LOL (anonymous) 1 year ago
Paulie G doesn't belong in front of a microphone. What an uninformed idiot.
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Ahmed (anonymous) 1 year ago
Totally agree with that, Miller more of a joker than a fighter and none really care for his stupid acts,
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joetim1 joetim1 1 year ago
*dream, not pride
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Tibor (anonymous) 1 year ago
Indeed who is Paulie G ? Some kid living in grandmothers basement watching mma fights ? Idiot, besides the spankings your dad gave you, I bet you have never been in a fight, martial arts competition in your life so shut up.
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Aquarius (anonymous) 1 year ago
We need guys like Mayhem. He's definately one of the funniest guys in the world of MMA. And he had 2 bad fights. Uhmm so what ? Dana White gave guys who had many more bad fights in a row, all the chances of the world. It seems to be who ever he can stand stays and it's getting to personal in there.
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MIKE (anonymous) 1 year ago
Paulie G is good! He speaks his mind! Doesn't just repeat Rogan's lines. Mir sucked! He stole our $$ I agree with Pauile G
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Karkas (anonymous) 1 year ago
Who the hell is MEYHEM ? This idiot who made the video can't even spell.
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blown (anonymous) 1 year ago
Given the fact that Mayhem had blew his knee out, he didnt do all that bad, Mayhem was winning the standup. And with a blown knee, getting up was almost impossible. I think Mayhem did more damage in this fight, but unfortunately blew his knee out, which was painfully evident.
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DUURRR (anonymous) 1 year ago
This guy is an idiot, he criticises Mayhem for under performing. But a 'bum' ? He needs to try and be an MMA fighter to understand.
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nay (anonymous) 1 year ago
mayhem almost won "sorry there is no excuses for loosing ...
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