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Round 1

Round one opens up with both men exchanging leg kicks. As Slack connects with a stiff leg kick, McCook closes the distance and grabs a clinch but is unable to put together much offense with it. They separate. The Reign MMA product is getting the better of the exchanges as he shoots and secures a takedown. The Tampa native eats a few shots, but is able to return to his feet. He is unable to shake "The Heartbreak Kid" who secures another takedown. The round closes with Slack on top.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Slack
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Slack
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Slack

Round 2
McCook looks to work kicks once again, firing one at the body of Slack, who catches it, putting the Tampa native on his seat. McCook rolls to the turtle position and is able to stand. They spend roughly 4 seconds at distance until "The Heartbreak Kid" takes the fight to the mat once again, pushing his opponent against the cage. McCook wall-walks and the two separate. The Floridian lands a stiff jab, ostensibly wobbling Slack. Slack shoots but is stuffed. Battling against the cage now, McCook is getting the better of the exchanges. The separate and it quickly escalates into a firefight, Slack lands a heavy right which forces his opponent to clinch. McCook works the body against the cage, but the Virginian will have none of it, bullying his way to the center of the cage. The round comes to a close with both men jockeying for position, McCook with underhooks, kneeing Slack.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 McCook
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 McCook
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 McCook

Keith Mills

McCook cooked up an upset.

Round 3
The final stanza opens with both men content to stand and trade. The Reign MMA product is clearly landing some hard punches, but McCook is finding success with low kicks. Both men are slowing now. Slack is finding a home for his overhand right, but punches from McCook force the Virginian to shoot, and he is stuffed. The hometown fighter fires off a knee in the clinch. Slack is gassed, looking up at the clock repeatedly, attempting lazy shots as McCook gets busier with his strikes. The action is against the cage. It is the Floridian who scores a takedown on the decorated wrestler with 10 seconds left, beating up the body at the end of the period.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 McCook (29-28 McCook)
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 McCook (29-28 McCook)
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 McCook (29-28 McCook)

Official result: Judge Daniel Torres has it 29-28 Shanon Slack, but judges Richard Davis and Don Balas have it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Matt McCook.

Round 1 The aggressive Moss tries to work his jab in Amaya's face, but Amaya circles out. Moss is undeterred, shooting in and getting a tidy double-leg takedown. Amaya get an overhook from the bottom and uses it to stand up when Moss tries to pass his half guard. Amaya gets in on Moss' legs for a takedown of his own. After a minute of tussling, Amaya finally drags his fellow Floridian to the mat. Amaya lets Moss stand back up, and just misses with a teep to the face before shooting back in on a single-leg. Amaya ends up on top, elbowing away on Moss who tries to kick him away. Amaya dives back into half guard with a big right hand. Moss explodes but can't snake up the fence, and Amaya traps him, pounding away. “Kaveman” gets to his feet before the bell, but Amaya is in on his legs once more. The round ends with Moss elbowing the driving Amaya.

K. Mills

Moss couldn't shoulder Amaya's

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Amaya
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Amaya
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Amaya

Round 2
Amaya bull rushes Moss out of the gate, throwing him on the mat and unloading with potent right hands. Moss kicks him away, but Amaya shucks his feet away and keeps right on punching. Moss seems defenseless all of a sudden, as Amaya keeps on smashing away with both hands. Moss turns to referee Chris Adams and tells him his shoulder is hurt, yelling “Stop!” until Adams steps in. Raul Amaya is the winner via verbal submission at 30 seconds of the second round.

K. Mills

Saunders destroyed Warren quickly.

Round 1
Warren opens with a leg kick. Saunders immediately grabs a Thai plum and smashes "Mr. Unbreakable's" face with a sharp right knee, followed up with several more knees. Warren's forehead is instantly split open and bleeding. Warren falls to the ground, turtled up on his side, "Killa B" continues to mash him with heavy punches until referee Troy Waugh stops the action in just 22 seconds.

Round 1
Barrow shoots early but Carapelluci pancakes him and takes the back, firing shots with one hook in. The lightweight from Tampa gets back to his feet against the cage, but is quickly slammed by Carapelluci. The Bostonian is content to sit in his half guard and work in a few shots, Barrow regains full guard. Carapelluci passes again, landing a few close elbows in half guard. "The Cap" takes the back of Barrow, but gives up the position to stand in his guard and rain bombs as the round closes.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Carapelluci
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Carapelluci
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Carapelluci

Round 2
After a quick punching exchange, Carapelluci shoots, but Barrow is able to fight him off. The Bostonian eventually moves to back control, but is reversed. The ATT product, now being elbowed by his opponent, drives, lifts his opponent into the air, and throws him back to the ground. "The One" is able to stand, and eats a hard right knee in the clinch. They separate, but the Floridian successfully shoots on Carapelluci, briefly taking him down. He pops back up and a battle in the clinch ensues. The Darkside MMA product is getting the better of the exchanges with sharp knees. Carapelluci shoots but is stuffed, eating elbows. They stand and separate. After a few strikes, the wrestler shoots in again but is once again stopped.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Barrow
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Barrow
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Barrow

Round 3
Barrow immediately grabs the clinch. He tries for a takedown and when he can't get it, he quickly takes the back standing and sinks a rear-naked choke. The ATT product falls to his back and is rolled over, tapping out to Barrow at 46 seconds of the third round.

