Sanjana (anonymous) 1 year ago
How does Krav compare to other fignithg styles? Hard to say in a one on one controlled and referreed fight you still have to remember that a lot of the deciding factor would come down to the actual fighter how experienced they are, how fit and strong they are, if they have experience recovering from concussive blows et etc. In a street fight, assault or mugging the chances of getting mugged by a someone who has trained to a decent degree in a martial art are quite slim. You are much more likely to be attacked by someone who is untrained and either in an emotional driven assault (such as road rage) or by someone who has spefically chosen you as a victim (predator/prey). In my experience guys who actually know how to fight the guys who go and get in the ring and spar every week, spit blood and sweat these guys are the most peaceful and probably your smallest threat (unless you really piss them off) Taking this into account in Krav we look to prepare the student in ways other than simply fignithg. There are verbal methods to diffuse and de-escalate situations. There are preventative measures you can take for your saftey. Learning to recognize how to avoid conflict is massively important. Personally I don't think having the edge over another style is as important as being able to handle a situation where you find yourself against 3 drunk untrained youths who may or may not be armed. This in my experience is where martial arts often fall down in that they over prepare you for a one on one attack from a talented martial artist an attack that on the street is not going to happen.And of course we also have to remember that in comparing styles (NB Krav Maga isnt actually a style or a martial art its a self defence system) that the capability of the practitioner will always vary. Two people may study the same style for the same amount of time but . well we all may drink from the same well but some more than others if you catch my drift
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