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Grom (anonymous) 7 months ago
This guy sounds like a down syndrome
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Drozd (anonymous) 7 months ago
It's only fishy if you assume that an athlete would never care so much about wanting to prove that they're not doping!
GSP is an unusual guy, and he comes across as a bit of a dork honestly. I think he might actually be the honest, sometimes even seemingly naive guy that he is. I have a friend from the south shore of Montreal who is just like that actually...
Even if everything reported and referred to is 100% true, it's not necessarily fishy. GSP's camp might want to know the list of things tested for, as well as the standards of testing, because they want assurances that the tests for WADA are at least as good and complete as the tests for VADA. If GSP really isn't on anything at all, then you could see why he would care a lot about which agency and standards were used, because he would want to be able to have the most thorough evidential basis to support his claims.
There might also be something else about WADA that they don't like. You can see why they might be aprehensive to switch if you consider that they already put a lot of work into learning what VADA is.
I can understand if Hendricks thought the VADA testing was too invasive or inconvenient, and I wouldn't necessarily take that as a sign that he's doping either.
If GSP is doping, he's been doing an extremely good job of hiding it, and it seems hard to believe that he would be on some sort of drug that WADA (or another agency) tests for, and which might be proposed as a counter-offer. He and his camp is clearly one of the smarter, better funded, better informed, and thorough teams. If they've been hiding doping so well up until now, why would they suddenly make such a blunder? I strongly suspect that the actual details of what happened are not going to be suspicious in any obvious way, although rumors coming from people involved can certainly put a whole new spin on something, and maybe they under-estimated the risk of that happening.
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MMA-en-CORE MMA-en-CORE 7 months ago
GSP " a dork"???
" I have a friend from the south shore of Montreal who is just like that actually..." Come on,you cant be serious!They guy's been all over the world,and barely go "sur la Rive-Sud" anymore and even if he did?
Why dont you inform yourself abt the whole VADA-WADA & NCAS thing...you're so out of line its comical.
I know and agree w/ you abt why they asked questions (NOT GSP....but Firas & Beaulieu!).They want to clear his name,so they want to make sure WADA will do that.
You cant take drug testing lightly....and trust me,I know what I'm talking abt.
Just to make a short story, I'm a member of the "Barreau du Québec" so I often meet clients in jail.One day,an informant said that one of us (3 lawyers,2 psy) was an opiates addict and was passing dope.
They asked me for a piss test (which I had the right to refuse) but,my reputation is all I have.But I did it only if they also took a blood sample (they said NO,it was too expensive...so I paid for it myself).
Well...3 days later they called the office and said I was "THE ONE"...I pissed hot! I knew my rights,so I told them to test my blood...
2 days later I received a fax saying I was clean.Why did I pissed hot for opiates? Because I ate a sandwich w/ poppy seeds bread for lunch.
W/o my blood sample,who knows ....
So you dont go into this process blindly,not when you're GSP...w/ M$ to lose and when you're THE biggest fish the agency can get.
And If coming across as a dork is like GSP is,I'd love to be one!Plus,I just bought a condo on the Rive-Sud.
But seriously,If your definition of dork is;"Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks."
I can see how you see Georges as being a dork.But the Rive-Sud has nothing to do w/ it!
You take care.
PS; you should log in so we could reply to each other
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Tibor (anonymous) 7 months ago
This guy calls himself "MMAGENIUS". Listen, you better call yourself MMA COWARD or MMA IDIOT; that name will suit you better. You're a coward for putting videos on youtube but blocking all comments. It's only because you know you will get 9/10 negative comments and you're probably too much of a coward to take it. You're also an idiot for not realizing in most professional sports there was, is and always will be steroids. So stop giving examples of people who are obviously not in your favorite fighter or athletes list, I can give you a thousand more. So for the rest carry on calling yourself ridiculous names and being the coward that you are, or start growing up.
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MMA-en-CORE MMA-en-CORE 7 months ago
100% right dude.
I sent him a PM on youtube...I think "system" was just the poster of the coward's vid.
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