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The Most Dangerous Striking Prospect in the USA

  • on Jan 05, 2019
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Meet the most dangerous prospect in the USA: Troy Jones 3 years into his training, Troy Jones captured gold at the prestigious IFMA Muay Thai worlds (think Olympics for MT). He was the first to medal for the USA in 5 years. Since then, he amassed an amateur record of 40-3, and a professional record of 11-1 with 10 kos. He is a knockout artist with high fight IQ. Coming from a high level football background, Jones wandered into Greg Nelson's famous Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, and has never looked back. Troy has stormed the professional scene and knocked out nearly everyone in his path. He is the #1 most dangerous prospect to look out for in the USA. Look for his bouts in Glory Kickboxing. Credit to Sterling Entertainment Group / Drillers Promotion and Friday Night Fights, both great promotions that have been raising amateur and pro prospects for North Americans. ?? If you like my content and would like to support, give my book a chance while it’s on 50% New Years Discount: ht

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