will report from Revel Atlantic City in Atlantic City, N.J., at approximately 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT with play-by-play and live results of World Series of Fighting 2, which is headlined by a clash pitting UFC veterans Andrei Arlovski and Anthony Johnson against each other in a heavyweight showdown.

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Round 1
Buenafuente opens up with a few kicks before Algeo leaps at him and fells him with a knee against the cage. Algeo tries to mount as he flurries with punches, but Buenafuente drives forward and finally holds him on the ground after a pair of quick takedowns. Algeo sits up against the cage post, controlling Buenafuente’s left arm as he posts and stands. Buenafuente spins to Algeo’s back and tries to drag him down for a rear-naked choke. He can’t get it and Algeo is right back up, then defends a guillotine attempt to stand again. Nice knee from Algeo before he’s pinned to the fence again, now with Buenafuente working a single-leg. Buenafuente gets another takedown and extracts his head from a loose headlock before trying another guillotine of his own. It doesn’t stick, and Algeo attacks the body of his opponent while Buenafuente drives on another single. Buenafuente gets him down and moves to cross side control, wrapping up Algeo’s legs. Algeo scoots to the fence and stands again, tries a standing kimura and hits Buenafuente with a hard knee to the face as he drops for another shot. Buenafuente is bleeding from his nose, still working for the takedown with 90 seconds left in what has been a busy first round. He gets Algeo down and immediately has to defend against a triangle. Algeo sweeps and puts Buenafuente on the ground with 30 seconds left. Buenafuente controls Algeo’s left arm until Algeo pulls free to drop a couple elbows before the bell.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Algeo
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Algeo
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Algeo

Round 2

Photo: Dave Mandel/

Algeo put away Buenafuente.

Algeo sticks a few jabs before sidestepping some long, wide punches from Buenafuente. Another takedown attempt lands for Buenafuente about 45 seconds into the round, but now Algeo is busy off his back, throwing elbows and then sweeping with a kimura. Algeo moves from north-south to side control on Buenafuente’s left, and Buenafuente throws up his legs to trap Algeo’s head. Buenafuente can’t get the reverse triangle and gets to his knees before driving forward and putting Algeo on his back again. Another kimura attempt from Algeo goes by the wayside and now the pace slows as Buenafuente sets up in Algeo’s butterfly guard.

Open guard for Algeo halfway through the fight, with Buenafuente scooting him around the cage, trying to land ground-and-pound but having difficulty as Algeo controls his arms. Algeo scrambles up and shakes Buenafuente off his back in the process. Now it’s Algeo on top, using his long legs to knee Buenafuente’s body between elbow strikes. Algeo steps into full mount with a minute remaining, then sinks in both hooks to secure back-mount when Buenafuente rolls over. Algeo switches to a body triangle and works to slip his left arm under Buenafuente’s chin. He uses his hips to stretch out Buenafuente’s body, and Buenafuente is forced to tap to the rear-naked choke at 4:36 of round two.

Round 1
Marcellino stays on the outside and lands some solid leg kicks before Hansen is able to time one and score with a right-handed counter. Hansen catches Marcellino low with an inside leg kick, but Marcellino recovers quickly and they’re back to work with about four minutes left in the round. Hansen gets caught off-balance throwing a kick, allowing Marcellino to land one of his own. Ref Dan Miragliotta warns the fighters to watch their fingers when throwing punches. Marcellino sticks a jab and gets grazed with a counter hook. Hansen clips Marcellino with an overhand right. Another left from Hansen is followed by a low kick that turns Marcellino around. Marcellino fends Hansen off with rangy high kicks which Hansen does well to slip, then comes back in to counter. Marcellino catches a high kick and shoves Hansen to the ground. Hansen is right back up, but Marcellino stays on him and takes him down near the fence. Marcellino tries to take his back and Hansen slips out the back door to escape to his feet. Hansen catches a low kick and slugs Marcellino with a counter-punch that drops the New Yorker. Marcellino does well to wrap up when they hit the ground and gets back up, but he eats another big hook before the round ends.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Hansen
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Hansen
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Hansen

Round 2

Photo: D. Mandel/

Hansen absolutely blasted Marcellino.

