misskanie (anonymous) 1 year ago
Diaz needs to learn to shut up. I just watched the fight stats and it's VERY interesting:
- 60% of the fight was stand up (for those saying GSP just wait on his opponents all fight long)
- On stand up : GSP outclassed Diaz from far in both "total strike landed" and "total effective strike landed"
- On the ground : Err... do I really need to type anything in this section ? Diaz simply did *Nothing* to GSP
So Nick, just shut up. Take the cash and switch to another sport (like boxing if you're not confident with the ground anymore) cause you're over now... but for trash talk or hype.
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Proud Proud 1 year ago
It's hard to say how much of what Diaz says is just trash talk or trying to portray a certain image... But it's clear that at least some of what he says is honest. As uneducated as he obviously is, I respect that he's willing to praise and criticize GSP. The best friends are the ones who are willing to both praise and criticize us, because if someone only gives you praise, or only gives you criticism, then in either case, they're probably not being honest and probably not going to be helpful. Maybe not everything Diaz says is honest, but a lot of it clearly is, and that's what makes him interesting, and what gives me some reason to respect him beyond the simple fact that he's a very good mma fighter.

It seems like Diaz was probably right when he said that he wasn't as well prepared as he should have been, however part of the reason Diaz looked so flat is presumably because George is just a better fighter and specializes in ruining his opponents rhythm.
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dino1 dino1 1 year ago
Diaz is just delusional. I think the dude needs to be medicated.
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NewPopeNigga (anonymous) 1 year ago
Diaz is one of them unstable bipolar Cholos.
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