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The UFC and Fedor could never come to terms on a deal. Fedor talks about the UFC past and present on "The Voice Versus Fedor." Watch the PREMIERE September 19th only on AXS TV! AXS TV is Your Home for MMA every Friday Night! Find AXS TV HERE: watch video >>

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  • Video - Fight Network's John Pollock, John Ramdeen and Robin Black bring us the latest in MMA including Gilbert Melendez agrees to offer from Bellator MMA; UFC has opportunity to match contract and thoughts on the UFC Fight Night 36 marquee match-ups on Newsmakers. For additional coverage of MMA, boxing and pro-wrestling check out or follow us on Twitter at or find us on Facebook at watch video >>

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Published on Feb 15, 2014
MMA Crypt Fighting Talk - Gilbert Melendez agrees terms with Bellator.

Round 1: Gilbert Melendez agrees terms with Bellator
Round 2: UFC fighter uniforms
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  • Video -- It appears that fences have been mended. UFC president Dana White says Alistair Overeem has done the right things, putting him back in the good graces of his boss. Overeem waited for 40 minutes to have a personal meeting with White, and apparently did and said the right things. "It's all in how you deal with your mistakes and handle yourself after. (Alistair) handled himself like a (expletive) stud," White declared. (Explicit Language) watch video >>

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Slipping punches is one of those boxing techniques that offers a world of opportunity in terms of capitalizing on the openings created. By definition, when you as a boxer successfully slip a shot, you are within range to land any of a battery of your own shots. By continually slipping punches, ducking punches and rolling (or bobbing and weaving) during a boxing match, it has the effect of making it very difficult for an opponent to target your head and also acts as a feint or diversion, which applies a constant level of pressure to the opponent during the contest. watch video >>

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Randy Couture has been down the retirement road before, albeit under much different circumstances. At 47 years of age, he says that, regardless of the chatter from the doubters, his UFC 129 fight against Lyoto Machida is going to be his last. He doesn't want to linger past his prime and have someone else make the retirement decision for him. Get more MMA and UFC news at the World's top MMA News website watch video >>