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MACAU – MMAjunkie is on scene and reporting live from today’s TUF China Finale event.

The card, which features a welterweight bout between Dong Hyun Kim and John Hathaway in the main event, takes place at The Venetian Macao’s CotaiArena in Macau. The entire card streams on UFC Fight Pass.

Follow along with our round-by-round updates and official results beginning at approximately 6:20 a.m. ET (3:20 a.m. PT) for the preliminary card and 8 a.m. ET for the main card.

To discuss the show, be sure to check out our TUF China Finale discussion thread. You can also get behind-the-scenes coverage and other event notes from on-site reporter John Morgan (@MMAjunkieJohn) on Twitter.

Enjoy the fights, everyone.

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Round 1 – Both fighters paw a few jabs before Eddiva lands a low kick. Tuerxun misses a right hand. Eddiva tags him with a side kick to the head. Tuerxun loves it and asks for more. Eddiva happy to help. He catches a kick and drives forward with punches, pushing Tuerxun to the floor. Eddiva secures top position. Tuerxun sits up and gets to a knee. Eddiva tries to keep him pinned to the cage, but Tuerxun gets to his feet. Not for long. Tuerxun back on the floor and turns to attack the knee. Eddiva defends and lands a few punches inside. Tuerxun lets got of the submission attempt and moves instead to get back to his feet. Eddiva lands a few short punches inside while continuing to hold Tuerxun down. Tuerxun does get to his feet with a little more than one minute left, but this has been all Eddiva so far. Tuerxun defends another takedown attempt. He is getting absolutely smothered. Elbows inside that look close to 12-to-6, but Eddiva is allowed to throw them. Round ends, and MMAjunkie sees it for Eddiva, 10-9.

Round 2 – Eddiva with a few snapping kicks to start. Tuerxun wants a takedown, but Eddiva easily pushes him away. Tuerxun drives inside again, but Eddiva sprawls and stays upright. He turns Tuerxun into the cage and goes back to work from the clinch. Tuerxun again desperate for a takedown, but Eddiva isn’t having that. Eddiva drives in a few knees to the body before attacking the head, as well. Eddiva in control once again. Short punches and elbows inside, and Tuerxun is bleeding. Tuerxun tries to work in a short elbow. He fires a knees, as well, and Eddiva backs away. On the restart, Tuerxun shoots again, but Eddiva defends yet gain. Eddiva slips on a wild kick. Less than two minutes. Tuerxun avoids a kick and smiles before throwing a capoeira shot of his own. He looks exhausted. Tuerxun drives forward and finally gets the takedown he had been seeking. Eddiva quickly back to his feet, and he circles off the cage. Tuerxun’s brief success is over. Referee Jerin Valel calls for a break as the action slows. On the restart, Eddiva scores a takedown. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it again to Eddiva, 10-9.

Round 3 – Eddiva with a quick low kick to open. He goes high with the next one. Tuerxun looks exhausted. Eddiva with a crisp combination and strike to the leg. Tuerxun misses on another takedown. Eddiva tries one of his own and winds up stumbling to the canvas. Tuerxun tries to get to the back, but Eddiva scrambles away. Eddiva turns the position and picks the ankle. Tuerxun gets immediately back to his feet, but he’s stuck again on the fence. Eddiva presses in and keeps control. He’s not doing much damage, but he’s controlling the pace. They scramble again, and Eddiva earns the dominant spot. Tuerxun turns for an arm. Athletic escape from Eddiva, and he settles into his opponent’s guard. Tuerxun gets his legs high and tries for a triangle. Eddiva feels it and presses down with his left arm to keep space, but he’s in danger. Less than one minute. Tuerxun lands a few short elbows inside, but Eddiva finally breaks the hold and gets back to his feet. Tense moments there. Round ends on the feet. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Tuerxun, 10-9, but awards Eddiva the fight, 29-28. Could very easily be 30-27, as well.