Round 1 Zaromskis is in Spiritwolf’s face immediately, pressing with strikes from his southpaw stance. Spiritwolf runs in with winging punches and eats two short counters for his efforts. Zaromskis launches a three-punch combo that whiffs and “The Native Warrior” kicks him in the lead leg for it. Jab-left cross for Zaromskis lands. Spiritwolf keeps up his leg kicks, and now Zaromskis is trying to counter him as he attacks. Zaromskis double jabs to stop a Spiritwolf advance and just misses with a head kick. The “Whitemare” goes back to the well, launching another head kick and missing. In the final 30 seconds, both guys whiff with every punch they throw, puttering toward the end of the frame until Zaromskis lands a right hand and a knee just before the bell, sending Spiritwolf into a takedown attempt.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Zaromskis
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-10
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Zaromskis

Round 2
Zaromskis remains the aggressor, pressing in on Spiritwolf and keeping him circling the outside. Zaromskis lands a short right hook. Spiritwolf regroups and lands a hard left hook of his own. Zaromskis follows by landing a head kick, his toes smacking Spiritwolf in the chin, but the Californian shakes his head as if to shrug off the roundhouse. Zaromskis’ lead right hand lands again on an off-balance Spiritwolf, but he can’t land the follow up knee. More pawing with the one-two from the former Dream welterweight champion, hitting the air in front of Spiritwolf, who stays busy with sporadic leg kicks. The Lithuanian native continues pressing forward, and jams a cross into Spiritwolf’s belly before ripping him with another left to the body. The two clash right crosses at the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Zaromskis
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Zaromskis
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Zaromskis

K. Mills

Zaromskis punched his way
through Spiritwolf again.

Round 3
The third round is in the familiar pattern as Zaromskis presses Spiritwolf and shoots lefts at him. Spiritwolf seems to have slowed, lurching away from Zaromskis and leg kicking less frequently. Zaromskis lands another clean left. A head kick whizzes wide for the former Dream champ. The crowd starts to grow restless, prompting a Spiritwolf takedown attempt which Zaromskis easily shrugs off. More booing comes in from the listless Tampa, Fla., crowd. Zaromskis lands a right hook and throws another head kick, but can't locate it. Spiritwolf shoots and Zaromskis stuffs it again and works back to his feet before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Zaromskis (30-27 Zaromskis)
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Zaromskis (30-28 Zaromskis)
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Zaromskis (30-27 Zaromskis)

Official result: Judge Richard Davis has it 30-27, while Mike Ross sees it 29-28 for Marius Zaromskis, the winner by split decision. Judge Don Balas submits a head-scratching 29-28 card for Waachim Spiritwolf.

Bellator 2012 Summer Series Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal
Tim Carpenter vs. Travis Wiuff

Round 1
Left jab-overhand right for Wiuff lands hard and Carpenter stands up stiff. Wiuff doubles his right and cracks him twice more, putting him on his heels. “Diesel” runs him into the fence and they grapple for position in the clinch. Carpenter gets a loose headlock and punches to the body. Carpenter launches a salvo of knees, and they almost all go low, dropping Wiuff to all fours and prompting referee James Warring to briefly halt the bout. On the restart, Carpenter’s body kick is caught and the grappling exponent just opts to pull guard, with Wiuff bulling into his guard. Carpenter closes his guard and Wiuff punches away to his ribs. Carpenter opens his guard and feigns an armbar, but Wiuff keeps punching and shuts his attempt down early. Carpenter keeps trying to control Wiuff’s arms, but the UFC and Pride vet keeps idly hammerfisting and punching through his attempts at defense. It's rinse-and-repeat for the last three minutes of the round, with Carpenter throwing up a late armbar that is easily defended.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Wiuff
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Wiuff
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Wiuff

Round 2
Just as quickly as the second round begins, Carpenter is on his back again with his guard closed, Wiuff hammerfisting away and landing rights and lefts. Carpenter tries to swing his hips for an armbar and instead gets a rush of little left crosses to the head. Wiuff continues to chip away until referee James Warring stands the two fighters up. Carpenter doesn’t stay on the feet long, however, as Wiuff gets to his legs, hoists him up and slams him on the other side of the cage with a powerful slam. Carpenter manages to work his way up the fence, but “Diesel” continues to body him against the cage, punching to his body. Carpenter is again slammed to the mat again before the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Wiuff
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Wiuff
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Wiuff

Round 3

K. Mills

Wiuff stuck Carpenter to the
mat all fight long.

