Annonymous (anonymous) 12 months ago
nothing new there
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sooooo (anonymous) 12 months ago
basically you mean yourself then ken.
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JiuJetsu JiuJetsu 12 months ago
I used to give Dana and the Fertitta's the benefit of the doubt about that stuff. But ever since I watched the Joe Rogan Experience where Dana talked about how much he gambles and said the most he's ever lost in Vegas in one night was one million dollars, I lost a lot of respect for him. If he has a million dollars to lose in one night like it's no big deal, but Nate Diaz is getting $15,000, one fight removed from a title fight, something isn't right. Also, the Fertitta's cousin bought out the company I work for and he's a POS that screws over his employees and customers. I bet the apples don't fall far from the tree.
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Mal (anonymous) 12 months ago
ken is spot on, then again who doesnt know this is going on? ppl are dedicating their lives to mma, working their asses of making all sorts of sacrifices and taking risks with their health only for some suit to make all the money. the fighters arent earning nowhere near enough, very few will be able to live off their mma careers even among champions. considering how much money they generate its nothing short of disgusting.
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clamor4 (anonymous) 12 months ago
So what he's trying to say (in my opinion) is that fighters that don't make good financial decisions or make the most of it during their careers should blame the UFC. Fighter "A" doesn't train well for fights and loses, then gets release - blame the UFC. Fighter "B" sucks at fighting, but can't do (or doesn't want to do) anything else - blame the UFC. Former UFC fighter "C" didn't save money during his UFC career that lasted 5-10 years - blame the UFC. Former UFC Champion "D" spend all his money during his UFC career on stupid stuff and now is broke with medical bills - blame UFC, etc, etc, etc. That makes so much sense I going to stop watching the UFC and so should the rest of the world.
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chuck (anonymous) 12 months ago
what the hell is this guy talking about? Fighers make sufficient money, if they want they can quit fighting and get a civilian job. They don't have to end up doing drugs, suicide and murder. that's a personal choice. Come on Ken, you gotta be smarter than that dude.
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