clamor4 (anonymous) 1 year ago
Much respect to the Gracie's, especially since they are taking responsibility on something that has
nothing to do with them.
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Really (anonymous) 1 year ago
I didn't listen to the full 30 minutes, but from what I understand, the fact they were practitioners had nothing to do with the rape. I wouldn't know as 15 minutes into it, they have mentioned the rape for a total of maybe 90 seconds. The rest of what I'm watching is them promoting and justifying their art. Every rape is awful. But this video comes off as totally pretentious to me. This sounds and feels very insincere and publicity grabbing. Almost like they are taking an inappropriate opportunity to vent their own point of view on the image of martial arts. Very poor job on this video. They should be ashamed.

This video pisses me off. Have any of you watched it through?! I'm at 25 minutes and give up on it. This is a promotional video cloaked in compassion for a rape. Shameful and triflin'. This video just took away a lot of respect I may have had for these two men. I can't even put into words how outrageous and disrespectful it is to the rape victim that they even mentioned the incident in this self serving video. Well, it just finished while I'm typing this and there is no redemption for them before the end. Triflin'.
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Phoenixville (anonymous) 1 year ago
The actual story itself is effed. Two fellow students bumped into her at a club. Said they'd take her home cause she was too drunk. She trusted them as fellow students. Then they violently raped her in a church parking lot. She was in and out of consciousness during the lengthy assault, repeatedly sustaining head injuries. Worst part is detectives weren't too keen on pursuing an investigation of a drunk girl on NYE crying rape... Until they saw the surveillance video that horrified them with the brutality. So if these guys weren't retarded enough to rape the woman in front of a camera, they probably would have suffered no consequence, while this poor, poor woman's life and psyche is crushed by such a harsh betrayal of trust among peers promoted as brethren. Knowing the story makes this calloused video even more messed up to me. It would have been extremely easy to make this a discussion relevant to the occurrence, but these guys seem to be so clueless to the issues at hand that they failed miserably. I just see two completely insensitive douche bags in this video. Their personal images would have been better served keeping their mouths shut. I've previously held mad respect for all of the Gracie family.
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anonymous (anonymous) 1 year ago
I'm amazed that Renner didn't try to sell a shirt or an overpriced blender in the video at some point! These 2 should be car salesmen!
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Joe (anonymous) 1 year ago
I neither know nor care about anything to do with Jiu Jitsu.With that being said,these two young men are trying to do something positive and responsible and I am sure that their grandfather (if still living)is proud of them.Do not listen to naysayers,my young friends.
A 737 Captain
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Tyq (anonymous) 1 year ago
I dunno... Is this a presentation with a mention of rape or a talk about morals, jiu jitsu and martial arts. Cause it seems the former.
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TaiChiPaul (anonymous) 1 year ago
These guys are BJJ experts, but not PR experts! has Jiu Jitsu come under scrutiny as a result of the attack? this sounds like they are trying to defend their art, but it would be useful if they gave the interview an honest context at the outset. Something along the lines of 'JJ has been blamed for a terrible attack and we feel obligated to comment and give an alternate view'. they clearly outline the Gracie academy and teacher approach, as well as the philosophical and moral approach of their school, and it is a positive one. they make some valid points that would benefit from deeper exploration along the way too. its interesting that their martial art is reflected in their conversational approach - fluid, agile, difficult to pin down, mobile, indirect, reactive, sensitive
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