will report from the Canton Civic Center in Canton, Ohio, at approximately 7:00 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of Bellator 51, which features the quarterfinals of Bellator's Season 5 bantamweight tournament.

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Round 1

K. Mills

Holt turned in a comeback KO.

The battle of Ohio natives starts with Musser feinting a few times before finally coming in on a takedown. He brings Holt down against the cage with a single-leg and goes to work on Holt’s side with knees and rights. The Akron native continues throwing rights and knees to Holt’s right side through the first two minutes. Holt is still up against the cage, but manages to work back up to his feet. Musser brings him down to the mat again. With a minute left in the round, Holt manages to power up. With the action back on the feet, Musser tries for another takedown but Holt is ready for the latest one, delivering with a flying knee that hits right on the button. Musser is out cold instantly. After getting dominated for the first round, Holt wins in front of a large contingent of supporters at 4:07 of the first round.

Round 1
Hawk, sporting a well-kempt red mohawk, is the aggressor immediately. The Independence, Ohio, native Hawk is very deliberately stalking Weickert in the standup. Failing to find a home with the strikes, Weickert goes for a takedown but Hawk stuffs it and hits Weickert with a knee for his trouble. Hawk follows that up with a small flurry that puts Weickert against the cage. Weickert manages to circle out but he’s already bloody less than two minutes in. Hawk has Weickert in the clinch up against the cage and is really finding a home for whatever he wants to do in the standup. Hawk just misses with a straight right and Weickert’s nose is bleeding profusely. Hawk attempts a standing guillotine along the cage to no avail. Weickert goes for another takedown during the last minute of this round but he is completely gassed and Hawk actually ends up in his guard throwing down hammerfists on his bloodied face until the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Hawk
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Hawk
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Hawk

Round 2

K. Mills

Hawk made Weickert a bloody mess.

Weickert’s nose makes it 10 seconds before pouring blood again. Hawk’s pace is just as deliberate as it was in the first round doing whatever he wants in the striking game. Hawk clinches Weickert up against the cage in the clinch again. Weickert’s corner is apoplectic that the action hasn’t been restarted. Hawk responds with a flurry of knees but catches Weickert low with the secondone. After a brief doctor check for Weickert's note, Mark Matheny docks John Hawk has been docked a point for his low blow, as Matheny insists he warned him between rounds. Hawk comes in on Weickert, pins him against the cage and takes him down. With a little more than two minutes left in the round, Hawk is working from Weickert’s half guard delivering short elbows.

Hawk tries to move to side guard but Weickert quickly escapes. Hawk gets back to the position, and steps over into full mount, punching away on top. Weickert bucks him off, but Hawk stays on top, punching and elbowing until the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 9-9
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 9-8
Mike Whitman scores the round 9-9

Keith Mills

Spohn only needed 9 seconds.

Between rounds, Allan Weickert retires, making John Hawk the winner by TKO at the end of the second round.

Round 1
Just as quick as this bout started the bout is over. The fighters touch gloves and Spohn connects with a huge left knee. Bonningson is out cold immediately. Spohn remains undefeated at just nine seconds of the first round.

Round 1
Riggleman comes in with a sloppy takedown attempt early but gets nothing from it. The Virginian comes back in with a tight single-leg the second time around and it turns into a battle of positioning on the ground. The subsequent scramble sees Riggleman keep control of the leg and take Sharipov’s back. Sharipov scrambles back up to his feet though and sends Riggleman down with a slam, throwing rights downat his foe. Riggleman brings the fight back to its feet though and puts his weight up against Sharipov against the cage, working for another single-leg. The prolonged battle for the single-leg turns into another scramble on the mat. Great wrestling so far. Sharipov tries for a fireman's carry, but it's blocked by Riggleman. Sharipov gets another takedown, and continues to stay on top, but can't advance past the guard of Riggleman. With less than 30 seconds left, Riggleman brings the bout back standing, and grabs a guillotine which Sharipov escapes before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-10
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Riggleman
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Riggleman

