Swag (anonymous) 2 years ago
HAHA MMA-en-CORE, he didn't refuse to fight him.
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Zach (anonymous) 2 years ago
farrar 101. I AGREE totally. Dana White has a bunch of people bedazzled that don't realize he is just the Fertitta brothers' buttboy. White is nothing without the UFC. He takes credit for its success, while actually the Fertittas had millions of dollars (that they inherited) to spend on the greatest sport in history. I've been a diehard fan since UFC 1 and White makes me want to puke. The only guy more sickening is Steven Segal.
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oijioj (anonymous) 2 years ago
this just spoiled it for me. please dont upload these vids or ill stop using this site.
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anon (anonymous) 2 years ago
diaz is such a real dude, love this guy (no homo)
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koscheck (anonymous) 2 years ago
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MMA (anonymous) 2 years ago
Zach are you sure you're name isn't Tito?
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wtf (anonymous) 2 years ago

The Fertitta brothers may have the money but Dana White is the brain, why the fk would they have him as the face of ufc if he didnt know what hes doing? Makes no sence, agree on steven segal tho:P
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diazmouth (anonymous) 2 years ago
diaz really are the MAN, but he gotta learn to respect for other, this is UFC not backyard fight
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sprackles (anonymous) 2 years ago
theres a picture of diaz and penn aftyer the fight with their arms around eachother, faces all busted up...diaz has NO love inside the ring, but when the fight is over, hes the first one to make peace with his opponent.
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Bliemi (anonymous) 2 years ago
I like Diaz and i think his performance was really great!! but why the hell is he in such a bad mood after a big win like that? is that guy ever happy?
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glauber (anonymous) 2 years ago
man, if DIAZ fight the same way he fought BJ PEN, against GSP Diaz is going to be knocked out on the 2nd or 3rd round.
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GSPnoPOWER (anonymous) 2 years ago
GSP knocking out diaz? lmao hilarious
tiring him out wrestling and beating his face in for 5 rounds and winning decision....more like it
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loltilrofl (anonymous) 2 years ago
noobs. you can't fight. they can't fight. the long story short here. can't fight.
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Zach (anonymous) 2 years ago
Keep in mind that George is not near as TOUGH as Penn. He may be a better fighter, but will not stand up to the beating that Diaz hands out near as well. Diaz by TKO late in the fight (4th or 5th round)
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