• Name: International Sport Combat Federation
  • Abbreviation:no entry
  • First Event Date: 9/6/1997
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International Sport Combat Federation

Name - TitleLocationDate
ISCF - Summer Heat 2011 J.E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Valdosta, Georgia, United States6/25/2011
ISCF - Winter Heat 2011 J.E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Valdosta, Georgia, United States1/29/2011
ISCF - Summer Heat 2010 J.E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Valdosta, Georgia, United States6/19/2010
ISCF - Winter Heat 2010 J.E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Valdosta, Georgia, United States1/30/2010
ISCF - 2009 MMA World Classic: Sunday Finals Hyatt Regency Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri, United States11/15/2009
ISCF - 2009 MMA World Classic: Saturday Prelims Hyatt Regency Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri, United States11/14/2009
ISCF - Summer Heat 2009 J.E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Valdosta, Georgia, United States6/20/2009
ISCF - Battle of Rome 6 Rome, Georgia, United States1/24/2009
ISCF - Bad Intentions Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin12/13/2008
ISCF - Gladiator X Atlanta, Georgia12/13/2008
ISCF - Battle of Rome 5 Rome, Georgia6/28/2008
ISCF - Summer Heat 2008 J.E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Valdosta, Georgia, United States6/21/2008
ISCF - Brawl at the Hall Joplin, Missouri5/9/2008
ISCF - Rumble in the Park Loves Park, Illinois4/26/2008
ISCF - Unleashed North Carolina3/28/2008
ISCF - Xtreme Fight Party St. Louis, Mississippi3/8/2008
ISCF - Winter Heat 2008 J.E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Valdosta, Georgia, United States2/16/2008
ISCF - Battle of Rome 4 Rome, Georgia, United States1/19/2008
ISCF - Battle of Rome 3 Rome, Georgia12/12/2007
ISCF / Kevy Boy Productions - Fight 2 the Finish 2 Congress Theater, Chicago, Illinois, United States11/9/2007
ISCF - Black Tie & Bruises Shreveport, Louisiana10/18/2007
ISCF - Return of the Kings 9/28/2007
ISCF - Collision Lafayette, Louisiana8/25/2007
ISCF - Evolution 2 Bloomington, Illinois6/9/2007
ISCF - Summer Heat 2007 J.E. Mathis Municipal Auditorium, Valdosta, Georgia, United States6/8/2007
ISCF - Head-On Collision Cowboys Atlanta, Kennesaw, Georgia, United States6/1/2007
ISCF - Battle of Rome 2 Rome, Georgia4/21/2007
ISCF - Evolution Peoria, Illinois4/14/2007
ISCF - Invasion Cowboys Atlanta, Kennesaw, Georgia, United States2/9/2007
ISCF - Winter Heat 2007 Rainwater Conference Center, Valdosta, Georgia, United States1/27/2007
ISCF - Battle of Rome Rome, Georgia1/27/2007
ISCF - Throwdown in Wartown Georgia12/16/2006
ISCF - Ruckus on the River Louisiana12/16/2006
ISCF - Battlezone 7 Morgan City, Louisiana11/18/2006
ISCF - Peoria Peoria, Illinois11/4/2006
ISCF - Midwest Fightfest Kansas City, Missouri, United States10/27/2006
ISCF - Southside Slugfest Peachtree City, Oklahoma10/21/2006
ISCF - Fever Fight Night Atlanta, Georgia9/22/2006
ISCF - Summer Heat 2006 Rainwater Conference Center, Valdosta, Georgia, United States6/24/2006
ISCF - Pure Force 3 Illinois6/16/2006
ISCF - Rampage in the Cage 2 Lafayette, Louisiana6/3/2006
RS - Rocktown Showdown Giovanni\'s Convention Center, Rockford, Illinois, United States5/19/2006
ISCF - Xtreme Freestyle Fighting Columbus, Georgia5/13/2006
ISCF - Colosseum Combat Huntsville, Alabama4/29/2006
ISCF - Knuckle Up 4 Kennesaw, Georgia4/28/2006
ISCF - Rampage in the Cage Lafayette, Louisiana3/11/2006
ISCF - Gladiators X Milwaukee, Wisconsin2/24/2006
ISCF - Knuckle Up 3 Atlanta, Georgia2/24/2006
ISCF - Pure Force Tinley Park, Illinois1/6/2006
ISCF - Knuckle Up 2 12/2/2005
ISCF - Colosseum Returns Milwaukee, Wisconsin10/21/2005
ISCF - Knuckle Up 1 10/14/2005
ISCF - Summer Heat 2005 Lowndes County Civic Center, Valdosta, Georgia, United States6/18/2005
ISCF - Heavyweight Gladiators Milwaukee, Wisconsin6/3/2005
ISCF - Friday Night Fights Atlanta, Georgia4/29/2005
ISCF - Whiskey Tango's Throwdown Grain Valley, Missouri, United States4/28/2005
ISCF - Compound Fracture 2 Atlanta, Georgia2/4/2005
