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Round 1
Josh Rosenthal is the referee for the evening's opening contest. Both fighters come out with an orthodox stance. Branch shoots in for a single leg, but he's stuffed coming in. Branch decides to then press Attonito into the cage. They separate after 40 seconds. Branch is cautious and avoids Attonito's wild punches. Attonito misses a loopy right hand and is taken down. Branch lands in Attonito's half guard. After a scramble, Branch is push kicked off but he quickly dives back in and scores a takedown as his foe tries to stand. Branch quickly mounts him but a scramble allows Attonito to stand up. Branch drags him down again. Branch tries an inverted triangle but Attonito escapes at the horn. 10-9 Branch.

Round 2
Attonito misses a wild right hand after he blocks a head kick. They clinch. Branch presses his opponent into the cage. Very little action 90 seconds in. Attonito delivers a sturdy knee to the gut. Branch is not letting him breathe. Attonito falls down but quickly springs back up. They scramble but Branch is all over him. Very dull second round. Branch expolodes for a slam but he's stuffed and is crucifixed. They scramble again and Branch seizes side control. Branch land a few meager punches. Attonito pulls to half guard but can't escape or sweep. 10-9 Branch.

Round 3
Branch quickly scores a textbook double leg takedown but Attonito scrambles back to his feet. Branch presses Attonito into the cage. He keeps him there for 20 seconds and then drags him down. Attonito pulls guard. The sparse crowd is growing restless. Branch delivers three decent right elbows. Branch moves to half guard. Very little action. They scramble and Branch takes his back. Both hooks are in. Attonito rolls over and turtles up. Branch can't sink the rear-naked choke just yet. Attonito stands up and shakes Branch off. He misses a wild right hand and Branch quickly presses him into the cage until the end. 10-9 Branch.

Official scores: 30-27s across the board for Branch, the winner by unanimous decision.

Round 1
Paixao eats a left jab right away. Hard right low kick scores for Paixao. Garza's length and lanky body is causing Paixao problems. Huge flying knee from Garza. Paixao is out. He's flat on his back and is completely out cold. His arms are stiffened in the "shoot in" position. Garza hit him with the knee right as Paixao ducked under for a double leg. He is still out on his back some 45 seconds later. He is finally moving his legs roughly two minutes after the blow to the face. He's still down. Medical staff has him surrounded and he is still on his back almost four minutes after the KO. Finally he is able to sit up. They put a neck brace on him to be extra safe. Garza is thrilled for the win, but it's clear he is very concerned for Paixao. Finally he is up on his feet and is being escorted out. He is very wobbly and has to be carried off the steps and now he's sitting on a stretcher. The official time is just 0:51 of round one.

Round 1
The referee for this contest is Chris Togoni. Campuzano blocks a quick knee by Pace and takes a left shin to the ribs. They trade blows. Pave shoots in his he's stuffed. They clinch against the cage and Pace drags him down. Pace lands five straight left hands. Campuzano can't get back to his feet. Finally he does. Pace forces him down again courtesy of a trip and shove. Pace scores the mount but Campuzano is very calm. They scramble and Will is back up. Pace quickly drags him back down. Pace takes his back, but he's reversed. Campuzano is sitting on Pace's stomach with his back to him. Nothing is doing so he scrambles up. Pace slams him back down at the horn. 10-9 Pace.

Round 2
Pace throws a head kick. They both swing wildly and miss. Low kick by Pace. Campuzano is fighting from a safer distance and is using his reach advantage well. Nice front kick by Campuzano followed by a right hand. Campuzano tries a takedown, but he's stuffed. Finally, after almost a minute of clinching, Pace drags him down. Campuzano wall walks back up to his feet. Pace struggles but finally drags his foe down again. Not much action at this point. Pace is all over him, not letting him move. Campuzano finally stands and then slams Pace down at the end of the frame. 10-9 Pace.

