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Round 1
Ruiz starts fast and lands a big right cross that puts Castro on his back. Ruiz immediately follows him down and unloads with punches and elbows. Castro tries to defend, but Ruiz postures up and drops hammerfists; Castro isn't taking a ton of damage but he's flopping around, defenseless. Referee Jason McCoy steps in and saves Castro just 1:17 into the first round.

Round 1
Frausto opens with a push kick, and follows with three quick one-two combos that land flush. Hallinan clinches against the fence, but Bellator’s 115-pound champion spins away from her. Hallinan pushes Frausto back into the fence, but she is reversed again and Frausto pins her to the fence. “The Warrior Princess” is working against the fence, digging good knees into the body from the clinch. Referee Josh Rosenthal splits the women up. Frausto is working her strikes from the outside, bloodying up Hallinan’s nose. The champ throws an errant spinning back fist that misses. Frausto comes back with a hard, clean left hand. However, the punch she’s really looking for is a monster overhand right. Unfortunately for her, she can’t seem to put the punch on Hallinan. With time ticking down in the first, Hallinan decides she’s done with the striking and presses Frausto back into the cage until the round expires. Sherdog.com sees the opening frame 10-9 for Zoila Frausto.

Round 2
Frausto leads with a left to the body, and Hallinan again presses her against the cage. Frausto turns her around and starts with the knees against the cage. Frausto lands a good inside elbow from the clinch. Hallinan seems content to clinch against the fence, but has had very little offense to show for it. The champ is pressing the action, landing knees to the legs and body. Action slows with Frausto's back to the fence. She disengages and glances with a knee on the break, and Hallinan wraps her up again. Back-and-forth, the women trade position against the fence. Frausto finally gets some distance and lands a series of hard knees to the body, followed by a stiff left-right combination. Frausto is clearly trying to land big and finish, while Hallinan looks content to just hang on. Frausto lands a hard overhand right and the crowd roars to end the second round. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 again for Zoila Frausto.

Round 3
They come out swinging to start round three. Hallinan is all over the place, winging away, until she finally pushes Frausto into the cage. However, the Bellator champ quickly escapes. Hallinan lands a short left when Frausto looks to shoot, and again clinches up. Frausto cracks her foe with another hard clinch elbow. The action slows, and Josh Rosenthal separates the women again. Hallinan is finally showing aggression, but Frausto is countering with clean shots. The women clinch up again, and Frausto gets busy with her knees and elbows. The action slows, and Rosenthal breaks them again. Frausto lands a left to the body, and follows with a big overhand right. Hallinan punches to the body, and Frausto grabs the Thai clinch. The action slows as the final horn sounds. Sherdog.com sees the final frame 10-9 for Zoila Frausto, and awards her the fight 30-27.

All three judges -- Abe Belardo, Jackie Miller and Marcos Rosales -- see the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Zoila Frausto.

Dan Hornbuckle vs. Brent Weedman
Round 1
Hornbuckle quickly pops Weedman with a jab and catches a kick. He drags Weedman down and hops into mount, but Weedman regains half guard. The Kentucky product holds onto a leg and gets on top in the ensuing scramble. Hornbuckle throws his legs up immediately and looks for the triangle. Weedman does a good job defending and sits in Hornbuckle’s closed guard with three minutes to go. "The Handler" leans to his right, doesn’t see anything and falls to his back. Offense from both men being largely stifled by the close quarters. Hornbuckle grabs hold of Weedman’s right arm and swings his hips for the armbar. When he can’t get that, he transitions for a triangle choke. Weedman has his left hand in there, loosens it up and eventually slips out. They scramble to the feet and Weedman lands a kick to the body, then glances with a side kick. The welterweights clinch against the fence and Weedman tosses the former Bellator tournament finalist to the mat. With 20 seconds left, Weedman dives for an armbar on Hornbuckle’s right arm. Hornbuckle is in trouble, but he fends it off to the end of the round. Sherdog.com sees the opening frame 10-9 for Dan Hornbuckle.

Round 2
Weedman is cut above his eyelid as the second round begins and the men exchange kicks. Hornbuckle shoves his man into the fence and they trade hard knees. Both men are already looking a bit tired as they swing huge haymakers with 3:45 to go. Hornbuckle scores with knees to the gut and left hands as Weedman lands front kicks and punches to the body. Weedman has a kick caught and falls to the ground, and Hornbuckle gives chase, jumping on his back. Weedman struggles and shakes Hornbuckle, who goes to guard and again hunts for the triangle. Hornbuckle sweeps and Weedman transitions to a heel hook, falling back. The fighters are at the base of the cage and Weedman does not have the space to finish, try as he might to torque the limb. Locked in the position, the men swing their heels at one another’s bodies. Now Hornbuckle goes for a toe hold of his own, Weedman goes back to his lock, and the two reach a stalemate. They disengage and Weedman winds up on top, then gets to mount with 20 seconds to go. He tries for a last-second rear-naked choke, but can’t get the tap before the bell. Sherdog.com likes the second round 10-9 for Brent Weedman.