Hansen is back to what worked in the first round, timing Marcellino’s low kicks to slug him up top. This works for a minute until Marcellino grabs hold of Hansen’s leg and runs the Hawaiian down, chasing a single-leg. Hansen stays up and they’re back to striking. Hansen gets in behind a left hand and puts Marcellino on the ground at the base of the fence. Hansen keeps him on the fence for a moment, but Marcellino stands and gets away. More right-hand counters from Hansen as the 150-pounders repeatedly wade in and out of range, throwing single shots.

Another right drops Marcellino and it looks like this could be over, but Marcellino comes to and does just enough to defend as Hansen tries to finish him with punches. Marcellino uses the fence to stand and he’s got his wits back now, throwing punches in return. Hansen backs off, then charges and leaps at Marcellino, blasting him with a flying knee. Marcellino falls face-down on the canvas and ref Dan Miragliotta is already on his way in while Hansen tries to land more punches. Brenson Hansen gets the highlight-reel finish at 3:24 of the second round.

Round 1
Wade fires off a few low kicks and tries to get Dugulubgov to flinch, but it’s the southpaw Dugulubgov who comes back with some loud, hard leg kicks that draw an “ooh” from the crowd. Wade kicks at the body, but the smaller Dugulubgov is doing well to counter and looks the faster man early. Trying to put his man on the fence, Wade winds up turned around, his back to the cage as Dugulubgov works for a takedown. Wade shoves him off and slips as he comes forward with a kick. Dugulubgov allows him back up, rushes with a combination and gets shot on as Wade changes levels. Dugulubgov turns it around and puts Wade on his back with half the round gone. Dugulubgov tries to extract his right leg from half-guard and move to side control on Wade’s right. Wade keeps him there, scoots backward to the fence and stands. He gets off the cage, but not before absorbing a couple big punches from Dugulubgov. Another big left hand from Dugulubgov lands as he catches Wade rushing in. Wade sends Dugulubgov staggering backward into the cage with a nice side-kick to the body, and they ride out the last half-minute without much more action.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov

Round 2

Photo: D. Mandel/

Dugulubgov overpowered Wade for three rounds.

Wade chops at the outside of Dugulubgov’s thigh with some hard kicks, but he gets rocked by a massive left-hand counter. Dugulubgov chases him down, can’t finish and goes back to circling the perimeter, luring Wade in. Dugulubgov rushes into the pocket and gets tangled up, then taken down. He’s kneeling as Wade lands short right hands, then Dugulubgov raises up and sends Wade to his back. Dugulubgov leans left to right in cross-side control, socking Wade with occasional right hands. Wade wraps up Dugulubgov’s head, trying to thwart the offense as he spins to his knees.

Dugulubgov stays all over him, landing right hands and a knee as Wade stands, and then dragging him back down with two minutes left in the frame. Dugulubgov tries for a crucifix, can’t pin down Wade’s arm. Wade puts him back in closed guard but doesn’t look any closer to getting up. Ref Dan Miragliotta tells them to work on the ground, so Dugulubgov postures up and slams Wade with a few elbows.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov

Round 3
Dugulubgov has Wade back on the ground early and sets up in side control, leaning left to right in the center of the cage. Wade puts him back in guard and nearly escapes, but gets stuck on his knees, Dugulubgov still throwing punches. Wade is on his back again with Dugulubgov in side control, dropping short, hard elbows. Wade tries to grab hold of Dugulubgov’s leg, then his ankle, but Dugulubgov slips out and they’re back on their feet with 90 seconds left. Wade comes forward, throwing kicks which land under Dugulubgov’s armpit. Dugulubgov changes levels and drives Wade down, but Wade pops up long enough to grab a guillotine and pull guard again. From Wade’s closed guard, Dugulubgov extracts his head and finishes out the fight on top.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov (30-27 Dugulubgov)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov (30-27 Dugulubgov)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Dugulubgov (30-27 Dugulubgov)

Official result: All three judges -- Jon Bilyk, Vincent Sinclair and Dave Tirelli -- score the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Ozzy Dugulubgov.

Round 1

Photo: D. Mandel/

Gracie was injured in round one.

