Tibor (anonymous) 3 years ago
I have nothing against woman in ufc but the problem is that the best women aren't looking like women anymore, let's be honest. Sure, Gina Carano is very pretty, Michelle Waterson is very hot and still feminine. but they are exceptions, and when it comes down to it, they will loose against the bulked up "almost male" who has just the same amount techniques but is much more masculine. I mean, they won't loose to somebody better, but somebody more bulked, more masculine and with more "testosteron" in "her" body. Because just like in most sports, there is always a category "women" and those with the female gender who look like guys with long hair and painted nails. I mean those kinds of "women", they are great athletes, respect to that, but to be honest, they have more male features then the average guy. So for aestethic reasons I would prefer not to have women in ufc.
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wth (anonymous) 3 years ago
I understand what you guys are saying, but they gotta expand the weight categories downward. Gina Carano is barely cute. When we get women cutting weight to make 125 or 115, then we'll get better looking women who aren't as 'roided out.
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pablodiablo (anonymous) 3 years ago
i think its a good thing for the sport that the ufc is not interested in female fighters because it gives other mma shows like strikeforce to draw in those viewers that actually enjoy watching women in mma wich equals more money and the ability to expand easier not only in womens mma because that have something to offer that the UFC does not
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pablodiablo (anonymous) 3 years ago
i honestly dont think that would be a problem with the UFC putting on free shows the way they do and they could easily think up a female TUF show or something to that nature but they just dont want to.
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Mangina (anonymous) 3 years ago
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Monique (anonymous) 3 years ago
That was such an egotistical chauvinistic statement. Women can fight women! I have seen female fights that make some of the UFC cards look pointless!!!!!
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Vice (anonymous) 1 year ago
Can women fight? Sure, all living things fight. Do most women like to fight physically? No, that's why nature invented males. Do women control most of the wealth and buying decisions in the western world? Yes - oh yes they do. Men fight to give women money and then they go out and buy things. Then advertisers realize that they need to make women feel good in order to get them to decide to buy their products and then those advertisers pressure businesses to change their business to appeal to women. Now we have women fighting in the UFC. The question is, can men just have something that we like just because?
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assvalanche (anonymous) 1 year ago
people change
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Natethegreat (anonymous) 1 year ago
I myself, DO NOT want to see women fighters in the UFC. Men have always been better at fighting and to have 2 women headline a fight card while there are males on the card is an insult to those male fighters. It requires much less skill to become a female MMA fighter at the moment because there isn't much competition. I mean look at Ronda Rousey, only reason she is getting a title shot is because the majority of female MMA fighters don't know how to defend an armbar.
They have always promoted female fighters that were good looking with decent MMA skills (ex. Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano) because they are easy to market to males. But once more female fighters enter the sport, I guarantee that most of them will look like Cyborg Santos or Liz Carmouche and honestly nobody wants to watch 2 muscular women beat each other up. (famale boxing anyone?) I believe they will have a much harder time marketing the female fighters when the face of the sport isn't even slightly good looking.
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