Round 3
Pace extends his left arm to touch gloves, but Campuzano punches him instead. The punch glances him and they trade blows. Will fires several loopy, winging right hands and misses them all. Pace bides his time and scores a textbook double leg. After a scramble Campuzano sweeps him and lands in Pace's guard. Campuzano lands two elbows. Campuzano stands up and dives back in with a hard left hammer fist. He does it again, but lands in an awkward triangle. Pace has only one leg over his head and his arms underneath. He locks on a unique arm/leg triangle and forces the tap. Official time is 4:33.

Pace reveals that he just made that choke up. It's a cross between a triangle and guillotine or a gogoplata with the leg over the head and arm underneath. He just named it "The Pace."

Round 1
Sako rushes out and is very assertive. Watson feels him out and backs away. They clinch and Sako presses him into the cage. Watson reverses position, and then is reversed himself. They trade knees. They separate. The fire and miss punches and Sako clinches again. Watson takes him down, but Sako quickly stands up. Watson slams him down again but Sako springs right up. The trade punches. Watson fires a flurry and it leads to a quick takedown. Sako stands again. They trade punches against the cage again. 10-9 Watson.

Round 2
They rush right out and fire away, though nothing lands for either. They clinch. Sako lands a nice left hand as they separate. Watson is moving from side to side and giving Sako problems. They clinch again. Sako presses Watson into the cage. They separate. A hard right hand by Watson lands as Sako comes in. Sako lands a decent right cross on the inside. Sako is hit in the groin by an errant knee, and is given time to recover. He's good to go. They resume and Sako absorbs a thudding shin to the ribs. They trade blows but again they clinch. Sako presses Watson into the fence. Watson lands two meager knees just before the horn. 10-9 Watson.

Round 3
Sako lands a stiff left-right-left immediately, but Watson takes it. Watson fires a head kick and it glances off Sako's dome. Both men are doing a lot of feinting, leaving for a dull two minutes. Watson scores a takedown, but Sako springs back up. Stiff left straight by Watson. Watson forces Sako into the fence. Very little action. It's a close fight but Sako might need a KO to win. Watson digs a kick to Sako's ribs. Another. Right hand by Watson just before the horn. 10-9 Watson.

Official scores: 30-27 (twice) and 29-28 for Watson, the winner by unanimous decision.

Round 1
Hard right low kick by Toner. Loveland cracks him with a hard right hand and Toner drops. Loveland pounces and lands another right hand and tees off. Toner covers up well and blocks most of the shots. Loveland smartly slows down the attrition as not to waste energy. Toner is on his back and pinned against the cage. Toner pulls guard. Very little action now. Toner's defense is strong as Loveland isn't landing anything or able to pass the guard. Three minutes have passed with very little action. Toner tries an armbar but can't sink it. Loveland lands two decent punches before the horn. 10-9 Loveland.

Round 2
Toner misses a high kick. Loveland misses a spinning-back fist, but does connect with two ensuing right hands. Hard low kick by Toner. Loveland lands a right hand, which bloodies Toner's nose. Nice right uppercut on the inside by Loveland. Not much action on the feet and the crowd is getting restless. Hard back fist by Loveland rocks Toner and he stumbles to the canvas. Loveland dives onto him and unloads a fury. Toner recovers well and defends wisely. Toner almost locks up a triangle but Loveland escapes. Loveland stands over Toner and lands some moderate punches. 10-9 Loveland.

Round 3
Both fighting at a measured pace early on. Toner lands a grazing head kick. Loveland backing up, looking to land one massive counter to end it. Hard low kick by Toner. Very little action. Toner pressing the issue but Loveland isn't doing anything. A minute left and almost nothing of note has landed. Very passive round. Decent counter right hand by Loveland. Low kick by Toner. Neither man wanted the win in the final round. 10-9 Toner.

Official scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-26 for Loveland, winner by unanimous decision.

Round 1
McKenzie rushes right across the cage and tries a takedown but falls into a guillotine. He escapes and scrambles up. McKenzie quickly latches on a standing guillotine. Wilkinson remains calm and fends it off. They scramble again and McKenzie takes him down. McKenzie latches on the guillotine from on top. He rolls him over and sinks it. Wilkinson taps out. Official time is 2:03 of the first round.