Gracie closes the distance on Patishnock carefully and sucks him into an over-under clinch. Gracie quickly trips him to the mat and sets up on top in half guard. Patishnock reclaims guard but Gracie puts his back against the fence and tries to sneak over his legs into fully mount. Patishnock sneaks back to his feet using the cage, but Gracie stays attached to waist, driving him right back into the fence, pulling his legs out and getting right back to half. Gracie pushes his right knee down and move to mount effortlessly. Gracie punches, Patishnock rolls and now the Renzo Gracie fighter sinks both his hooks.

The Whippany, N.J., native tries to dive forward and roll to escape once, then twice, but Gracie tucks his head and avoids eating the canvas. Patishnock stands up with Gracie on his back once more and again he drives to dive forward, but still can't shake him. However, the Brazilian's forehead is now busted open, perhaps from hitting the mat on one of the three dive attempts. Patishnock controls Gracie's wrist, slowing the grappler's choke attempts. Gracie instead opts to punch from the rear body triangle. When he punches, Patishnock stands up and goes for a fourth forward roll, this time planting Gracie on his face and breaking free. Patishnock lands a volley of hammerfists before the horn. scores the round 10-9 Gracie.

Igor Gracie has separated his right shoulder, and the fight is waved off by the doctor before the start of the second round. Richard Patishnock is awarded the TKO win after one round.

Round 1

Photo: D. Mandel/

Lowe knocked Dollar down and out.

Dollar takes the center of the cage while the southpaw Lowe circles the outside clockwise. Dollar tries to snipe with a straight right, misses and eats a hook from Lowe in the ensuing exchange. Lowe comes off the fence with a long left hand followed by a right that connects. Lowe catches Dollar with another left hand, now midway through a slow opening round. Another combo from Lowe finishes with a left hand, his cleanest of the fight so far. Dollar keeps coming forward, Lowe fakes a shot, and the next left hook from Lowe sends the “Money Man” falling to his back in the middle of the cage.

Referee Keith Peterson steps in before Lowe can add any more damage, and this one is over at 2:58 of the first round.

Round 1
Glenn throws long punches while Pimentel works some low kicks and looks to wade inside. Glenn catches a kick and trips Pimentel to the ground but doesn’t follow the grappler down. Now it’s Pimentel timing a kick and driving Glenn to the floor in the center of the cage. Pimentel elbows Glenn’s thigh as he leans from left to right in half-guard. Glenn nearly has Pimentel back in guard when the Brazilian stands, slugs Glenn with a punch and wraps up the American as he tries to stand. “Pulga” throws Glenn back to the floor, Glenn stands again and Pimentel stays on his back with a rear waistlock. Glenn stuffs the next takedown attempt and looks to set up on top, but Pimentel is ready and throws up a triangle. Glenn slips out, Pimentel switches to an omoplata and Glenn is forced to play defense. Pimentel uses the omoplata and tries to sink a rear-naked choke while Glenn’s arm is trapped. He can’t get the angle and Glenn sticks it out, but finishes the round with Pimentel mounted on his back.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Pimentel
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Pimentel
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Pimentel

Round 2
The featherweights feel out the range once again in the opening half-minute until Pimentel changes levels for a shot. Glenn stays up this time and pushes him against the fence. Pimentel breaks out and moves around the outside on the end of Glenn’s jab. Glenn lands a good left-hand counter and throws a couple hooks to the body as he continues to move Pimentel around the fence. Right hand to the body by Glenn is followed up by a left over the top. Pimentel strikes back, dropping Glenn with a short left hook. Glenn is dazed and Pimentel leaps all over him, taking the American’s back with half a round to go. Glenn nearly twists around to take top position, but Pimentel stops him and locks up a body triangle. Pimentel tries a triangle choke and winds up on the bottom, so he rolls for a toe hold. Pimentel uses the leg to roll back on top and now they’re back on their feet. Glenn is back to working his right hook-left straight combo on the outside, only now Pimentel is landing counters.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Pimentel
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Pimentel
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Pimentel

Round 3

Photo: D. Mandel/

Glenn rallied to shock Pimentel.

