toxinblades (anonymous) 1 year ago
Miller calls Ariel a JEW wtf over Miller must really be a Douchbag
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Mike (anonymous) 1 year ago
Wow, Mayhem is on his way down :( He acted silly before, now he acts like a retard. He is not funny at all. And what is with his face? Is he taking steroids, look at his cheeks? Sorry to see him acting like that. Frag him.
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siemprealgo (anonymous) 1 year ago
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
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dave (anonymous) 1 year ago
Yeah that was pretty crazy he needs help
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Pickett (anonymous) 1 year ago
mayhem is in character trying to promote the movie, clearly its working because you guys think hes serious... lolz
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Matt (anonymous) 1 year ago
I used to be a Mayhem fan, yes they do exist, however I can honestly say I am not anymore after seeing this fiasco...acting or not...what a waste of time. A piss poor job at fighting and a piss poor job at promoting a movie.

It's taken me a long time to see it, but Dana did right by cutting this guy and Ariel should not give him another interview opportunity.

Mayhem Miller has a long way to go before he will ever be relevant in a serious MMA promotion again.

Hopefully he gets his act together but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
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PeterPan (anonymous) 1 year ago
Mayhem was a average fighter in the WEC. This is just stupid he's not funny at all. Lame.
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JimboSlice (anonymous) 1 year ago
Really sad to see someone just go down hill from drug use! hope you recover before its to late bro!
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fsdkfbksj (anonymous) 1 year ago
he does not like the jew and his tribe.Cougar will cut his nose off.His people beating drums of war in the middle east killing innocent muslims.He is a whore Ariel that is.They feed off people works.People wake up soon UFC will be used to compare nations in fights under their control.THIS IS ALL TOO COMMON FOR THOSE WITH EYES TO SEE.MAY LOOK INSIGNIFICANT AT FIRST BUT A LEAST THE CRAZY IRISH MILLER SYMPATHIZES WITH THE PALESTIANS.WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS
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PT-Duende (anonymous) 1 year ago
man... this is ruffies, or some thought of anti-depressive pils :s
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Pensive (anonymous) 1 year ago
Poor Mayhem. This was hard to watch. He needs to get some help soon.
Why would he interview a hack like Ariel with all these problems going on? Also, yes, he called him a Jew, because he is.
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Kurt (anonymous) 1 year ago
To the idiot by the name of "Matt" : Unless you are Matt Hughes I suggest you shut up because you didn't accomplish 1/1000 of what Mayhem did in the fighting world. Did you win 28 fights, 15 by submission on a professionel level ? Did you beat MMA legend Sakuraba ? Did you finish the fight and only lost on points against the best welterweight of all time GSP ? Did you choke Jake Shields untill he got saved by the bell ? NO ? Then I suggest you keep your silly comments to yourself. At least guys like Mayhem, Ortiz and Sonnen have a personality. And without personalities, they won't sell so many tickets anyway !
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gethelpsoon (anonymous) 1 year ago
Very sad. Painful to watch. Get real help soon.
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