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Preview UFC Now Episode 108 Married to the UFC: Life of a UFC Fighter and catch the full episode on Fight Pass: watch video >>

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Eve and Rener are engaged and set to be married in April this year. Eve's only concern is that she doesn't know how to cook! In this special edition Gracie Breakdown, Eve partners with Angela Gracie to learn how to prepare one of Rener's all-time favorite Gracie Diet meals pulled directly from Angela's amazing new Gracie Diet cookbook! To see how she does in the kitchen, check out the video, and whether you follow the Gracie Diet or not, you definitely want to give these recipes a try. They're e watch video >> Created by Randi Lotsberg In the past year Pro Fighter Chris Clements got married had his first child with his wife Karissa and finally made his way into UFC and won his UFC debut, this video tells his story. watch video >>

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SHOCKING! Ronda Rousey getting Married! watch video >>

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In the world of MMA, a great many fighters are married and have families, but it's rare that two fighters get married and start their life together at the peak of their success. Meet Jorge and Zoila Gurgel. Jorge is UFC and Strikeforce veteran and owner of the JG Academy while his wife Zoila is the Bellator women's champion. The Gurgels are flourishing as a couple while also making their way to the top of the food chain in the world of MMA. Here, they share their story of how they make it. watch video >>

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