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Legacy Fighting Alliance: The Anatomy of an MMA Mega Merger |

  • 5 months ago
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Since coming on board with the RFA in 2012, Ed Soares has helped position the promotion as one of the top feeder leagues to shows like the UFC and Bellator. Years of steady growth and success could h read news >>

UFC Fight Night 72: Thales Leites and the Anatomy of a Constructive Loss

  • a year ago
  • News

In MMA, there are split decisions and then there are split decisions. The former often come on nights when the judges are aloof, uninterested, uneducated or all of the above and they can’t get on the read news >>

Medical Beat: The anatomy of a failed drug test

  • 4 years ago
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All sports - and currently combat sports - have a learning curve when it comes to transitioning to the heightened scrutiny of random independent drug monitoring (including urine and blood). It m read news >>

Ask the Doc: Dr. Benjamin on the anatomy of choke-outs and body shots

  • 8 years ago
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So, let's say you're at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, and for whatever reason, decide not to tap out from a choke hold. Just what kind of damage can occur?

Also, what is about a nice shot t read news >>

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