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Mike Tyson forcibly removes Dana White from his airplane seat. watch video >>

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Bullying Sucks... Bullies should be taken to MMA or JIUJITSU Gyms and get taught lessons and be schooled on how it sucks to have someone better, stronger and bigger on your back or when you feel powerless...In a proper environment like this with protection they can really learn the true meaning of how much getting beat on means taking the violence factor away... just feeling powerless and undergoing controlled striking but overwhelming none the less... This could help them understand and change their vision on the fact that trying to hurt others is bad and that there is always someone out there that can do it to you too... DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU... simple rule. watch video >>

  • a year ago
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Bullies, name calling, and confrontations in elevators. Watch highlights from the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference. watch video >>

  • 2 years ago
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MMA H.E.A.T. was on the scene when MMA legend Bas Rutten did a Q&A with Bobby Pittman, Jr. of TapouT Magazine at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo on January 28, 2012. In part one of his talk, El Guapo lets us know about the bullies who tortured him as a child, discovering Bruce Lee and how he developed his signature liver shot. He also talks about his career in Hollywood, including an upcoming movie with Salma Hayek, Punk Payback and Inside MMA on HDNet. Be sure to visit for more interviews and archived episodes of our 1/2 hour TV show. Nós falamos Português! * We're on Facebook: * Follow MMAheat on Twitter: * Follow Karyn on Twitter: watch video >>

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Jason is a pretty boy that bullies his step brother and gives atomic wedgies to his friends. Mayhem calls upon Jon Murphy to give this bully a make-over. watch video >>

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