Result: Mark Eddiva def. Jumabieke Tuerxun via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Recap: Mark Eddiva easily controls, upsets Jumabieke Tuerxun
Division: Featherweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Jerin Valel


Round 1 – Cheng rushes forward with a flurry of punches, but Wang circles away. Both fighters tentative to start. Cheng misses with another big punch. Wang goes high on a kick that goes just over the top. Both fighters flurry in the center, and Wang lands the cleanest shot. He’s controlling the center. Cheng less active now. Wang firing kicks, and he scores with a solid counter right, as well. Cheng rushes in with a few punches that miss, but Wang is the more confident fighter right now. Cheng goes to the body. Cheng rushes forward, and Wang again scores with a counter. Wang calls for Cheng to come forward. Crowd starts to boo, and Wang responds with a crisp flurry of strikes. Punches and kicks are flying in the entertaining exchange. Cheng tries to shoot in to slow it down, but Wang defends and controls from the front. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Wang, 10-9.

Round 2 – Between rounds, doctors come in to look at Cheng’s right eye, which has closed quickly. The damage is too much, and the fight is waved off.

Result: Anying Wang def. Albert Cheng via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) – Round 1, 5:00
Recap: Anying Wang earns TKO as Albert Cheng’s eye swells shut
Division: Welterweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Leon Roberts

VAUGHAN LEE (14-9-1 MMA, 3-3 UFC) VS. NAM PHAN (18-13 MMA, 2-6 UFC)

Round 1 – Southpaw Lee out quickly with strikes. Punches and kicks right off the bat. Phan catches a kick, but Lee pulls free. Lee landing a lead straight, and Lee looks ready to bang. Phan hasn’t taken a ton of damage, but he needs to get busy. Phan look for a takedown, but Lee pulls easily away. Lee looks very crisp, while Phan looks a little flat to start. Lee chops the legs. He’s moving in and out of range well. Lead hook scores, and Lee goes back to the body, as well. Lee unloads with a few straight lefts. Lee brimming with confidence. He’s picking Phan apart. Two-punch combinations cores. Lee working punches from all angles. He is hanging his hands very low. Lee with an Ali shuffle. Phan drops for a takedown. Nothing there. Spinning kick from Lee. Left hand scores. He’s in complete control. Big body shot. Round ends on the feet, and scores it for Lee, 10-9.

Round 2 – Phan tries to step it up a bit to start, but Lee answers with a few spinning kicks and shows he’s the quicker fighter as he slips and strikes. Straight punches for Lee. Phan drops for a takedown. Lee easily defends again and looks to reset. Lee still hanging his hands low, slipping punches like Anderson Silva. Phan trying to turn up the heat, but he’s a step behind. Still, he’s tough and moving forward. Lee digs to the body. He’s showing zero respect for Phan’s striking, holding his hands low and looking to counter. Phan’s corner calling for him to let his hands go. Phan unloads a flurry, but Lee covers up well and answers. Crowd starts to boo, but the two fighters are keeping a solid pace. Lee super calm, picking Phan apart. Round ends again on the feet, and MMAjunkie gives it to Lee, 10-9.

Round 3 – Phan wipes at his left eye to open. He jumps in on a leg. Lee defends it and cracks Phan with a stiff right that sees him stagger. It’s just a sparring session for Lee. Lee chops the leg and then kicks the body. Straight left scores for Lee. Phan won’t stop moving forward, but he needs something special. Leaping knee from Lee. Side kick from Lee. He’s just picking Phan apart. Phan trying to come up with something. Crowd boos the fight again. They want Lee to finish this fight, but he’s cruising right now, in complete control. Lee works the body again. Straight left scores. He drops his hands and moves forward. Lee kicks the body and punches the thigh. Crowd wants Lee to get a finish. Phan now bleeding from the left eye. Lee just continues to pick him apart. He shoots in during the final seconds. Fight ends in the clinch. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Lee, 10-9, awarding him the fight 30-27.

