White (anonymous) 1 year ago
So, Carmouche moved so that she could have FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, to NOT associate with so-called 'homophobes' and 'bigots' (who are actually just people who don't want to associate with her, either) - but I bet she would deny the right of EVERY non-'gay' person to simply NOT ASSOCIATE with 'gays'. Am I right?
So the 99% of men who are heterosexual, i.e. NORMAL, are FORCED to associate with 'gays' - and 'gays' get to go into changing rooms full of men, and we, the majority, have to just put up with it. Why do we have separate changing rooms for men and women? Why do we have separate bathrooms for men and women? Because each sex doesn't want the opposite sex ogling them, that's why. And they also don't want 'gays' ogling them either.
If we had freedom of association, the vast majority of normal people would choose to NOT associate with 'gays'.
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psychoalert (anonymous) 1 year ago
@White when you post rants like yours, are you intentionally trying to piss people off (which would make you an antisocial werido) or are you just crying out for attention cuz you have nothing going on in your life? Just wondering, cuz most likely Liz Carmouche has already accomplished more in her life than you ever will for the rest of your sad little existence
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clamor4 (anonymous) 1 year ago
Totally lost a lot of respect to Big Bear's camping grounds that allowed Ronda to train with them. Talk about cashing in, boxing is so low (besides the mega fights with Floyd Jr. and Pacman) nowadays they associates themselves to this.
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