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Nick Diaz vs. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos

Evangelista Cyborg cracks Nick Diaz

Evangelista Cyborg cracks Nick Diaz

Round 1: Cyborg starts chopping away with inside kicks to Diaz’s lead leg. Diaz ties him up, presses him to the cage, and starts kneeing his thighs. They separate briefly and start trading more strikes, Cyborg chopping away at the lead leg again and then rocks Diaz with a big right hand. Diaz showing the pain in the leg, but drives foward, punching away. Cyborg doing a good job firing back, though, connecting with most of his punches. Cyborg nearly puts Diaz on the mat with the inside kicks to his lead leg, then opens up with wide punches to the body and head in combination. Diaz starts pawing his jab and then rocks Cyborg with punches to the head followed by a knee to the head and kick to the body. Cyborg eating more and more punches, somehow manages to stay on his feet, and starts to fire back, but with a lot less snap than he had early in the round. Diaz digs to the body of Cyborg and then paws away at him until the bell. scores round one 10-9 for Diaz.

Nick Diaz and Evangelista Cyborg slugging it out

Nick Diaz and Evangelista Cyborg slugging it out

Round 2: Cyborg goes right back to chopping away at the legs of Diaz and mixes in some strong punch combinations as well. About a minute into the round, Diaz starts pawing the jab again. Cyborg moves in and lands some Thai elbows before they separate. Cyborg goes back to the leg attacks, driving home several hard kicks to Diaz’s lead leg. Cyborg then lands a solid punch combination, but Diaz fires back, rocking Cyborg. Two minutes left in the round. Diaz moves in, but Cyborg counters well with solid body shots before firing off punches to the head. Diaz is taunting Cyborg, but losing the round. They exchange punches, but then Cyborg lands a solid knee to the body, followed shortly thereafter by a Cyborg takedown. Diaz locks on to Cyborg’s arm and quickly extends it for the submission finish in defense of his belt.

Nick Diaz submits Evangelista Cyborg

Nick Diaz submits Evangelista Cyborg

Nick Diaz def. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos by Submission (Armbar) at 4:50, R2

Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz

Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz

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