Round 3
Hornbuckle opens the final round strong with combinations and kicks to the body. He certainly looks the fresher man. They tie up and Hornbuckle gets the advantageous position against the fence. He takes Weedman’s back standing and drives knees into his right thigh. Weedman rolls forward and tries for a kimura. It doesn’t materialize and "The Handler" jumps on Weedman’s back, sinking in both hooks. Punches come over the shoulder as the tired Weedman tries to roll free. It doesn’t look like Weedman is going anywhere with two minutes still on the clock. Suddenly, he twists and stuffs Hornbuckle to half guard. Hornbuckle lands punches from the top as Weedman scrambles up. He doesn’t quite get to his feet before Hornbuckle puts him on his rear again. Weedman considers a guillotine and then falls back to look for a triangle. Hornbuckle instead stacks him up and throws bombs downward. The pair get to their feet at the bell and Hornbuckle drives one last knee to Weedman’s body. 10-9 Hornbuckle, as Sherdog.com has the bout 29-28 for "The Handler."

All three judges -- Abe Belardo, Jackie Miller and Marcos Rosales -- see the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Brent Weedman. The crowd's reaction to the decision is mixed, and descends into boos for the Louisville, Ky. native.

Rick Hawn vs. Jim Wallhead
Round 1
Hawn immediately rushes Wallhead with punches and shoves him into the fence. He breaks with an uppercut and the judokas go back to swinging. Wallhead clips Hawn with a right hook, throws an inside leg kick. Hawn answers with an outside thigh kick of his own. He slaps a right high kick off Wallhead’s neck and shoulder, just missing the mark. Hawn slams the outside of Wallhead’s right leg with kicks and digs to the body with punches. Left hand over the top lands for Hawn, who is getting his strikes off better than his opponent and now ducking Wallhead’s punches as well. Two minutes to go and the two seem content to stand. Another hard low kick from Hawn and a follow-up left hand. The left jab is working for Hawn as well. Wallhead lands a one-two, but Hawn is counterstriking well and moving faster. Hawn lands another just-blocked head kick and a back fist just as the round closes. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 for Rick Hawn.

Round 2
Wallhead nearly trips Hawn to the mat when he chops his leg out with a low kick. Hawn stays up, though, and goes straight back to his approach from the first round: ducking inside for combinations and slamming leg kicks from the outside. Wallhead is throwing more this round, but landing with the same infrequency. He pops Hawn with a left hand and catches a kick, but Hawn spins away. Hawn keeping busy with thigh kicks and combos, and drives a flush straight left down the pipe. They trade low kicks and tie up, with Hawn landing an uppercut and Wallhead a knee to the guts. The next thigh kick from Hawn buckles Wallhead’s left leg and the Englishman drives forward for a takedown. Hawn defends and it’s back to throwing hands. "Judo Jim" rushes forward and ties up again, and again it yields nothing. Wallhead’s right eye is bloodied by the end of the round, which Sherdog.com again scores 10-9 for Hawn.

Round 3
Even boxing exchanges in the opening minute, with the difference being more hard Hawn low kicks. Wallhead paws at his bleeding eye and catches a body kick from Hawn as both men throw straights. The left hand is Hawn’s primary weapon now, while Wallhead is upping his leg kicks. Hawn presses forward and keeps the combinations coming, paying particular attention to Wallhead’s bloody eye. Referee McCoy steps in and calls time, as Wallhead’s mouthpiece has fallen out. It’s quickly replaced and action restarts. Wallhead shoots a single-leg and Hawn whips him to the ground. From closed guard, Hawn pounds at the ribs of Wallhead, who is tying up tight. They stand with just over a minute left and fall into the familiar punching rhythm. It’s Hawn moving forward down the stretch. Hawn lands the last dozen or more punches in the bout and finishes with a kick to the body. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 in the American’s favor and the bout 30-27 for Rick Hawn.

Judges Abe Belardo and Jackie Miller see the bout 29-28, while Marcos Rosales sees it 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Rick Hawn.

Jay Hieron vs. Anthony Lapsley
Round 1
They circle one another and Lapsley shoots. Hieron tries for a guillotine, but it's not happening. Hieron gets a takedown and follows Lapsley down against the cage. The UFC vet is working for a choke, and pounding with his left hand. Lapsley rolls to escape and Hieron takes his back. Lapsley tries to defend by rolling, and Hieron takes full mount. Hieron is staying patient from full mount. Lapsley rolls again and Hieron slaps on a rear-naked choke. Lapsley isn't quite belly down, making the choke hard to see. After a moment, people start yelling, "He's out!" Referee Josh Rosenthal stops the fight, but Lapsley, who is clearly not out, immediately protests. The premature stoppage comes at 3:39 of the first round.

