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With UFC 217 on deck, NYSAC adopts ABC's loss of bodily fluid recommendation

The New York State Athletic Commission would like to limit the fallout from an embarrassing in-cage accident.

The commission has adopted a recommendation from the Association of Boxing Commissions to declare a TKO in the event a competitor visibly loses control of a bodily function. The news was first reported by Newsday.com. A follow up email to the commission requesting comment was not immediately returned.

The new recommendation arrives as the commission prepares for the spotlight again with Saturday’s UFC 217, which takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

In July, the ABC proposed the recommendation – which was subsequently approved – as one of several proposed changes to the unified rules, framing them as recommendations to avoid delays in implementation.

Here is the full recommendation:

“If a combatant, during a round, visibly loses control of a bodily function (vomit, urine, bowels), the fight shall be stopped by the referee and the combatant shall lose the contest by TKO.

“In the event a loss of control of a bodily function occurs in the rest period between rounds, the ringside physician shall be called in to evaluate if the combatant can continue.

“If the combatant is not cleared by the ringside physician to continue, that combatant shall lose by TKO.

“If fecal matter becomes apparent at any time, the bout shall be halted by the referee, and the offending combatant shall lose the contest by TKO. In these situations, the result shall be recorded as TKO due to medical stoppage.”

Several UFC competitors have lost control of their bodily functions during a fight. In June, UFC women’s strawweight Justine Kish accidentally defecated during a fight with Felice Herrig, necessitating some unfortunate cleanup and embarrassing, if good-hearted, admission of responsibility.

The commission’s new leadership has acknowledged missteps in the way it’s overseen previous UFC events held in the state, which only this past year legalized MMA after a nearly 20-year ban on the sport. The commission recently showed its commitment to turning things around by codifying its rule on instant replay.

Saturday’s pay-per-view event is expected to be a box office success for the UFC, which loaded the card with three title fights after its Madison Square Garden debut one year ago with UFC 205, where Conor McGregor won the lightweight title to become a simultaneous two-division champion.

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