Glenn pops Pimentel with a straight left and the Brazilian comes back to graze with a hard right hook. Lots of punches going off arms early in round three until a minute in, when Pimentel changes levels for a double-leg. Glenn stuffs it and they clinch on the fence for a moment before separating. A partially blocked right high kick and a short right hook drop Pimentel, and Glenn stands over his prone foe throwing hammer-fists. Pimentel’s lights go out after a big left hand, and referee Dan Miragliotta steps in to call it. Rick Glenn gets the come-from-behind knockout at 1:51 of round three. Round 1
McCray comes right at Villefort with punches and body kicks before tying up with the Brazilian and muscling him into the fence. Right hands land for McCray to the body while he works an underhook on the left side. McCray slams his man to the ground, but Villefort is quickly back on his feet, still held against the cage. After a few knees to Villefort’s thigh, McCray trips him down again. McCray can’t land from half-guard, stands and comes back down in Villefort’s open guard. McCray comes over the top with a few elbows, but now Villefort comes alive with half a dozen solid elbows from his back. McCray pushes Villefort’s head against the fence to stop the offense, but Villefort pushes off the cage to create space. Ninety seconds left now and Villefort swings his hips up for an armbar, instead sweeping to stand back up. Villefort scores with a pair of step-in knees and cracks McCray with an uppercut. Wide punches miss for McCray now, and Villefort hits a couple more knees in the clinch before taking his man down. McCray escapes and now lands an uppercut of his own. Villefort knocks him down with a right high kick and desperately tries to pound out the “Savage” with left hands, but can’t finish before the bell.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Villefort
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Villefort
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Villefort

Round 2

Photo: D. Mandel/

Villefort outlasted McCray to earn the win.

McCray puts Villefort on the fence, same as the opening round, throwing right hands to the Brazilian’s body. Villefort is shrugging at ref Kevin Mulhall, looking for a restart, but McCray drags him to the ground about a minute into the middle frame. Villefort keeps his guard open as they move toward the center of the cage, McCray throwing short, no-look punches while Villefort connects with short elbows. Villefort seems to be thinking armbar, can’t get the angle as he pivots. McCray keeps him down and racks up some more short right hands to the ribcage.

McCray goes upstairs now and Villefort swings for an armbar on McCray’s left arm. Again, he can’t find it, and McCray remains on top. Villefort tries to sweep and instead gives up his back, where McCray cinches up a body triangle and begins hunting for a rear-naked choke. Villefort gets an angle to stand, and McCray tries to lock up a standing arm-triangle as they get back to their feet. It doesn’t work, and Villefort throws McCray to the ground, where he punishes the American with heavy ground-and-pound from mount for the last few seconds.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 McCray
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 McCray
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 McCray

Round 3
McCray sticks his jab in Villefort’s face but eats a left hand behind the ear as he comes in to clinch. It’s McCray on the outside as the middleweights grapple along the fence. Villefort grabs the Thai plum and turns McCray around to land a knee, then sweeps his leg out from underneath. Villefort works from McCray’s open guard near the fence, now closed guard. Villefort drops some solid elbows on top but McCray gets to his knees and then back to his feet. McCray ducks a punch to grab a body lock, drags Villefort down but Villefort is back up immediately. Villefort grazes with a head kick, then drops McCray with a punch. McCray is in a bad spot, trying to hold on to Villefort while “Indio” tries to grab the Thai plum and finish with knees. McCray seems to have recovered with 90 seconds left and they separate. A spinning elbow cracks McCray and he shoots a double which is easily stuffed by Villefort. Referee Mulhall halts the action and issues Villefort a warning, though it’s unclear for what. McCray is a bloody mess as they resume and Villefort zaps him with a straight punch. McCray holds him on the cage, and Villefort punches and knees until he can break away. McCray storms with punches at the end, but neither guy lands clean before the bell.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Villefort (29-28 Villefort)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Villefort (29-28 Villefort)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Villefort (29-28 Villefort)

Official result: Judge Jon Bilyk scores the bout 29-28 Villefort, while Vincent Sinclair sees it 29-28 McCray. The final judge, Carlos Rodriguez, has it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Danillo Villefort.

Round 1

Photo: D. Mandel/

JZ was stopped by a cut.

JZ counters a Gaethje leg kick with a quick one-two over the top. As Gaethje comes in with more punches, JZ changes levels and gets stood up by the wrestler. Gaethje grazes with a hard right hand and puts JZ on the fence to drive knees to the Brazilian’s midsection. JZ is sporting a small cut on his hairline just a minute into the fight. They come off the cage and it’s Gaethje pressing the action, coming at JZ with a steady stream of hard-hitting combos. He grabs the Thai plum and works some knees, with JZ unable to escape his grasp on the fence.

