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Craig Jones Z Guard Encyclopedia Instructional 3 DVD Set

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Baiting Opponent into Z Guard
Controlling the Z Guard
Triangle from Z Guard
Countering the Weave Pass
One Arm Guillotine
Overhook Armbar

Reverse De La Riva Basics
2 Standing Sweeps from Reverse De La Riva
No Gi Inversion Mini Course
Standing Heel Hook Setups
Reverse De La Riva Scissor Heel Hook
Reverse De La Riva to 50/50

Underhook De La Riva Control
Basic Underhook De La Riva Sweep
Underhook De La Riva to Single Leg X
X Guard Entrance
Reverse X Heel Hook and Back Take
Underhook De La Riva to Berimbolo
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