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Cage Conflict 14 Lucas Ka VS Gawin Wyatt NSAC SHAREFIGHT COM watch video >>

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A video made with a rant from one of my podcasts by Wyatt Nguyen, youtube user MRWLN20 Thanks, Wyatt! watch video >>

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5-14-10. Locked in the Cage 4: In this Heavyweight Title bout, Joel Wyatt teaches Randy Smith there's more to MMA than just having a good record. For more from the event, visit or click Paul Miles of Mid Atlantic MMA ( "More than a belt was at stake when Virginias Joel Wyatt faced New Yorks Randy Smith in Locked in the Cage 4 for the promotions new Heavyweight Championship. The main event was a chance for Wyatt to prove that his Matrix 1 loss to Brock Lesnar training partner Cole Konrad was an aberration, while Randy Smith had an opportunity to prove himself a true heavyweight prospect. Wyatt lost his fight to Konrad after a strike from mount closed his right eye. Joel still contends the damage was done with an eye poke, but Konrad kept the win, and immediately following the fight was announced as the newest signing to Bellator Fighting Championships. Wyatt went back to Vi watch video >>