Round 2
The MMA Institute bantamweight Riggleman takes a few kicks from Sharipov to start the second. Riggleman responds in kind with a couple of kicks of his own. Riggleman just missed with an uppercut and paid for it with a left high kick. The pace has slowed down considerably, until Riggleman buckles Sharipov with a right but can’t capitalize. Riggleman connects with another sneaky hook to the body and the two fighters briefly clinch against the cage. After breaking apart the fight goes back to the center with about a minute left in the round. Sharipov connects with a left hook that sends Riggleman’s mouthpiece flying but doesn’t seem to stun Riggleman at all. Referee Mark Matheny allows him to pick the mouthpiece up and put it back in as the round again ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Sharipov
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Riggleman
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Sharipov

Round 3
Sharipov connects with a strong left but Riggleman is only slightly shaken. Sharipov looks to be showing more urgency this round, but Riggleman immediately moves in on him and puts him against the cage. Riggleman is fighting for a single, but Sharipov has his right arm trapped. The two fighters instead exchange knees against the cage as we approach the halfway point of the round. Riggleman slides around to Sharipov’s back connecting with more knees to Sharipov’s left thigh. Sharipov responds in kind with some back elbows. Riggleman manages to parlay his position into a double leg takedown with Sharipov pinned against the cage with 90 seconds remaining. Sharipov regains guard but is having a hard time shaking Riggleman right on top of him. Riggleman transitions to half guard coming down with lefts as Sharipov maneuvers his way out the side. Less than 30 seconds left in the round, and the bout is back up on its feet. Sharipov starts to come after Riggleman but the bantamweight from Virginia gets on his horse and stays away to end the round.

K. Mills

Riggleman pulled off the upset.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Riggleman (29-29 Draw)
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Riggleman (30-27 Riggleman)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Riggleman (29-28 Riggleman)

Official result: Judge Mike Barry sees it 29-28 for Farkhad Sharipov, while Darren Austin reckons it 29-28 Riggleman. Judge John Beltz has it 30-27 by the winner by split decision, Jessie Riggleman.

Round 1
To say Jessica Eye has a bit of a following here is an understatement. The crowd loves her, cheering as she starts the fight with feints. Eye catches Noland early and Noland is already bloodied. Noland clinches with Eye and puts her against the cage looking for a single but Eye is having none of it. Noland keeps fighting for a single, but Eye keeps a wide base against the cage, stuffing the attempt. Eye connects with two big knees much to the delight of the crowd. Less than two minutes to go in the round and Eye has turned Noland and put her into the cage. Noland turns her right back though and doesn’t want to let go of that clinch. The women exchange knees as Eye is trying to get the California native off her. Eye turns Noland into the cage again and throws a small flurry of knees as the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Eye
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Eye
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Eye

Round 2
Eye starts the round connecting with a right. She follows with the left soon after. Noland tries to clinch again, but this time Eye shucks her off and connects with a big left. Two minutes gone in the second round and Noland is looking for the chance to fight in close quarters but is not finding the opportunity. Eye is moving well on the outside, finding a home for almost all her strikes. Eye connects with a left kick to the body and another one-two combination, then deftly moves away from Noland’s attempts to clinch. Noland connects with a low kick and tries to follow up and clinch with Eye again but Eye again shucks her off and takes her to the mat. Noland works her way back up but catches a knee for her trouble. The round ends with Noland bloodied and the crowd thrilled.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Eye
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Eye
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Eye

Round 3

K. Mills

Jessica Eye earned a W in front of her
Ohio faithful.