Cavalcante is bleeding worse now, but he gets off the cage momentarily. Gaethje puts him back there, and now ref Keith Peterson wants the doctor to look at JZ’s cut. It’s a deep gash, and Peterson calls a halt to the bout on the doctor’s advice at 2:27 of the first round, giving Justin Gaethje the win via TKO.

Round 1

Photo: D. Mandel/

Burkman rocked Simpson with a knee.

Simpson moves Burkman to the outside and ducks a punch to wrap up “The People’s Warrior” on the fence. Burkman gets underhooks and lands a high knee over the shoulder as he turns Simpson around. They split with as Burkman connects with a right hand. Now he ducks a punch from Simpson to wrap up again and they clinch briefly on the fence. Simpson lands a body kick and Burkman backs him off, threatening a superman punch. Burkman cracks Simpson with a right hand, and now Simpson is leaking blood from his nose.

Burkman lights him up with a few more right hands and Simpson is staggering backward toward the fence. Another right hook and a knee have Simpson hitting the deck, and ref Dan Miragliotta has seen enough. Josh Burkman gets the TKO win at 3:04 of round one, setting up a future fight with Jon Fitch.

Round 1
Branch sets up on the outside and immediately sticks Filho with a few jabs before taking him down in the middle of the cage. Filho holds him in half-guard and tries to control the taller man’s head. Branch nonetheless scores with some punches to the body and head of the former WEC champ. One particularly hard right hand to the guts has Filho blocking the punches. Some solid left hands up top land for Branch now as they move toward the fence. Filho isn’t defending against the shots now, just leaning to his side and looking to sweep. He pushes Branch’s face away now, trying to create space, but instead Branch steps into full mount. Filho doesn’t let him stay there long, pushing Branch off and putting him back in full guard. More right hands to the body score for Branch as they enter the last 90 seconds of the round. Filho doesn’t look any closer to getting up and isn’t mounting any offense from his back, nor does he appear to be angling for a submission attempt. Finally, with 30 seconds left, Filho starts trying to isolate Branch’s left arm, but he can’t hang on and Branch finishes the round with another cluster of punches.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Branch
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-8 Branch
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Branch

Round 2
Branch is landing at will, trapping Filho on the fence and blasting the Brazilian with long punches and knees inside. He hits a takedown and this time Filho immediately tries to post and stand. He gets halfway and stalls out, so Branch knees at his thighs until Filho is back on his feet. Branch holds Filho on a cage post for a few seconds before they’re reset by ref Kevin Mulhall. Shortly afterward, Branch has Filho on the ground again, in this center of the cage this time, landing unfettered right hands from side control. Branch is counting aloud now as the punches add up; he stops around 20 and works to advance position instead. Branch drops elbows on Filho’s liver, now knees to the body and left hands to the ribs. Branch moves to north-south position, quickly goes back to side control, and finally knee-on-belly position to finish the round.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-8 Branch
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-8 Branch
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Branch

Round 3

Photo: D. Mandel/

Branch dominated Filho for 15 minutes.

Branch knocks an off-balance Filho to the base of the fence with a left hook and starts dropping more punishment as he follows “Ely” to the floor. Filho just looks helpless as he holds Branch in half-guard and absorbs more punishment from Branch’s left hand. More and more left hands from Branch, now a few short, stapling elbows as ref Mulhall looks on. The shots aren’t doing enough to warrant a stoppage, but Filho isn’t giving anything back either. Mulhall stands them up with 80 seconds left in the fight.

A right hand from Branch sends Filho walking slowly backward toward the fence, where Branch catches up with him and drives a knee to the Brazilian’s liver. Filho blocks a left high kick with his forearm, but Branch gets a little more with the follow up right high kick. A few more punches and knees are followed by one final takedown for Branch, who will certainly take a lopsided win on the scorecards.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Branch (30-26 Branch)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-8 Branch (30-24 Branch)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Branch (30-27 Branch)

Official result: Judge Jon Bilyk scores the bout 30-26, while judges Carlos Rodriguez and Dave Tirelli have it 30-27, all for the winner by unanimous decision, David Branch.

Round 1

Photo: D. Mandel/

Moraes stopped Nam in round one.

