The Nevada Athletic Commission on Thursday approved an adjudication agreement with Brock Lesnar for his failed drug tests surrounding his participation at UFC 200, issuing him a suspension and hefty fine.

Lesnar tested positive for two prohibited substances in two drug tests related to his July 9 bout with Mark Hunt. Lesnar tested positive in a June 28 out-of-competition drug test and then again, for the same substances, in his July 9 fight-night drug test.

Brock Lesnar Post UFC 200The substances for which Lesnar tested positive were Clomiphene and Hydroxyclomiphene, which inhibits the body’s production of estrogen. Estrogen inhibitors are often used by men taking steroids to help reduce the effects of gynecomastia, swollen breast tissue caused by a hormonal imbalance. Lesnar, however, did not test positive for steroids.

Hydroxyclomaphene is also one of the substances that interim UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for in his UFC 200-related drug test.

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Instead of going through a lengthy hearing before the commission, Lesnar’s camp negotiated an adjudication agreement (or settlement) with the commission via the Nevada Attorney General’s office, which the commission unanimously approved on Thursday.

Under terms of the agreement, Lesnar will pay a fine of $250,000 and serve a one-year suspension retroactive to the date of the fight. He will be eligible to once again apply for a license to fight as of July 9, 2017, as long as he either fully pays the fine or enters into a written payment agreement with the commission prior to that date.

Though the fine is significant, Lesnar reportedly earned $2.5 million for the fight on his disclosed bout agreement, and was also believed to have been guaranteed a percentage of pay-per-view sales. His $2.5 million salary is second only to Conor McGregor, who was paid a disclosed $3 million for his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

If Lesnar does intend to fight again in Nevada, he will also be required to pay for and provide negative test results for his urine for all prohibited substances – in-competition and out-of-competition – 30, 15, and 3 days before his next competition in the state. He must also apply for a license at least 30 days prior to any expected bout.

The outcome of Lesnar’s bout with Hunt was changed from a win to a no contest.

It’s interesting to note that a representative for Hunt, attorney Joseph Gonnella, was on the phone intending to address Lesnar’s adjudication agreement at the commission meeting, but details of the agreement were not revealed during the meeting and were only made available after the meeting’s conclusion.

There has been no word from Lesnar’s camp on whether or not the 39-year-old WWE star plans another return to the Octagon.

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