otroe otroe 4 years ago
GSP taken it easy on fighters, Really? Doubt it. He would of ripped that arm off it just did'nt happen.
GSP did what he had to do. GSP 4 life? Really? All hail the king? Spider where you at? Good fight though.
Hardy was'nt overwhelmed, he was scarred!
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ittou-ryou ittou-ryou 4 years ago
There's really only two sides to the "GSP is boring" arguement. Either you think an MMA fighter's job is to win fights or you think an MMA fighter's job is to entertain the audience. I wish MMA fighters didn't need to earn a paycheck because I hate the idea that the best fighter in the world might ignore half his toolkit because he wants to win fight of the night which means trading punches on the feet most of the time. Here's a clue: if you're watching a champion fight he's not going to rush in like a moron and he probably is well rounded and specializes in not taking damage, either by "being evasive," or having a dominant ground-game or working the cage. Pierre, Machida, Couture, Anderson Silva and BJ Penn are all considered boring in a lot of their dominant fights over top guys. You just can't mess around when you're fighting the best and technically sound fights are often not entertaining for the uneducated. K1 and Sanshou are for people who don't like grabbling. This is MMA.
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MMA-en-CORE MMA-en-CORE 4 years ago
Some one please tell me why Hardy did train with Rat Serra?He needed a wrestler,not a washouted BJJ guy!That was his biggest mistake.I know there's some Hardy hardcore fan here;so tell me why?
Would you do the same thing?Plus,he was undefeated in the UFC!
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