Noland clinches with Eye early in the third but can’t do much with it. Noland comes back with another clinch attempt, but Eye again defends the takedown attempt very well. Eye breaks free from the latest clinch exchange by Noland. On the restart of action in the center, Noland connects with two low kicks but Eye responds with a couple of straight rights of her own. Eye is doing a very good job moving in and out against Noland preventing her from using whatever discernible size advantage she may have. A minute to go in the round and the crowd roars supporting their fighter in Eye. A missed kick from Noland results in a brief scramble that ends with Eye against the cage again. Noland looks for a takedown but again gets stuffed. Working with her back against the clinch, Eye connects with another knee as the fight comes to an end.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Eye (30-27 Eye)
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Eye (30-27 Eye)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Noland (29-28 Eye)

Official result: Judge Mike Barry sees it 29-28 for Jessica Eye, while John Beltz has it a bizarre 29-28 Noland. Sense prevails as judge Darren Austin has it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Jessica Eye.

Round 1
West tries to begin the bout with a jumping spinning hook kick, but comes up empty. West continues to throw low kicks and side kicks, but he's not actually landing much on Nogueira. A jumping switch kick by West is blocked by Nogueira, who is simply bouncing around the outside of striking range. Nogueira lands a left hand, the best strike of the fight, and West responds with a takedown into full guard. Nogueira continues to stall from the bottom until he's able to regain his feet. Upon getting back to his feet, Nogueira lands a salvo of punches and knees, and goes for a takedown before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Nogueira
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 West
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-10

Round 2
The second round's first 90 seconds are marked by West and Nogueira trading powerful low kicks. Nogueira is more aggressive and assertive with punches and kicks to begin the second. He presses West into the fence in pursuit of a takedown, but West shakes him off. Nogueira is right back on the horse, however, and completes a clever single-leg to set up in West's guard. Nogueira tries to posture up and pound away, but when he does, West pops back to his feet. West stuffs another Nogueira takedown with 90 seconds to fight, and they clinch along the fence, as the shorter Nogueira stomps West's feet and knees his thighs. West gets off the fence, but can't break the clinch, and Nogueira pushes him back into the fence. A jumping West knee is blocked, and Nogueira tries for one of his own before the bell with little success.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Nogueira
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 West
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Nogueira

Round 3
Nogueira again rushes West, kicking him to the legs and trying to close the distance along the cage. West circles away from the cage, stopping Nogueira's hopes to set up the takedown. "Betao" uses a jumping knee to close the distance and set up a clinch along the cage. It's a battle of foot stomps, knees to the thigh and heel strikes as Nogueira grinds West into the cage. "Wild" West finally gets off the fence, and amusingly pantomimes throwing a fireball at Nogueira. Nogueira responds with a left hook to the body and a body kick that put West on his bicycle. West lands some long kicks, and darts in-and-out with some punches as Nogueira begins to give chase. A left hook lands for West, and prompts Nogueira to get in on a single-leg attempt. West launches a head kick and it connects partially, his most effective kick of the fight. They clinch again, and Nogueira tries for an outside trip, but is blocked. Nogueira attempts to lift West and slam him, but West bails out and a scramble ensues. West nearly grabs a kimura in the scramble, but Nogueira escapes. A left hook lands for Nogueira, and West lands a one-two before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 West (29-28 Nogueira)
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Nogueira (29-28 West)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 West (29-29 Draw)

Official result: Darren Austin and Mike Barry have it 29-28, while John Beltz sees it 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Ed West.

Round 1
After feeling each other out early, Galvao scores a takedown, quickly passing Beebe's guard and taking Beebe's back, threatening with for both a rear-naked choke and armbar. Beebe manages to escape and gain top position before pulling guard on a guillotine attempt. Galvao escapes after a few moments and ends up on top, but Beebe regains his feet and searches for another guillotine, again failing to cinch it and sacrificing top position. Beebe gets back to his feet, but seems to have worn himself out on his guillotine attempts, as he hagardly tosses punches at Galvao, who counters with punches of his own. A glancing left hand knocks an off-balance Beebe to the ground, but Beebe seems more fatigued than hurt and quickly stands before trading punches once again, getting the worse of the exchanges as the round ends. Great first five minutes.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Galvao
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Galvao
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Galvao

