• Name: World Ultimate Full Contact
  • Abbreviation:no entry
  • First Event Date: 6/20/1998
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World Ultimate Full Contact

Name - TitleLocationDate
WUFC - Memorial 9 Martigny, Switzerland11/16/2013
WUFC - World Ultimate Full Contact Viseu, Portugal9/6/2013
WUFC - 2013 Lamego Center, Lamego, Portugal8/24/2013
WUFC - Memorial 8 Martigny, Switzerland11/3/2012
WUFC - 2012 Second Round Viseu, Portugal9/15/2012
WUFC - 2012 Regua, Portugal8/18/2012
WUFC - Challenge of Champions Ali Aliev Sports Complex, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, Russia12/24/2011
WUFC - Memorial 7 Martigny, Switzerland11/5/2011
WUFC - World Ultimate Full Contact 17 Viseu, Portugal8/27/2011
WUFC - Warriors Combat Forca Jovem Santos Club, Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil12/12/2010
WUFC - Memorial 6 Switzerland11/13/2010
WUFC - World Ultimate Full Contact 16 Feira S. Mateus, Viseu, Portugal9/4/2010
WUFC - Warriors Combat Saint Isabel Municipal Gymnasium, Santa Isabel, Sao Paulo, Brazil8/22/2010
WUFC - Desafio Vale Tudo Viseu, Portugal1/14/2010
WUFC - World Ultimate Full Contact 15 Fontelo Gymnastic Pavilion, Viseu, Portugal8/22/2009
WUFC - Desafio International Forca Jovem Santos Club, Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil5/2/2009
WUFC - X-Trem Tournament Sport Palace, Roanne, France2/14/2009
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 14 Fontelo Gymnastic Pavilion, Viseu, Portugal8/22/2008
WUFC - Full Contact Fighters Portugal7/5/2008
WUFC - Championship of Siberia in Pankration Berdsk, Russia3/30/2008
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 13 Portugal8/22/2007
WUFC - Championship of Siberia in Pankration Mezhdurechensk, Russia7/12/2007
WUFC - Russia vs. USA Ice Sport Palace, Barnaul, Russia5/9/2007
WUFC - Resistance Russia11/25/2006
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 12 Viseu, Portugal8/19/2006
WUFC - World Championship Barnaul, Russia6/5/2006
WUFC - World Championships 2 Midoes, Portugal5/13/2006
WUFC - Championship of Russia in Professional Pankration Novosibirsk, Russia4/9/2006
WUFC - Gladiators Challenge 4th Stage Chicago Casino, Krasnoyarsk, Russia1/20/2006
WUFC - Championship of Novosibirsk in Professional Pankration Novosibirsk, Russia11/20/2005
WUFC - Gladiators Challenge 2nd Stage Chicago Casino, Krasnoyarsk, Russia11/3/2005
WUFC - Gladiators Challenge 1st Stage Krasnoyarsk, Russia10/6/2005
WUFC - World Ultimate Full Contact Viseu, Portugal9/10/2005
WUFC - Viriato Cup 8 Viseu, Portugal12/11/2004
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 10 Portugal11/12/2004
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 9 Portugal7/20/2003
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 8 Portugal7/25/2002
WUFC - Viriato Cup 3 Viseu, Portugal12/15/2001
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 7 Portugal7/22/2001
WUFC - Viriato Cup 2 Viseu, Portugal12/9/2000
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 6 Portugal7/21/2000
WUFC - Viriato Cup 1 Viseu, Portugal12/11/1999
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 5 Viseu, Portugal9/3/1999
WUFC - Trofeu Feira 4 Portugal6/20/1998

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