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Posted bysystem system 10 months ago from

Vitor Belfort believes it's important to live a life with no regrets. For that reason alone, he's finally ready to open up about his use of testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT).

Drozd (anonymous) 10 months ago
I read the article. Belfort sounds either very naive or like a very well thought out PR spokesman. It's a bit difficult to take seriously, especially when he doesn't mention that he's taken steroids in the past, or that that is why he needs TRT now, or that TRT can be used to enhance performance. He makes it out like TRT treatment only allows for normal healthy functioning of the body and nothing more... That being said I don't particularly look down on his TRT use. To even act like steroids are just plain cheating, and that the idea of people using them disgusts me, would be naive. It's simply not possible to practically enforce rules preventing performance enhancing drugs, or the abuse of TRT medical exemptions. Regulations can only be used to mitigate, not prevent significant drug use. Considering what's at stake, and how much people love to watch athletes who are particularly good at what they do, we should absolutely expect people to try to get away with using performance enhancing drugs. Ultimately, we still want to watch the fights and pay for them even if a fighter is strongly suspected of cheating. The fighters you love to hate are just as important as the ones you love in terms of the entertainment and business of the sport. We should accept that as fans, and as a business, this is just a part of the sport, not really a good thing, not even a very good idea, as the health risks are probably often not worth it, but it's not the only imperfect thing about pro sports. It's just a form of entertainment that many different people enjoy, and given the choice, we take the good with the bad, and it's ridiculous to act like pro sport is something pure which only the morally weak occasionally taint. We enjoy the spectacle, we enjoy the good and the bad. If it was pure, and people were always perfectly good sports, and there were never any scandals, it wouldn't be as entertaining, and we'd spend less money on it.
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