Round 1
Herb Dean referees the first televised fight of the show, which is also the first televised UFC featherweight bout. Both men swinging away early and Phan lands a solid right upside the head of Garcia, who’s swinging and missing with big, looping shots. Thudding body kick by Phan is answered in kind by Garcia. Phan connects with a nice three-piece combo. The fighters trade body shots and Garcia tries a spinning back-fist that’s blocked. Left jab is working for Phan now, as Garcia continues to throw wild hooks and uppercuts which mostly miss or connect with Phan’s arms. Phan lands a head kick, but Garcia keeps moving forward, shaking his head. 10-9 Phan.

Round 2
Garcia comes out firing, connecting with a nice body shot and throwing multiple head kicks. Garcia pressing the action with punches and leg kicks until a nice hook from Phan slows him down a bit. Ninety seconds into the round, Garcia shoots and rushes Phan into the fence with a double-leg, but Phan escapes quickly. Phan ducks a punch from Garcia and rocks him with an uppercut, then begins to tee off. Phan lands four or five hard shots before Garcia finally hits the mat. Phan gives chase, taking Garcia’s back and sinking in both hooks as Garcia rolls away from the base of the cage. Riding high on Garcia’s back, Phan rolls his opponent onto his side and tries to sink in the rear-naked choke. Good wrist control from Garcia, but Phan gets an arm under and looks to have the choke. Garcia appears to quickly double-tap, then pries Phan’s arm loose. The bout continues and Phan finishes on top with a few short punches. 10-9 Phan.

Round 3
Phan is cut early on in the final round, bleeding from the right side of his face. The cut appears to be on the brow or up along the hairline. Garcia tries a takedown, can’t hold Phan down, and Phan comes up swinging and digging some of his trademark body blows. Garcia was connecting better in the second round than the first, but now he’s back to swinging wild. Jab from Phan snaps back the head of Garcia. Tired-looking kick from Garcia is timed by Phan, who punishes him with a stiff jab. Garcia is clearly exhausted, hands by his side, but still throwing. Uppercut to the body from Phan, then one to the head. Garcia pushes Phan into the fence and again can’t hold him there for long. Garcia hears the 10 second clapper and windmills one more time. 10-9 Phan.

Official scores: 29-28 Garcia, 30-27 Phan and 29-28 for Leonard Garcia, winner by split decision.

Round 1
Steve Mazzagatti in charge of this welterweight contest. Story lands a right hand early, then Hendricks lunges with a left straight that lands flush. They clinch and Story throws a flurry of punches to the body of Hendricks. Story with a hard combination as Hendricks covers up. Story doubles over, hunting for a takedown, but can’t get it. The fighters work over-unders and clinch briefly before disengaging. More body blows from Story, followed by a nice three-piece that sends Hendricks wheeling away. Hendricks trying to keep his distance and use movement to keep Story at bay, but Story’s aggression is winning out so far in a close round. Hendricks catches a kick and drags Story down, but Story works back to his feet and Hendricks ends the round with a waistlock against the fence. 10-9 Story.

Round 2
Hendricks throws a glancing combo which causes Story to rush forward with a barrage of his own. Takedown from Story and Hendricks briefly grabs a guillotine, which he lets go in order to wall-walk and stand back up. Hendricks tries for a takedown of his own and winds up on the floor with Story high on his back. Story slips off and Hendricks tries a front guillotine which doesn’t take. They’re back to clinching against the fence with Story getting the better of the clinch work, kneeing and punching to the left side of Hendricks’ rib cage. Story plows Hendricks to the mat with a double-leg, but Hendricks uses butterfly guard to work back to his feet. Story still has the waistlock and is kneeing to Hendricks’ left leg and midsection. 10-9 Story.

