ead (anonymous) 9 months ago
hes a psychopat.. and loser so far
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mofoka (anonymous) 9 months ago
that first kick in a fight would have knocked him outcould so no the spin was useless
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tiger (anonymous) 9 months ago
he still hasn't learned his lesson, fighting with his hands down. This guy tries to hard to be Anderson Silva. Geesh!
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styles (anonymous) 9 months ago
Not really if you look at his WCL fighting, which is way before he did anything in the UFC, you'll see him fighting with his hands down all the time. Yes its Anderson Silva-esque, it isnt something he copied. It is however something he needs to 'unlearn" while doing MMA. He is a great Martial Artist in those types of competitions, hes only a good MMA combatant, with potential to be great.
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booyashaza (anonymous) 9 months ago
Anderson Silva is trying too hard to emulate Roy Jones Jr., he should stop copying him so much. That's why Fedor is #1, authentic, original.
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Stoopit (anonymous) 9 months ago
The guy who said Fedor is #1 and The Spider is not good because he's trying to be RJJr is a complete idiot. Silva is one of the best ever, and Fedor NEVER fought elite competition. Period. The second he fought guys like Big Foot and Verdum and Hendo...he lost all of them. Fedor had to go back to fighting cans to end his career on a winning streak. Fedor was even losing to Glass Joe Arlovski before Arlovski lost his mind for some reason jumped into Fedor's fist like he was hypnotized. Fedor SUCKED, and The Spider has beating top level competition for years.
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JBonedJones (anonymous) 9 months ago
@Stoopit Did you happen to start watching MMA about less than 4 years ago? Cause saying Fedor never fought elite competition really explains your name. I could argue that Silva is one of the biggest middleweight and bigger than a lot of LHW. That he belongs in a weak division and the contenders he faced where nowhere close the competition GSP faced for example. I could also argue that Fedor fought with a middleweight frame against the best HW there was at the time during the most exciting era MMA has ever known. To make it simple for you, while Anderson Silva is no doubt the greatest fighter of all time, Fedor is arguably the greatest warrior we have ever witnessed in a cage.
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misskanie (anonymous) 9 months ago
Stoopit just wrote the MOST HILARIOUS POST I've read in a while. Let me quote him "Fedor NEVER fought elite competition. Period." >

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH etc.... Stupid one, ever heard of something called Pride FC ? Fedor has dominated EVERYONE in his prime, the BEST OF THE WORLD and this for AN ENTIRE DECADE, you ignorant worm. Really, I feel sooooo ashame for you, I swear !

Now, Fedor was beaten by "guys like Big Foot and Verdum and Hendo...he lost all of them (cans)". Yes, Fedor has been beaten 3 times before he decided to retire. But those 3 guys aren't just "nobodies" or cans, you idiot. Big Foot and Verdum were world BJJ champions and Hendo was Pride and UFC champions in 2 weight categories, idiot (again).

Man, I've rarely seen someone posting his own ignorance so loudly and in such a ridiculous way. Stoopit, about your posts, please... just "stoopit'. /sigh
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