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Another great option for defending the Back Step. It's important that we make a distinction between the Back Step and the Reverse Sit. To people that have not been training long these positions may look similar but they way you defend is totally different. The hand and head positioning is very important in this move. Make sure that the initial hand grips include the four fingers in the back of the collar. A lot of people underplay the importance of this hand but having the ability to pull watch video >>

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In this video I show a very important Butterfly Guard concept, the hip heist. This move is essential in being able to lift your opponent up and build power for your sweeps. All through my white belt and blue belt I had chronic back pain. This was partially a results of trying to lift with my legs in most guard positions (Closed, Butterfly and Open). It wasnt until I had been a purple belt for a couple of years that I learned how to build power without straining my back. The trick is in brin watch video >>

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If you have anxiety and depression, Jens Pulver can give you a lift watch video >>

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  • Video show you how to properly lift strongman stones. watch video >>

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Watch Urijah Faber as he cuts his trademark hair in an effort to lift the spirits of his ailing sister who is sporting a similar hair style........ watch video >>

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  • Video presents Strength & Conditioning 101: Total body lift (Rocky Style). This exercise focuses on core stability and strength. The routine starts off with leg Raise on stability ball and the second part, total body lift (Rocky Balboa style). Enjoy this free training clip courtesy of and the MMA Freak JP Castillo. Want to see a tip? e-mail watch video >>

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