Result: Vaughan Lee def. Nam Phan via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
Recap: Vaughan Lee outworks, out-strikes Nam Phan
Division: Bantamweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Leon Roberts

YUI CHUL NAM (18-4-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) VS. KAZUKI TOKUDOME (12-5-1 MMA, 1-2 UFC)

Round 1 – Nam sprints forward and fires a punch. Tokudome circles left. Nam chases and unleashes a flurry. He connects. Tokudome in trouble. He pulls free, but Nam isn’t letting him off the hook. Against the fence, and Nam just unleashes a flurry of strikes. Tokudome somehow still standing, but he’s wobble. Nam resets and drops Tokudome. Referee Jerin Valel is giving Tokudome every benefit of the doubt. Nam on top looking to strike. Tokudome turns for an arm. Nam pulls free and unleashes more ground and pound. Nam is destroying Tokudome. Halfway mark of the first round. Nam slowing his output a bit, and Tokudome tries to work to his feet. He does, but his face shows the wear of the damage he’s taken. Has Nam punched himself out? Tokudome backs away, and they exchange strikes. Tokudome looks for a takedown, but Nam pushes him over ad again gets on top. No quit in Tokudome who gets to his feet. His left eye is a mess. He’s throwing but Nam lands another right that sends him to the floor. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Nam, 10-8.

Round 2 – Referee Valel calls in the doctor to look at Tokudome’s eye. He does, but we fight on. Tokudome may actually be the fresher fighter right now. He looks lively, and he scores a quick takedown to start the second. He postures up and starts to rain down a few punches. Nam is exhausted. He turns and exposes his back. Tokudome gets a hook in and starts throwing short punches to the head. Nam is absorbing the short shots as Tokudome delivers right hands to the face. Nam stalling on the floor, and the crowd doesn’t like it. Meanwhile, Tokudome is just firing as many short punches as he can as Nam ties up his left. Nam answers with a few big elbows, fired backward. Time winding down. Nam is exhausted and just hoping desperately for a second wind. Tokudome finally gets his left hand free, and Nam rolls to his back. Final minute. Short, driving elbows form the top. Round ends there. It was all Tokudome, but MMAjunkie gives it to him with just a 10-9. Little short on damage for a 10-8, but you could potentially make a case for it.

Round 3 – Crowd applauds the fighters to start the third. Tokudome lands a high kick. Nam right there with strikes, including aright hand that wobbles Tokudome. Incredible start. Tokudome decides to take the fight to the floor. Nam is exhausted. Tokudome controlling from the top. He’s bleeding rom the nose. Nam somehow gets to his feet, but Tokudome won’t give him any space. Tokudome wants the takedown, but Nam pushes him over and falls into top position. That could be huge. Tokudome wants to get to his feet, but Nam pushes him back to the canvas. He can’t keep him there. They get back to the feet with 90 seconds left. Nam wisely brings the fight again to the floor. Tokudome gets to a seated position, but Nam drags him back to the canvas. Tokudome again crawls to his feet. Both guys exhausted. Nam drives a few knees inside. They break with less than 20 seconds. Too tired to capitalize on the feet. Tokudome with a late takedown. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Nam, 10-9, awarding him the fight 29-27

Result: Yui Chul Nam def. Kazuki Tokudome (29-27, 27-28, 29-28)
Recap: Yui Chul Nam takes split from Kazuki Tokudome in thriller
Division: Lightweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Jerin Valel

HATSU HIOKI (27-7-2 MMA, 3-3 UFC) VS. IVAN MENJIVAR (25-12 MMA, 4-5 UFC)

Round 1 – Hioki switching stances to open. He’s the taller fighter and wants to use it. Menjivar catches a kick and pushes Hioki to the floor. Hioki quickly pops back up and scrambles over o the back. Great transition, and Hioki is looking for the choke. Menjivar defending well, and Hioki unlocks his legs. Both fighters standing. Hioki still partially on the back. Menjivar eventually turns in and scores with a few punches before Hioki backs away. Menjivar wants to trade, but Hioki slips a few strikes and moves into the clinch. Referee Dan Miragliotta warns Menjivar for holding the shorts. They jockey for position inside. Hioki eventually scores with a trip and sets up again in top position. Half-guard for Menjivar. Hioki sneaks in a few punches, but it’s more about positional dominance right now. He slips out to side control. Sick transition from choke attempt to armbar, but Menjivar alertly escapes them both. Hiok turns for the leg. Round ends after the fun exchange, and MMAjunkie gives it to Hioki, 10-9.

