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  • 9 months ago
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Looks like Bruce Buffer is becoming quite the risk taker, he’s probably been thinking about doing it for a long time but yesterday at the UFC 167 weigh ins he felt like it was just the perfect time and reached out for a touch of the Arianny Celeste booty.
Well, by the looks of the GIF it may have just been a little poke but still Buffer is becoming quite the player lately isn’t he?
Gotta love his face while he contemplates going for it and finally after an initial hesitation just goes for it and follows up with a friendly slick smile and laugh… looks over too see if the reaction is ok from Arianny and continues like normal… oh you’re skilled Bruce.
Bruce Buffer may be breaking the ice and physical contact barrier, and also setting up for a bigger move that we may see next UFC weigh in, hopefully by then he doesn’t find out he’s being recorded…hahaha! watch video >>

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