fitch (anonymous) 10 months ago
it hurts
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booyakasha (anonymous) 10 months ago
Mazzagatti for president.
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Mazzagatti (anonymous) 10 months ago
As Dana White once said. "Steve Mazzagatti shouldn't be allowed to watch MMA, let alone referee".
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JKeenan (anonymous) 10 months ago
Damn, Fitch was so dominant for so long. Hard to believe this is the same guy who took a apart Thiago Alves. Hard to watch him unravel like this. Was hoping for some good things for him here in WSOF. Guy has been working hard for so long for so little, like pretty much all fighters.
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Drozd (anonymous) 10 months ago
That wasn't bad refereeing. Fighters usually don't let go so quickly, but that's probably because fighters don't usually notice that someone is out so quickly. They also have to be wary of a clever opponent who might try playing dead, but if you're in the right position and you're aware enough, you can see when someone isn't faking, because it's impossible to force your whole body to go just as limp as if you were unconscious. You have to be really out to go limp like that, sometimes guys go unconscious or mostly unconscious without going limp, but you can't go totally limp without also being totally out. You wake up often with short term memory loss, often oblivious to the fact that you just lost a fight. I feel bad for Fitch. He's been a bit unlucky. I think he could make it back to the UFC still, but he will probably never again fight for the UFC title.
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Phil (anonymous) 10 months ago
I can see the argument for this being ok, and while everything happens very fast the key point to notice is that Mazzagati gets himself into a terrible posistion and seems to not even check if the choke migh be in place. Bearing in mind Fitch was just clearly rocked by a hook he should be paying more attention. It's common sense that if he's dazed his submission defense would be impaired making him far more likely to get caught quickly. The main mistake is that he has a choice and he moves to the wrong side at the end after it goes to the ground. If I was being pedantic I'd also add that it looks like he's basically out already at that point, while not limp, the way that he falls just looks wrong and should have been an indicator.
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Anonymous (anonymous) 10 months ago
I knew it all along, Fitch is garbage. He is only good at one thing and that is Lay 'N Pray!
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