Just as the first two rounds transpired, so does the third, as Wiuff drives Carpenter to the mat and sets up in the guard with short punches and hammerfists. Carpenter’s mouth is bloodied. Wiuff grinds him into the fence and unloads with more shot lefts. He puts his head into Carpenter’s chest and lands another series of lefts. Carpenter opens his guard and exhaustedly tries to isolate the arms of Wiuff, but the Minnesotan lands more lefts. Carpenter tries to slide his back up the fence, but Wiuff shuts it down and hammers him again with punches. With 10 seconds to go, Wiuff sits up throws left and right hooks to the head of a worn down Carpenter before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Wiuff (30-27 Wiuff)
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Wiuff (30-27 Wiuff)
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Wiuff (30-27 Wiuff)

Official result: All three judges -- Don Balas, Mike Ross and Daniel Torres -- score the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Travis Wiuff. Wiuff advances to the finals of the Bellator 2012 Summer Series light heavyweight tournament final.

Bellator 2012 Summer Series Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal
Emanuel Newton vs. Attila Vegh

Round 1
The southpaw Vegh and orthodox Newton feint and touch the air for the first 45 seconds of the bout until Vegh lands a sharp left and Newton kicks in retaliation. Inside low kick by Newton grazes Vegh. Vegh gets to the clinch and lands a knee, but Newton cracks him with two rights and a body kick. They clinch and Newton drives the Slovakian to the cage with an underhook, but Vegh fights off the fence. Newton continues to probe with a sideways stance and a side kick from time to time. Right hand, body kick, right hand, body kick, all grazing for the more active Emanuel Newton. Both men graze with hooks. Newton doubles his right hook and lands twice, then cracks Vegh on the counter with three punches and a body kick.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Newton
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Vegh
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Newton

Round 2
Vegh lands a knee in the clinch while Newton wings with punches, then pushes away and has a head kick blocked. Left body kick for an advancing Newton lands, and Vegh returns with a punch of his own. Newton responds with a right hook, and another kick. Newton bulls his way to double underhooks, and drives knees into Vegh’s body and head. He drops for a single but Vegh fights him off with his hands and gets free. Uppercut lands for Vegh, but Newton lands a punch of his own on the way out. Spinning wheel kick attempt from Newton is blocked by Vegh. Outside low kick from “The Hardcore Kid” slaps into Vegh’s leg, and Vegh cracks him with an inside low kick. Side kick from Newton sinks into Vegh’s gut. Uppercut and a right land for Vegh. Newton pushes forward with a left hook that lands, then a spinning wheel kick that misses at the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Newton
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Vegh
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Newton

Round 3

K. Mills

Vegh outpunched Newton.

Newton gets inside on Vegh, grabbing a rear waistlock and slamming his foe to the mat. Vegh breaks free however, and clocks Newton with a hard knee. A right hand from Vegh backs Newton up, but his two follow-ups can’t find their target. Both men land right hands simultaneously. Vegh lands a one-two and Newton responds with a leg kick. Two clean right hands for Newton, but he can’t get to Vegh for the takedown he seeks as the Slovak circles away. Left uppercut for Vegh grazes, but Newton blocks the right hook behind it. Side kick from Newton glances. Newton shoots for a low single and Vegh blocks it with a front headlock. Newton drives his back to the cage and gets double underhooks, kneeing Vegh to the head. Vegh breaks from the clinch after a stiff knee to the gut. Left body kick lands for Newton as Vegh steps forward. Vegh flurries, only to eat a body kick and a spinning back kick before the bell from Newton.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Newton (30-27 Newton)
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Newton (29-28 Vegh)
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Newton (30-27 Newton)

Official result: Judge Richard Davis has it 29-28 for Attila Vegh, while it is 30-27 for Emanuel Newton from Daniel Torres. Deciding judge Mike Ross has it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Attila Vegh. Vegh advances to meet Travis Wiuff in the Bellator 2012 Summer Series light heavyweight tournament final at Bellator 73 on Aug. 24.

K. Mills

Bears couldn't dodge Daley's
left hook forever.

Round 1
Daley is patient early, staying outside and testing Bears with leg kicks. A head kick by Daley whizzes wide, but “Semtex” drills Bears with a right hand and backs him into the fence. Hard knees from Daley as he neckwrestles with Bears. The Brit puts another knee into his breadbasket. A hard pair of knees from Daley has Bears reeling and the heavy-handed Englishman is on him in a heartbeat with his trademark left hook. Bears hits the mat and Daley follows up with punches to seal the deal, forcing referee Troy Waugh to intervene at 2:45 of the bout.

Bellator Season 6 Welterweight Tournament Final
Karl Amoussou vs. Bryan Baker

Round 1

K. Mills

Amoussou's inverted heel hook
was tres magnifique.

Baker is aggressive from the outset, chasing the Frenchman down with punches and front kicks, trying to crowd him. An errant Baker right hand pokes Amoussou in the eye, however, prompting a brief pause from referee James Warring.

On the restart, Amoussou lands a leg kick that trips Baker up, and he snatches a rear waistlock. Instead of elevating for the takedown, Amoussou drops and spins, locking up an inverted heel hook perfectly, forcing an instantaneous tap in just 56 seconds. Incredible submission for Karl Amoussou, the Bellator Season 6 welterweight tournament winner.

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