Round 2 – Menjivar with an early low kick. He’s trying to get inside for his range without having Hioki tie him up. Menjivar kicks the legs. Hioki tries for a bodylock but can’t hold it. Hioki kicks twice to the body. Nice left scores for Hioki. Menjivar holds the center, but he doesn’t pull the trigger, and the crowd boos. Menjivar kicks the leg and gets inside. Backfires, as Hioki finds another trip and moves immediately into side control. Halfway mark of the fight. Hioki controls, and he’s looking to isolate the arm. As Menjivar counters, Hioki moves to the back. He turns for the arm. Menjivar in trouble but somehow rolls free. Incredible defense. Menjivar fires a few big punches. He’s now in control but that doesn’t last long, as Hioki reverses. Great sequence. Hioki on top, and he again isolates the arm, but Menjivar rolls through. Knee to the body from Menjivar, who’s hanging tough. Round ends, and MMAjunkie gives it to Hioki, 10-9.

Round 3 – Hioki with an early left hand. Menjivar looking to strike. He leaps forward with a right hand that just misses. Hioki pawing a jab. Menjivar again kicks the body. He chops the leg. Hioki does the same, and Menjivar tags him with a big right hand. Hioki is hurt. He pushes Menjivar away. Both fighters bleeding. Menjivar has a small trickle next to his left eye. Hioki is gashed on the forehead, and blood is streaming don his face. Miragliotta watching it but lets them fight. High kick for Menjivar, and Hioki smiles. Menjivar looking to uncork tat big right, but Hioki has done a decent job of recovering. Time winding down. Menjivar’s moment may have passed. Final minute. Menjivar took his foot off the gas, and it’s going to cost him. Hioki drives through with a late takedown and ends the fight in top position. Menjivar attacks the ankle, but Hioki shows there’s nothing there. Round ends, and MMAjunkie gives it to Menjivar, 10-9, but awards Hioki the fight, 29-28.

Result: Hatsu Hioki def. Ivan Menjivar via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Recap: Hatsu Hioki survives Ivan Menjivar’s third-round scare
Division: Featherweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Dan Miragliotta


Round 1 – Mitrione misses on an early leaping right. Jordan stands in the pocket and fires, as well. High pace to start. Both looking to throw bombs. Leg kicks traded. Jordan drops for a leg and winds up pressing Mitrione to the fence. Nothing there, and they reset. Mitrione counters a low kick with a straight, and Jordan wipes his left eye. Jordan scores with a big left hand. Mitrione holds the center. He scores with a nice left hand, and Jordan smiles. Jordan with a few uppercuts. Mitrione kicks the leg. Back and forth work, and Jordan scores with his best combination this far. Right hands traded. Two minutes left. Mitrione trying to rush in and move. Crowd wants them to go toe-to-toe. Final minute. Jordan grabs the leg and is looking for a takedown. Mitrione turns off the cage and punches to the body. Mitrione with a flurry as they break. Jordan in trouble. Time winding down. Mitrione senses the opportunity and unleashes. Referee Dan Miragliotta watching closely as Jordan tries to survive, but Mitrione continues to pour it on. Jordan drops right before the bell, and this fight is over.

Result: Matt Mitrione def. Shawn Jordan via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 4:59
Recap: Matt Mitrione KOs Shawn Jordan with one second left in first
Division: Heavyweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Dan Miragliotta

ZHANG LIPENG (7-7 MMA, 1-0 UFC) VS. WANG SAI (6-5-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC)

Round 1 – Sai with an early low kick. Lipeng misses a big right hand. Sai the busier fighter to start, but Lipeng is throwing with power. Both are attacking the legs in the early going. Big punches traded as well. Moderate pace, and neither has really been able to string together sustained attacks through two minutes. Crowd lets them hear it. Lipeng drives in and scores with a big takedown. As Sai moves to recover, Lipeng secures his back. He wants the neck, but he’s very high up the back. Sai fees it and tries to shake him off. He can’t, and Lipeng gets the arm under the neck. Sai somehow powers through the hold that was definitely threatening. Sai now in top position as Lipeng works from guard. Sai stands to punche and nearly launches himself into a triangle attempt from his opponent. Instead, he rolls through it and winds up getting Lipeng’s back in a scramble. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie leans toward Lipeng, 10-9.

