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Fights - M-1 Global - Fedor vs. Monson - Fedor Emelianenko fights Jeff Monson in M-1 Global held at Russia.
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Russcorrupt (anonymous) 2 years ago
A other great exemple of corruption my russian mafia .

The fight was fix like many fedor did in prime
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Mike (anonymous) 2 years ago
MMA is still growing at a ridiculous rate despite their tactics. It's not even like this is commonplace or even often seen. Cain didn't hesitate to stand and bang with Junior and we all saw how that turned out (even more funny considering he was very harshly criticized by Dana White for his careless gameplan - one that allowed Junior to finish the fight in swift, brutal fashion). Anderson Silva amazingly has only 2 decision victories out of all 14 of his UFC bouts (all victories). Jon Jones didn't hesitate to trade with the always dangerous Rampage.

Needless to say - there are plenty of fighters at all levels, especially hungry contenders, who go out for both a winning finish and to put on an entertaining show. But it's not a requirement, and in cases like this where a fighter consciously takes extra caution and sticks to an obvious and intelligent gameplan, it should not detract from a victory - again, especially one where that caution results in the victor taking next to no damage, the ideal way to exit a fight.

That doesn't mean you have to enjoy the fight, but it's very ignorant to think such a strategy makes someone a less skilled fighter, when in fact both great skill and intelligence are necessary to fight such a flawless fight. No shame in that. Congratulations to Fedor on his victory.
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Mike (anonymous) 2 years ago
Sure, it would be nice to see Fedor finish opponents like he is so adept at doing (75% finish rate). However, he could have really used a win here, not only to keep him relevant, not to mention fighting, but also as a mental confidence boost. The man is undeniably talented and extremely dangerous to this day, and it is never a bad thing to walk out of a fight having taken next to no damage whatsoever.

For some perspective, look at some other elite champion fighters. Georges St. Pierre is widely hailed as a top P4P fighter but does he go all out determined to finish every fight? No. His fight against Koscheck is the perfect example. He jabbed the hell out of Josh's eye to the point where he couldn't effectively see out of it (where most doctors, in most fights, would have stopped the fight without hesitation), losing depth perception and making it near impossible to land his right hand, his only chance at winning. Did GSP take advantage of his essentially crippled opponent? Nope. He was content to sit back, cruise to a decision victory, take the W, and not risk taking damage or worst case get caught by a shot and downright lose. Does he get criticized? Sure, and increasingly so. Dana White and other promoters want fighters to go for the finish and avoid drawn out, safe victories. But smart fighters know that in the end, those who get the W move up the ladder, and those to get the L move down it. That's how he chooses to fight to remain a champion, and while Dana and others can complain, in the end GSP, and other fighters like Fedor in this instance, do what is in their best interest for their careers which is to win.
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danny (anonymous) 2 years ago
To Brock, can yu not tell monsonfan1 was joking?
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Brock (anonymous) 2 years ago
To MonsonFan1 you are completely wrong, how can you even compare Jeff Monson to Mike Tyson when it comes to boxing skills, you are obviously delusional. Mike Tyson would KO Jeff Monson anyday of the week even now. It was not rigged, and if it was Jeff Monson even more so wouldn't be the best HW of all time. Jeff Monson is rubbish.
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Naturalstone (anonymous) 2 years ago
I really dont know how anyone can disrespect Fedor, he has still fought alot of tough guys and been very successful, he generally gives up alot of weight, which other fighter bar Randy Couture does that and is successful! Hendo is looking great at the mo and to be fair is tearing threw everyone but I do think the fedor fight was stopped early but doesnt mean Fedor would have won the fight! I think Fedor got complacent which happens to most people, perhaps we will see an improved version over the next few fights if not maybe it is time for him to retire, all of you guys on here clearly havent fought before as you dont have a clue! Bar anderson Silva who doesnt take damage in fights, its a fight for godsdake! Just one last thing talking about fakes, everyone loves Brock lesnar, that guy fought a few times against much smaller opponents and on his first real test and he got battered, he will be exposed totally against Overeem, Brock is getting knocked out in the first round
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Boomdunker (anonymous) 2 years ago
Fedor is still the greatest fighter that ever lived IMO. lol at you guys ..Russian Mafia comments ... you can't be that ignorant ..
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Tibor (anonymous) 2 years ago
Bullshyte : I see mamma got you off your nintendo since you replied to me. First of all I never told Fedor is over the hill. You probably confuse me in your racist mind with somebody else. Second of all, you fail to answer me. Give me ONE example of a ufc hamstercage fighter who fought ONLY GREAT NAMES or champions. You can't because this person doesn't excist. If you would know anything about fighting you would know that you have to work your way up and can't have the perfect record. By the way if Fedor only fought "nobodies" that you know so much of, why don't you get off your silly computer and fight one of those nobodies ? You could earn a lot of money :) And who is "the King" ? I thought Elvis was the King, Fedor is the last emperor. By the way, you presuming that I drink vodka prooves your sad racist view of putting people in boxes. You lost the argument..... again. Back to nintendo...
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monsonfan1 (anonymous) 2 years ago
jeff monson is the greatest of all time, this fight was rigged for fedor to win. monson arguably has the best hands of any heavyweight, even tyson
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bullshyte (anonymous) 2 years ago
Tibor, you sound even more stupid than 'King'...first of all, yes, Fedor had a couple legitimate wins in his life, so too many other fighters who aren't even in the top 100, it doesn't mean he is a top fighter. The majority of his career he fought either ufc X-champions, who couldn't compete in ufc anymore and were thrown out, or cans and sideshows, or beginners like Brett who was just fighting for 1 year and still bloodied up Fedor. Say what you want, the fact is Dan Henderson KOed this guy in the first round, who cares if Nog beat Dan so many years ago? are you that desperate to defend your man? and don't come and tell me the guy is over the hill and old now, he is only 34 yrs old...that should be a fighter's prime, Hendo is 41, Silva is 37 and they still at the top of their game, this guy Fedor was simply exposed when he started to face decent competition.
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