Round 3
Early takedown attempt from Hendricks is briefly defended, but he wrestles Story down and then grabs a guillotine. Story gets to his feet and turns the tables, snaring a guillotine of his own. Hendricks rolls to guard and pushes himself free, but Story stays on top as Hendricks turtles. Hendricks drives forward, pushing Story into the fence as Story controls his man’s right arm. No offense coming from either man in the third minute of the round, with Story sitting against the cage and Hendricks just latching on to Story’s legs, trying to improve position. Story is breathing heavily as Hendricks pins him to the fence, and finishes the round with a couple short elbows to Hendricks’ body. 10-10.

Official scores: All three judges see it 29-28 for Rick Story, the winner by unanimous decision.

Round 1
The referee for this middleweight bout is Josh Rosenthal. Maia lands an overhand left and Grove responds by chasing him down with a combo which includes a nice right straight. Maia grabs the right leg of Grove and drags him down, then leaps to pass guard, but Grove doesn’t stay down for long. Maia is tenacious, though, and takes Grove’s back on the feet as Grove turns into the fence. Maia briefly leaps onto Grove’s back, but Grove defends, so the Brazilian instead spins Grove down to the mat again. Maia in Grove’s half-guard, trying to pass as he elbows to the “TUF” winner’s body. Maia mounts and Grove rolls, giving up his back with just under two minutes left. Grove escapes the dangerous position by rolling and shucking Maia off, but Maia stays right on him, keeping busy with hard shots from the top. Grove rolls and gives up his back again, allowing Maia to look for a rear-naked choke with a single hook in. Grove defends the choke well and survives the scare, but it’s clearly Maia’s round. 10-9 Maia.

Round 2
Tentative jabbing early in the round before Maia shoots for a single-leg and Grove easily steps away from it. The second attempt from Maia is successful, and the BJJ black belt now works from half-guard, thumping away to the ribs and head of Grove. A leglock attempt from Grove is unsuccessful, but allows him to get back to his feet, where Maia immediately gets to working for another takedown. Maia gets it, but this time stalls out in Grove’s guard, unable to pass. Grove creates space and keeps the now-standing Maia away with upkicks, but Maia dives through the guard. Grove rolls and gives up his back, and Maia spends the final minute of the round on Grove’s back, punching away. 10-9 Maia.

Round 3
Grove pops Maia with a few nice jabs, then chases him down with a solid combo. Lots of circling through the first half of the frame, with neither man looking particularly desperate to finish, though Grove probably should be. Grove lands a few short shots to the face of Maia, who answers with one to Grove’s breadbasket. With 90 seconds left, Maia latches on to Grove’s left leg. Grove answers with a jumping knee, but Maia clings on. Nice defense from Grove, who stays vertical and rains shots to the face and body of the doubled-over Maia. That’s where the fight ends. 10-9 Grove.

Official scores: Three scores of 29-28 from the judges, who unanimously award the bout to Demian Maia.

Round 1
Steve Mazzagatti returns to referee the light heavyweight semi-main event. Pokrajac blitzes Bonnar with punches early, but Bonnar stifles the activity by pushing the Croatian into the fence. Easy takedown by Bonnar, who quickly moves to side control and then takes Pokrajac’s back. Bonnar tries to roll Pokrajac and botches it, allowing Pokrajac to stand back up and muscles Bonnar into the fence. Pokrajac lands an elbow as they separate, then slugs a few hard shots to Bonnar’s face. Bonnar snares a guillotine and jumps guard, and the submission looks deep. Pokrajac flips onto his back and Bonnar tries to adjust the choke, but Pokrajac breaks loose. Bonnar in Pokrajac’s guard briefly before advancing to half-guard, then side control. Pokrajac turtles and Bonnar keeps head-and-arm control, kneeing to the body and landing short punches as he tries to secure the back. They work back to their feet just before the round ends and Bonnar slaps Pokrajac with a head kick. 10-9 Bonnar.

