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Interviews - UFC 151 - Jones vs. Henderson - On a press call with the media on Thursday, August 23rd, UFC President Dana White announced UFC 151 is cancelled. Headliner Dan Henderson has an injured knee and can't compete in time. White said on the call several opponents turned the fight down, but not Chael Sonnen. However, UFC light heavyweight fighter Jon Jones declined to fight Sonnen.White also said Jones will now face Lyoto Machida in Toronto on September 22nd at UFC 152.Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click here: htt

addy (anonymous) 1 year ago
sonnen doesnt even deserve that fight. of course He'd fight.. he just got his butt whipped by silva and he has nothing to lose, to where as jones spends hours training and watching film on Hendo and all of a sudden he fights a south paw sonnen? not a smart move. Jones did the right thing
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VMWWE (anonymous) 1 year ago
F off h8ers y should Sonnen get the fight he don't even come close
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Sean (anonymous) 1 year ago
I can understand...partially..why Jones didn't want to give Sonnen a title chance. Chael didn't earn the chance. I would have had a problem if Chael had won the fight and gotten the belt. But Jones was in a position to make a deal. Take the fight and call it a main event, non-title match. Fans still get our 5 rounds, Jones' belt is secure till a more deserving fighter comes up and most importantly, the show goes on. When exactly did the champs get to pick and choose who they defend against? Are we going to start seeing other champs take this page out of Jones' book now? "No, I don't want to fight him...he might beat me and take my belt. Let me fight someone I know I can beat."
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renato3agui (anonymous) 1 year ago
@mmafan: are u sure u are an actual "MMA fan"? Cuz u sound like u don't know what ur talking about? "We don't have Judo and Karate stuff anymore" ummm I think we're all familiar with how MMA is like today, but do u seriously think that all that studying and "preparing" that Jones has been doing the past three months for this fight was for nothing? U think he can just turn on a switch and be like: "oh yea, all these combos and footwork drills and tactics, I can just apply it to Sonnen the exact same way" of course not! u clearly don't have an appreciation or enough knowledge for what these guys have to go through to prepare for a fight, if u did u wouldn't dismiss their work so quickly and make it sound so simple for Jon Jones to switch his mindset to a new opponent on 8 days notice
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Pickett (anonymous) 1 year ago
Jon Jones isnt a real fighter, some one needs to take his belt away hes so bad for the sport!
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nosecret (anonymous) 1 year ago
what a cry baby wim jones is...take away his elbow and he is nothing!! every fighter out there should know that is his only strength ...that long bone elbow!!! other than that, he sucks!!
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mmafan (anonymous) 1 year ago
chyllz-8, your point of view is respectable but like cheal says, "a fighter is supposed to fight anybody anytime as long as he is in shape" let alone a champion who is suposed to be the best and almost the most well rounded fighter in the cage. Jon Jones is the champion, and he should be the one saying "Give me who ever you won't, I'll fight him...". This "preparing to fight a particular fighter" is out of date, this is Mixed Martial Arts, you should be at least good at everything and preparing for everything. Come on, this is not the 90's !! We don't have Judo VS Karate and stuff like anymore !! But anyway, it is what it is. In my opinion Jon Jones did a regretable move. This sucks ! And I agree with Dana about Greg Jackson...
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kab (anonymous) 1 year ago
chyllz-8....why the hell would he take the fight in 8 days? Because he is supposed to be the LHW Champion... He has been training too and if your champ or considered to be the 3rd best fighter in the world...HELLLLLOOOOO thats why he should fight him. SO he would rather wus out with this lame excuse then fight. And look who hew would fight CHael Sonnen. He would destroy him but I guess Jon Jones don't think so (yes where is his confidence, your right dana). Chael has not even prepared to fight Jones and what does this say about this champ, yep your right a down right looser and liar because he said before when he wouldn't fight Rashad because he was his friend but took the fight anyway cause he said that Dana is his boss and I do what he ask me to do (REMEMBER)..What a LIAR. I just lost all respect for him, I know now he isnt real championship material because a champ supposed to be a champ and fight any one at any time and always be per-pared to fight for his throne. LOOSER. Think about it a martial artist is someone who is always prepared for battle, but I guess not in Jon Jones case. unFNbelievable.... what a freaking joke...
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xterra205 (anonymous) 1 year ago
Laaaaaaaaaaaame! the entire event is cancelled?? :O i can sorta understand, if u scrap the main event what other fights on that card would be worth having an expensive live event in Vegas? Ellenberger vs. Hieron???? hahaha yea right, if that woulda been the main event then I agree with Dana White in his decisions.
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