Lyman Good vs. Chris Lozano
Round 1
The fighters come out circling, starting slowly. Lozano attempts a takedown and eats two uppercuts. The Cleveland native dances backward around the cage, already showing the results of Good’s punches on the left side of his face. The action slows and Good starts landing leg kicks, and then follows with a good one-two. Lozano is still dancing away looking for an opportunity to counter. He lunges in with punch flurries, but Good evades. Good lands a good straight right, then an inside leg kick. It’s a slow first round, but Sherdog.com sees it for the former Bellator champion, Lyman Good, 10-9.

Round 2
Good answers a leg kick with a left and a right. The former champ gets the clinch and presses the undefeated Lozano against the cage. Lozano muscles his way free. Lozano is swinging single punches, but Good is answering with combos. They clinch against the cage again. When they separate, Good lands a big overhand right. The former champ lands another right and Lozano's mouthpiece flies out a good 10 feet away. Good has him against the fence with double underhooks and Lozano is wincing in pain, his left eye almost closed. Herzog breaks them, and restores Lozano's mouthguard. Good lands another right hook. Lozano's left eye is closed, and he's simply circling away from Good. The 10-second warning sounds and Good rushes in and lands a big slam at the horn. 10-9 Good, again.

Round 3
Lozano is wincing and blinking due to his injured left eye, but Good looks fresh. Good clinches, grabs a left leg and takes the fight to the floor, but quickly lets Lozano up. Lozano follows a lunging right with a guillotine attempt that goes nowhere. He tries to dig the choke in deeper, but Good escapes again. Back on the feet, Lozano is throwing everything he's got. He throws a strong leg kick and eats a right from Good. The former champ drags him forward and lands two uppercuts as Lozano stands. Good easily sprawls off a takedown attempt. Good takes his back standing and Lozano drops for an armbar. Good takes his back, flattens him out, and throws some rights. He looks for a rear-naked choke, but can't get it, and finishes the round with rights to the side of Lozano's head. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 Good, and 30-27 overall.

Judge Jackie Miller sees the bout 29-28, while Abe Belardo and Marcos Rosales have it 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Lyman Good.

Round 1
Herrick shoots, gets a takedown and lands in half guard, but quickly opts to stand back up. Bender lands a good straight right. Herrick answers with a clean one-two on the chin. He presses Bender against the fence and lands a jumping knee and a right to follow. Bender trips Herrick and lands in half guard. He lands some lefts to the body. Herrick is tying him up, but can't stop Bender's pass. Herrick scrambles, but Bender grabs a tight guillotine that forces Herrick to tap out at 3:42 of the first frame.

Round 1
Both men start tentatively, circling around the cage. Spiritwolf fires a combo that misses. Jara fires a straight right that drops Spiritwolf, and "El Cucui" pounces. Jara locks on a guillotine choke and Spiritwolf seems to tap, but referee Josh Rosenthal doesn't acknowledge it. Jara is working for the choke, but Spiritwolf pulls free. Spiritwolf stands, and as Jara gets back to his feet, he slams him to the floor. Jara now stands back up and gets bullied against the fence. Spiritwolf lands a sharp right that puts Jara on the mat this time, as the Strikeforce vet pounds away in Jara's guard. Jara is cut and swollen from Spiritwolf's relentless punches and elbows. Jara escapes to his feet and the round ends. The crowd goes nuts. Sherdog.com sees the opening round 10-9 for Waachiim Spiritwolf.

Round 2
Jara is battered and not engaging. Spiritwolf stalks him around the cage, attacking with leg kicks. "El Cucui" tries to clinch and eats three right hands. Both fighters look tired, but still swing wild punches. Jara looks to be bleeding from his right ear now as well as his left eyebrow. Spiritwolf tries a double-leg against the fence that is stuffed. He disengages and lands a hard right. Spiritwolf is working for the double-leg against the fence again when the bell sounds. 10-9 Spiritwolf again on the Sherdog.com scorecard.

Round 3
Spiritwolf charges in but can't land anything clean. Jara is looking for the home run punch. Spiritwolf misses with multiple lunging hooks. They exchange and Spiritwolf lands a big left that staggers Jara. "El Cucui" is game and keeps advancing, though he looks spent. Jara misses a left and staggers. He tries to clinch and Spiritwolf presses him against the cage. They split and Spiritwolf lands a left on the way out. Jara is covered in blood. They trade huge rights to the jaw. Sweat and blood fly as they wing punches at the bell to raucous approval. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 Spiritwolf, awarding him the bout 30-27 overall.

Marcos Rosales sees the fight 29-28 for Jaime Jara. However, Jackie Miller has it 29-28 and Abe Belardo has it 30-27 for the winner by split decision, Waachiim Spiritwolf.

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