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  • 4 months ago
  • Video If anyone was wondering why a certain song was playing during some of the clips, (not including the obvious ones) 0:14 Bedtime lullaby - Because Fitch is boring and will put insomniacs to sleep 0:31 Street Fighting Man - Cormier and Jones having a street fight at press conference 0:36 Oz Theme (prison show) - Lee murray is in prison for bank robbery. 0:43 Cocaine - Melvin guillards walkout from his joe steveson fight where he tested positive for cocaine afterwards. 0:49 Catch my Disease - Aleksander Emelianko has Hepatitis (rumor anyway) 0:59 28 days later theme (zombie film) - Korean ZOMBIE fighting 1:07 Heart of Glass - Bob Sapp has no heart anymore and taps to strikes in all his fights now. Hence heart made of glass. 1:18 Fake Anik "caught in the Middle" during brawl. 1:21 Bedtime Lullaby - Jake Shields putting the audience to sleep, Literally. watch video >>