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FFH - Free Fight Gala

FFH - Free Fight Gala
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FFH Fight Card
Name: FFH
Title: Free Fight Gala
Date: Dec 21, 1997
Time: 12:00 AM PST Check FFH Local Time and Date
Location: Beverwijk, Holland
Organization: Free Fight Holland

Quick Results

Fighters Method Rd. Time
Vidal Serradilla defeated Sander Thonhauser DQ TBD
Herman van Tol vs. Sander MacKilljan No Contest TBD
Martijn de Jong defeated Harold van Rijst N/A TBD
Stef Sas defeated Ferry van de Wal N/A TBD
Tjerk Vermanen defeated Mario Borzic DQ TBD
Rodney Glunder drew with Habib Ben Sallah Draw TBD
Marco Holkamp submitted Andrew Keja Submission (Armbar) TBD
Fred van Doesburg submitted Edwin Gertenbach Submission (Choke) TBD
Piet van Gammeren defeated Gerard Benschop N/A TBD
M. Roelofs defeated Marcello Rodriques N/A TBD
J. Taskin defeated Henk van der Mey N/A TBD
T. Marijnissen defeated D. van der Kerkhof N/A TBD
M. Copier defeated Rinie van Brakel N/A TBD