ISCF - Holiday Havoc Valdosta/Lowndes Convention CenterValdosta, Georgia12/10/2004
ISCF - Beaumont Brawl Beaumont ClubKansas City, Missouri12/4/2004
ISCF - Rumble In The Jungle 6 St. Louis, Missouri11/20/2004
ISCF - Domination at the DAC DeKalb Atlanta Centre Atlanta, Georgia11/20/2004
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 11 Macon City AuditoriumMacon, Georgia11/6/2004
ISCF - Rough N Tumble Challenge Virginia Beach, Virginia10/16/2004
ISCF - Compound Fracture DeKalb Atlanta Centre Atlanta, Georgia10/15/2004
ISCF - Rumble In The Jungle 5 St. Louis, Missouri9/18/2004
ISCF - Anarchy in August 2 The TabernacleAtlanta, Georgia8/7/2004
ISCF - Clash Of The Titans Kansas City, Missouri6/30/2004
ISCF - Rumble in the Jungle 4 St. Louis, Missouri6/19/2004
ISCF - Fight Party Atlanta Civic CenterAtlanta, Georgia4/23/2004
ISCF - Finney's Championship Kickboxing St. Louis, Missouri4/17/2004
ISCF - Winter Wars 2004 Fort Gordon's GymAugusta, Georgia3/13/2004
ISCF - Throwdown in V-Town Valdosta, Georgia3/6/2004
ISCF - War in Westport Beaumont ClubKansas City, Missouri2/27/2004
ISCF - Rumble In The Jungle St. Louis, Missouri2/7/2004
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 10 Macon Georgia Municipal AuditoriumMacon, Georgia2/6/2004
ISCF - Friday Night Fight The TabernacleAtlanta, Georgia1/23/2004
ISCF - Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts St. Louis, Missouri11/22/2003
ISCF - Total Velocity in the Valley 11/8/2003
ISCF - Trauma North West Georgia Trade and Convention CenterDalton, Georgia10/25/2003
ISCF - Fall Brawl 2003 Augusta, Georgia10/11/2003
ISCF - Friday Night Fights The TabernacleAtlanta, Georgia8/22/2003
ISCF - Anarchy in August The Dekalb Atlanta CentreAtlanta, Georgia8/2/2003
ISCF - Southeast Championships Valdosta, Georgia6/21/2003
ISCF - Cowtown Rumble 3 Overland ParkKansas City, Missouri6/21/2003
ISCF - May Madness Atlanta, Georgia5/21/2003
ISCF - Utah Fight Night Gallivan CenterSalt Lake City, Utah5/17/2003
ISCF - Mad Dog 3 Missouri5/3/2003
ISCF - Ultimate Battle Night 2 Sandy, Utah, United States5/1/2003
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 9 Macon, Georgia4/26/2003
ISCF - Ultimate Battle Night Sandy StationSandy, Utah4/24/2003
ISCF - Cowtown Rumble 2 Hilton Garden InnIndependence, Missouri3/8/2003
ISCF - Winter Wars 2003 Augusta, Georgia3/1/2003
ISCF - Mad Dog 2 Fieldhouse NightclubColumbia, Missouri2/22/2003
ISCF - Mad Dog 1 Fieldhouse NightclubColumbia, Missouri12/14/2002
ISCF - Cowtown Rumble 1 Independence, Missouri11/16/2002
ISCF - Fall Brawl 2002 Augusta, Georgia9/21/2002
ISCF - Mayhem in Midtown 2 8/23/2002
ISCF - Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia8/16/2002
ISCF - Mayhem in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia6/8/2002
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 8 Griffin, Georgia4/27/2002
ISCF - Battle at the Brewery Atlanta, Georgia4/12/2002
ISCF - Winter Wars 2002 Augusta State University Athletic Complex, Augusta, Georgia3/16/2002
ISCF - Battle at the Brewery 2001 Atlanta, Georgia12/8/2001
ISCF - Fight Night Herbie's HideawayValdosta, Georgia9/29/2001
ISCF - Hot Summer Fights 2001 Valdosta, Georgia6/16/2001
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 7 Jackson, Georgia5/19/2001
ISCF - Northampton Northampton, England4/22/2001
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 6 National Guard Armory, Jackson, Georgia3/10/2001
ISCF - Winter Wars 2001 Augusta, Georgia2/24/2001
ISCF - Fall Brawl 2000 The Sports Arena, Augusta, Georgia10/14/2000
ISCF - Hot Summer Fights Lowndes County Civic Center, Valdosta, Georgia6/24/2000
ISCF - Walk the Walk Memphis, Tennessee5/14/2000
ISCF - Spring Showdown 2000 Augusta, Georgia5/6/2000
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 5 Griffin, Georgia2/26/2000
ISCF - Winter Wars 2000 Augusta, Georgia2/12/2000
ISCF - Memphis New Daisy Theatre, Memphis, Tennessee11/13/1999
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 4 Georgia2/20/1999
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 3 Georgia9/12/1998
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 2 Griffin, Georgia5/16/1998
ISCF - Submission Fighting Open 1 Griffin, Georgia9/6/1997

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