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Tommy shows you just how strong Diamond MMA cups are by putting his balls on the line. watch video >>

Kimbo Slice SUCKER PUNCHes a moron over $100. Bet his balls hurt after this stomach punch! watch video >>

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UFC Tonight's fighter Kenny Florian and writer Ariel Helwani look into their crystal balls and predict what 2013 has in store for the UFC. Will GSP vs Silva be the biggest headline? Or women in the UFC? As always, UFC Tonight brings the insight. watch video >>

Heavy Bag Workout Routines MMA If you like mixed martial arts (MMA), trying different MMA heavy bag workout routines can enhance your overall performance. Make sure you do not try an advanced routine until you are experienced, to avoid possible injury to both your hands and legs. Buy a mouthpiece to protect your teeth when you bite down during your training. Do not try MMA heavy bag workout routines without the proper gloves, and also consider using shin guards until your legs have become accu watch video >>

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If you're a Ronda Rousey hater, she wants you to 'grow some balls' and tell her face-to-face watch video >>

  • 3 years ago
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Brian "Bad Boy" Ebersole demonstrates his sense of humour in this skit video about his infamous cartwheel move. When he's not focusing on his comedy career, Brian Ebersole is a professional MMA fight veteran who has recently begun fighting for the UFC.

Produced by Richie Lattin for TMT Productions 2011 watch video >>

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