Round 2 – Sai goes after the leg to start. Big punches traded that just miss. Lipeng shoots in for a takedown, and but Sai sprawls out and actually gets top position for a moment. Lipeng scrambles up, and they go back to work in the clinch. Sai with a few short elbows and knees inside. With Lipeng kneeling, Sai knees him in the head. Referee Jerin Valel calls time to offer a warning. Quick restart, and Lipeng scores an immediate takedown. Sai scrambles up, but Lipeng takes him down again and moves immediately to his back. Sai covers well to not give up the neck, but he’s not out of the woods. Lipeng punches to create space. Sai alertly feels the opening and scrambles up and over to the back in a quick reversal. Lipeng goes to attack the leg, but Sai just simply walks away before turning back and settling into his opponent’s guard. Sai presses in, and it looks like he’s tagged with an illegal upkick. Valel makes a move to break it but decides to let them fight. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Sai in a close one, 10-9.

Round 3 – Sai again chops the legs to start. He goes to the body. Lipeng drops for a takedown, and Sai snuffs it out. He tries to secure the neck but has to settle for pressing down and taking top position. Lipeng works rubber guard from his back. He’s bleeding slightly from his forehead. Valel calls for action before standing them up. On the restart, they clash in the center in an explosive exchange, but Sai gets the best of it and presses Lipeng to the floor. Sai is on the back, but Lipeng turns in and now is in top position. Close fight. Sai now scrambles free and gets to his feet, where he looks to punish his opponent’s leg. He wants a leaping guard pass, but Lipeng fires off an upkick. Lipeng finally gets to his knees and pushes for a takedown. Sai defends well, and he is able to take the top once again. Valel calls for action and stands them in the final 10 seconds. They finish with a flurry. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Sai, 10-9, awarding him the fight 29-28.

Result: Zhang Lipeng def. Wang Sai via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)
Recap: Zhang Lipeng edges Wang Sai to win ‘TUF: China’
Division: Welterweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Jerin Valel


Round 1 – Kim walking forward to start. He throws a big left, but he eats a knee to the body. Still, he pushes forward and tags Hathaway again. Hathaway is wobbled and trying to recover. He clinches up to slow things down and scores a quick takedown. Kim gets back to his feet and circles off the cage. He breaks with a spinning elbow and then a barrage of punches. It’s Kim the striker, once again. Hathaway clinches up. Kim controls him and pushes away. Kim is relentless on the feet. He’s stalking. Hathaway answers with a flying knee. More bombs from Kim. Great action from both fighters. Kim lands a big left hand, and Hathaway goes down. He tries to recover. Kim presses to the floor. Big punches. Hathaway showing heart underneath. He pulls guard. Hathaway trying to slow the attacks yet again. Kim postures and scores a big punch. He stands and fires an axe kick to the body. Hathaway tries to kick his legs high underneath, but Kim backs away and calls Hathaway to the feet. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Kim, 10-9.

Round 2 – Kim again walking forward. Hathaway retreating and trying to time an attack. He knees the body again, but Kim gets inside with the bodylock. Elbow from Kim before he breaks away. Now it’s Hathaway who scores with his hands. Kim shrugs it off. Hathaway settling in, but he’s facing no-stop attacks. Hathaway drops for a takedown, but Kim stays tall. A left scores for Kim. Hathaway answers with a right. They’re both throwing with power. Hathaway still having some success with knees to the body. He lands a right, and Kim nods. Kim’s mouth open. He may be tired. He’s still punching. Two minutes left. Hathaway with a crisp right hand. He scores with an uppercut. Hathaway with a knee to the body. He’s having some real success, but Kim trips him to the floor and goes to side control. Kim steps over the right arm briefly and punches from the top. Kim trying to attack the left arm but can’t get it. He finishes the round on top, and MMAjunkie gives it to him, 10-9.

Round 3 – Crowd claps to start the third. Hathaway with a flying knee, and Kim smiles an asks for more. Kim wants to brawl. He gives chase, firing powerful hooks. Hathaway pushes for a takedown. He can’t get it. Kim rushing forward with punches. Spinning elbow for Kim, and Hathaway is out. BRUTAL.

Result: Dong Hyun Kim def. John Hathaway via knockout (elbow) – Round 3, 1:02
Recap: Dong Hyun Kim KOs John Hathaway with vicious elbow
Division: Welterweight
Rankings: Kim No. 9
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Leon Roberts

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