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Michael Landsberg annoys the hell out of Chael Sonnen. Based on their famous first interview (below). Follow us at and for news on latest videos. Please subscribe and leave comments! based on this interview: Music: "Hammer Down B" from Power Tracks, by Buikema, Dennis Michael, Bullaro, John J. III watch video >>

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"The fans know the deal and it goes like this right here. When you're the best fighter in the world today, they have a name for you. They don't call you the best fighter, they call you Chael Sonnen. Beat me if you can." -- Chael Sonnen Fight Nerd reporter Hiroko Yamamura caught up with a very sweaty Chael Sonnen at the UFC on Fox 2 press workouts (hence the sweat) to discuss his fight against Michael Bisping. We spoke about his plans on finishing Bisping in the octagon, his thoughts on fighting his coach Dan Henderson, and what went wrong with Yushin Okami's last bout. Sonnen also discussed his infamous interviews with Michael Landsberg (when he walked off-set during his first appearance on the show), and his thoughts on hanging out in Chicago. We love Chael Sonnen, and this interview continues to prove why! watch video >>

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