IDOLOVEMEN (anonymous) 9 months ago
Nothing hotter than when a dude is rolling around with another dude. Mmmm, dude on dude action.
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Drozd (anonymous) 9 months ago
I have no idea why White or anybody else was so pissed about this. This wasn't that bad. Fighters don't usually choke guys out and then let go of them so quickly. Jon Jones vs. Machida was actually fairly similar, but in that case it was more obvious that the ref didn't do anything wrong. The guillotine might be a nastier choke when it's sunk in than most other ones, but it's not like a ref is supposed to stop a choke before a fighter taps or goes out. Now, you might have wanted Mazagati to be closer to the action in case Fitch did tap out, or in case Burkman didn't let go so soon, but that doesn't seem so bad.
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TyQ (anonymous) 9 months ago
Dana is lately such a stupid douche.
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mazz_sucks (anonymous) 9 months ago
Mazzagatti is an idiot. Just watch the Brock Lesnar/ Frank Mir fight (#1) and you'll see Lesnar tapping for about 5-10 seconds before Mazzagatti stopped the fight. Lesnar later said, he wanted to "punch his stupid mustache off his face." In this fight, Mazzagatti should have been on the other side (defender side) and crouched down to hear/see anything. He could have also checked if his arm was limp or not like a lot of GOOD refs do. Dana White is right IMO. BTW, Lesnar specifically asked to NOT have Mazzagatti as a ref for any future fights. What a joke!
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