Moraes takes the center of the cage and strikes first with a left hook and a right leg kick outside. He sticks a pair of punches in Nam’s face before chopping with the leg kick again. Nam probes with a jab and flinches as Moraes feints a leg kick. Moraes scores with a hook to the body, then a left hook in the pocket. Nam bites again as Moraes fakes another leg kick. Moraes comes in to clinch and Nam hits the floor without being taken down, then quickly pops back up. A right high kick from Moraes grazes Nam’s head, and the Hawaiian falls to the base of the cage, looking dazed.

Moraes is all over him, landing a couple hard punches before ref Keith Peterson can jump in to save Nam. Marlon Moraes gets the knockout at 2:55 of the first round.

Round 1
Referee Kevin Mulhall is the third man in the cage for tonight’s heavyweight main event. The big men meet in the center of the cage and Arlovski lands a right hook to the body before ducking a Johnson punch. A good combination goes for Arlovski, but now it’s Johnson ducking a punch to crack Arlovski with a right hook. Johnson works some leg kicks outside, has head kicks blocked on both sides. Arlovski tags Johnson with a combo before deflecting another head kick. A right hook backs Johnson off, but he comes back to pop Arlovski with a short left. Johnson hits Arlovski with another hard hook before walking the former UFC champ toward the fence. Arlovski tries some foot stomps while he’s being held against the cage with an underhook. Mulhall calls for action, doesn’t get enough and resets them with just over a minute left in the round. They get tangled up exchanging punches, and Johnson clinches up again after being clipped by a left hand. Arlovski turns him around, but Johnson strikes back with seconds remaining in the round, dropping Arlovski and nearly finishing him with punches on the floor. There’s some confusion as ref Mulhall gets between the fighters, but it was only the end of the round and not a stoppage as Johnson believed.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Johnson

Round 2
The heavyweights exchange big hooks early in the round before Johnson decides to put Arlovski on the cage. There’s not enough action for Mulhall, who breaks them up after about 40 seconds of stalling. Arlovski lights up Johnson with a right hand and a left hook, but Johnson stands firm. He eats another left hand and an uppercut from Arlovski, then they clash heads as they clinch. Johnson goes low on a single-leg as he puts Arlovski on the cage again. Arlovski turns him around and knees the body of Johnson, but a knee strays low and catches Johnson square in the cup. Mulhall pauses the action to give Johnson time to recover, which he does quickly. Johnson comes out hard from the break, bombing Arlovski with punches and then taking him down against the fence with about one minute to go. Arlovski gets to a knee, then stands with Johnson still clinging to his leg. Arlovski throws a couple right hands, then double-handed chops to Johnson’s back while “Rumble” just pushes forward on a double-leg to the end of the round.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Arlovski
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Arlovski
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Johnson

Round 3

Photo: D. Mandel/

Johnson busted up Arlovski.

Johnson is pushing the action to start the final round, rumbling toward Arlovski with wide, heavy punches and kicks. As they hit the fence, Johnson doubles over again and tries for a takedown. Again, he can’t finish, and again ref Mulhall breaks them up. Arlovski gives Johnson a right hand, blocks a left high kick. They clash heads again as both men duck in to throw right hands, and now Johnson shoots another single to put Arlovski on the fence. Half the round left and Arlovski is bleeding from his mouth as he fends off the takedown attempt. He turns Johnson around with two minutes to go and decks him with a short standing elbow on the break.

Johnson, himself bleeding from the nose, socks Arlovski with a couple right hands before confusingly shooting again and being reversed on the fence. They split with 45 seconds left and Arlovski lands a tired right hook. He goes to the body with a punch and tries a lazy spinning kick, which Johnson catches and shoots on. Arlovski stays up, defends one final takedown attempt and this one is going to the judges.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Johnson (29-28 Johnson)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Arlovski (29-28 Arlovski)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Arlovski (29-28 Johnson)

Official result: All three judges score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Anthony Johnson.

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  • 15 days ago

What's it like inside Conor McGregor's camp, SBG Ireland? Team leader John Kavanagh talks about his squad's greatest fight night, what's happened since, and the big night ahead at UFC 202. read news >>

World Series of Fighting Hits Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve

  • 10 days ago

World Series of Fighting announced that it will bring its championship fight series to Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve. read news >>