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By Cheryl Ragsdale,

The star of the Travel Channel's TV show called "No Reservations", Anthony Bourdain, said, "My wife can kick the sh** out of anybody in this place. It's kinda hot."

Bourdain, who is a chef and an author, shared his thoughts on this video with HDNet's "Inside MMA" about his wife's MMA training and how it affects his diet. Ottavia Bourdain will be profiled on the one-hour news program Monday, April 9th at 8 pm ET. "No Reservations needed, The Bourdains will be on Inside MMA" video

Travel Channel, "No Reservations"

Ottavia Bourdain tweeted, "Great training today at @RenzoGracieBJJ with @LuckyLucianoRGA followed by super rough wrestling session with Mario Mercado," and on April 1st, "Just got to the gym for some MMA sparring and hardcore pranking."

Having a wife who trains as a fighter is not such a stretch for Anthony who is a boxing fan. Last year, as part of his "No Reservations" show, he visited Peter Welch's boxing gym in Southie (South Boston, MA). video

Fight! Magazine

Ottavia is getting lots of attention for her participation and love for mixed martial arts (MMA). Photographer, Anil Melwani, chronicled his time spent with Ottavia on his MMA blog.

"MMA [disciple] Ottavia Bourdain takes her grappling seriously, working out about five times a week with BJJ giant, Igor Gracie at the Renzo Gracie Academy in NYC. I spent an hour at the academy shooting the friendly and enthusiastic martial artist at work preparing for an upcoming grappling tournament that she plans to compete in.

Igor Gracie fights in Duelo de Titas on the same day and will not be in her corner for the competition. The two grapplers worked submissions and positions over and over, Igor tapping every few minutes, and in the end Mrs. Bourdain asked Igor to up the pressure. After a valiant struggle, Ottavia tapped out in the final minutes of the workout, succumbing to a deadly rear naked choke slapped on by the much bigger Gracie."

Anil Melwani's photos will be published in an upcoming issue of 'Fight!' magazine.

Ottavia talks about how she got started with Muay Thai and BJJ in this SBNation video interview and makes fight predictions for UFC 135. video

On Saturday, March 24th, Ottavia won her first grappling match at Grapplers Quest in Wayne, NJ. See her in action on this one minute video

For more good tweets like this one about her daily news, follow @OttaviaBourdain on Twitter, "Parents visiting from Italy, I love how they insist on speaking Italian to everyone and expect everyone to understand them."

Don't miss Ottavia's appearance on HDNet's Inside MMA on Monday, April 9th.

Source: all sources noted, Grappler's Quest info

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