Round 2
Even clinch work early in the round before Bonnar takes the driver’s seat by grabbing the Thai plum and drilling several knees to Pokrajac’s midsection. Pokrajac doesn’t like this and reverses, pushing Bonnar’s back to the fence. Bonnar reaps the leg of Pokrajac and sends him tumbling to the mat, where Bonnar leaps to side control on Pokrajac’s right. Horizontal elbows and short punches from Bonnar as he lies across Pokrajac’s chest. Pokrajac slips free and they resume trading on the feet. More solid knees by Bonnar in the clinch, but the action slows as the pair jockeys for position along the perimeter. Suddenly, they split and both men begin winging punches. Pokrajac tags Bonnar with a good one in the flurry, but Bonnar stands strong and muscles Pokrajac into the fence again before the round ends. 10-9 Bonnar. After the round ends, Mazzagatti deducts a point from Pokrajac for illegal knees landed to the head of Bonnar while the fighters were on the ground, making it a 10-8 round on our scorecard.

Round 3
Bonnar scores a takedown early and begins punishing Pokrajac from side control. Bonnar works to mount and begins punching furiously to the body of Pokrajac. The Croatian turtles and gives up his back, but Bonnar squanders the position as he’s unable to sink in the hooks. Pokrajac winds up in Bonnar’s guard for a second, then tries an armbar, allowing Bonnar to reclaim top position. Bonnar working from half-guard in the final minute, trying to pass to Pokrajac’s left and sink in an arm-triangle. Bonnar passes, but gives up the head-and-arm control, instead opting to punch and elbow his opponent. Just before the bell, Mazzagatti steps in and deducts a point from Bonnar for landing two or three punches to the back of Pokrajac’s head. Bonnar took the round once again, but after the point deduction, it’s an even 9-9.

Official scores: All three judges score the bout 29-26 in favor of Stephan Bonnar, the winner by unanimous decision.

Round 1
Referee Herb Dean is in charge of the “TUF 12” final. Johnson lands a nice one-two off the bat, followed by an overhand left. Brookins grabs a high single on Johnson’s left leg and Johnson hops back into the fence. Still digging for the takedown, Brookins gets flipped around and Johnson backs away. Johnson drops Brookins to his knees with a stiff left hand and Johnson gives chase. Johnson can’t finish, but he doesn’t relent his attack as Brookins attempts to escape on the feet. More punches from Johnson and Brookins takes a knee. Johnson tries a guillotine and can’t find it, but it’s not a problem, as he just goes back to lighting Brookins up on the feet. Despite eating any number of punches, Brookins’ hands are still very low. He nearly takes Johnson’s back in a scramble, but Johnson slides free and finishes the round by tagging Brookins with another pair of hard punches and stuffing a shot. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2
Nice right hand lands for Johnson, but it’s Brookins who finds himself on top in the ensuing scramble. Brookins lands a few hard shots on top and then woks on passing Johnson’s half-guard. Not much offense coming from Brookins on top, but when he throws a punch or elbow, it lands hard. Now more short elbows from Brookins, who still can’t extract his left leg from between Johnson’s. Two minutes to go and Johnson is covering up as Brookins lands more elbows. Johnson tries to create space and get back to his feet, can’t find the distance, but does stuff Brookins back to full guard. Shortly thereafter, Johnson pops back to his feet. Brookins immediately begins working for another takedown, doubling over and pushing Johnson into the fence as Johnson elbows the side of Brookins’ head. Brookins slams Johnson down with about a minute left and tries for a kimura from half-guard. The round ends with Brookins still working for the submission. 10-9 Brookins.

Round 3
Johnson scores with a combination, prompting Brookins to go back to his single-leg attack. He puts Johnson on his rear at the base of the cage, but can’t pull Johnson away from the fence to put him on his back. Brookins takes mount with Johnson still sitting up and flattens him from there, but Johnson uses the position to sweep. Back on the feet, Johnson scores with another nice series of punches. Brookins pulls guard with a lateral drop before immediately sweeping into Johnson’s half-guard. Brookins keeping busy on top with one minute remaining in the bout. He postures up and Johnson tries to reverse the situation with a single-leg, but Brookins finishes the round on top and may have just eked out the win after a rough start. 10-9 Brookins.

Official scores: The judges have it 29-28 (twice) and 29-27, all in favor of Jonathan Brookins, the winner of the twelfth season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

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