avoid strikes.

I agree with Diaz, if a fighter is holding and bumping with little hammer fists and little elbows, and avoiding throwing proper strikes to prevent from reversals or submission attemps then you are not really fighting.

The rules currently are the cause of many of the boring fights that take place in the UFC, wrestlers have a huge advantage with the scoring system.

Its easy to say 'why dont you get up' but when a fighter is concentratring every second of his energy into holding you down, and no energy into effective striking or submission attemps its a lot easier said then done.

Personally I want to see entertaining fights. However with this easy way of winning fights without having to actually do any damage or show any real submission skills, its a safe bet to say many fighters will opt for the 'safe' way of grinding out a boring points win when they are faced with an oponent that will more than likely knock them out on the feet, or submit them on the floor.

Everyone has their own take on the fight game at the moment, If youre happy with the way things are currently then Im happy for you. Im just saying, Id rather see entertaining fights than boring hold down points wins.

Peace out.
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kanie kanie 2 years ago
"Its easy to hold someone down and avoid strikes from the top. Its easy to push someone against the cage and clinch and avoid strikes. Its easy to hold someone from the bottom and avoid strikes."

> If this is SO easy, why don't everybody do that ? Ohhh, maybe because in fact this is *not* that easy ?

"Personally I want to see entertaining fights".

>I think that is the point. You want a show, but fighting isn't about "making the show" in *my* opinion. Fighting is to face someone and manage to find a way to win. Now, you can do it by submission or (T)KO. I like it too because it's spectacular. But now, in a fight, there's also a strategy. Finding a way to gas out your opponent is, indeed, a *very* good strategy to win (thought it's boring to see, I agree).

So now the question is : What would be the most important thing to you as a fighter ? Win or impress the crowd, if you had to chose ? Personaly, i think fighting is first of all about finding the way to impose your will on your opponent, whenever it looks boring. Do you remember the first UFC ? Everybody was wondering what Gracie was doing, it wasn't brutal, it was boring, slow, unespected. What do you recall today from Royce ? That he was a performer, a showman able to embrace the crowd, or that he was just unbeatable ? Just a question of point of view.

"Id rather see entertaining fights than boring hold down points wins"
> Well, me too but ultimately I understand that it can go to the end of the judges. And if it does, it either means that one was strong enough to manage his opponent (or that this opponent wasn't good enough to take advantage of the other). That's the game.

"Peace out"
> Same to you, bro ! (By the way, it's so niiiiiiiiiice to read from someone able to discuss his point of view without insults or disrespect every two words, that's for that).
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