Round 2
Galvao stalks Beebe with punches, who attempts to counter with left hooks of his own. Galvao mixing in right leg kicks, but Beebe manages to finally sneak some left hooks in during the punching exchanges. Beebe rushes in and secures a rear waistlock briefly against the cage, but Galvao manages to turn into him and lands a trip takedown, ending up in Beebe's guard. Beebe lands an illegal upkick on Galvao, but a restart is quick in coming from referee Jerry Krysz as the blow seemed to have little effect on the Brazilian. Galvao attempts to pass on the restart, but Beebe manages to get back to his feet with less than 20 seconds in the round. Galvao lands another thudding leg kick as the round comes to a close.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Galvao
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Galvao
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Galvao

Round 3
Galvao still the much fresher fighter as the third rounds opens, walking down Beeb with three punch combinations, and getting only single shots in return. A one-two lands solidly for Galvao, who whiffs on a left hook in return. Galvao mixes in a thudding low kick before Beeb attempts to clinch up, but only eats a knee and punch on the break for his efforts. Galvao's punches now losing steam as well, as his hands are slow to return after he throws, and Beebe takes advantage in landing some punches of his own. Beebe clinches Galvao up against the cage, and throws some knees to the body and mixes in some punches while Galvao unsuccessfully searches for the Thai plum. The fighters break away, and Galvao lands a right uppercut that sends Beebe's mouthpiece flying, pausing the action momentarily. Galvao lands a left hand after the restart, and Beebe responds by clinching up and forcing him to the cage. Galvao again searches for the Thai plum while Beebe attempts to dirty box and searches for a double leg as the round and fight wind down to the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Galvao (30-27 Galvao)
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Galvao (30-27 Galvao)
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Galvao (30-27 Galvao)

Official result: Judge Mike Barry has it 29-28 for Chase Beebe. However, Darren Austin and John Beltz have it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Marcos Galvao.

Round 1
Dantas presses forward with punches and body kick,which Reis defends as he backs up towards the cage. Reis wings hooks at Dantas, but has trouble landing with considerable height and reach disadvantage. An errant finger catches Reis in the eye, and we see a pause in the action. Upon restarting, Reis shoots on Dantas, but is unable to get the takedown, and instead settles for clinching against the fence for a few seconds before the fighters separate. Reis shoots in again for a single, sliding by to grab a rear waistlock and forcing Dantas to the cage, where he lands short kness to Dantas' legs. Reis tries to drag the bout to the mat, but Dantas stays on his feet and Reis resorts to more knees as Dantas looks for a break. Dantas gets his wish, and comes forward towards Reis with one- combinations and kicks to the body and head, landing few but ultimately more than the shorter, stockier Reis. Eats a kick to the body as the round comes to a close.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Dantas
Joe Ortiz scores the round 10-9 Dantas
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Reis

Round 2
Dantas kicks as he regains his footing before chasing the reatreating Reis across the cage and lands a leaping knee, dropping Reis in a heap before landing a pair of perfunctory right hands for the KO victory. The fantastic finish comes at 62 of the second round.

Round 1
Vila starts the bout circling to his right as Warren comes forward, pumping jabs towards Vila. Vila lands the first significant strike of the bout as an overhand right straight hurts Warren near the fence and Vila follows up with a takedown attempt on Warren's legs. Warren defends well enough, and looks to recover as the fighters disengage and face off in center cage. A missed Warren punch is punished by an absolutely crushing left hook from Vila, which has Warren unconscious even before his head whips violently to the mat. The incredible end comes just 64 seconds into the bout.

Round 1
Caraballo opens the bout with a mix of kicks that land on the hometown favorite Kempf. Caraballo runs in with a flurry of short punches but Kempf drops down for a double-leg and takes Caraballo down. Kempf takes Caraballo’s back but doesn’t have his position secure. It gives Caraballo the opportunity to scramble out and counter with some hard rights. Kempf goes down, and referee Mark Matheny dives in quickly. Kempf mangled appears to have mangled his knee during the flurry and that led to the stoppage. Frank Caraballo is your NAAFS interim featherweight champ at 1:19 of the first round.

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