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Canelo Alvarez says he will look to push Erislandy Lara back and land combinations on him on July 12th in this boxing interview. For more Boxing and MMA videos log onto Like us: follow us: Boxing videos! MMA videos! uploaded daily! Subscribe: watch video >>

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  • Video -- See Quinton Jackson interact with his fans in the Land of the Rising Sun back in the heyday of MMA in Japan. See Rampage deliver his version of the Inoki Slap. watch video >>

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Check out the art of spinning kicks, as demonstrated by trainer Martijn de Jong and Karateka Marcin Prachnio in this edition of the GLORY Technique of the Week watch video >>

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Installment #2 of the GLORY Technique of the Week! Martijn de Jong and Marloes Coenen demonstrate and explain the importances of front kicks, using both the front leg and rear leg. watch video >>

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Check it out as Jennifer travels to the land down under to catch up with rising WMMA prospect Lana Kate leading up to her big rematch with Amy Adam at AFC 5!!!!! watch video >>

BONUS EPISODE!!! This special edition is all about the land of vodka and Sambo...RUSSIA!!! Big shout out to Tony Savo for making this episode happen. Give him a follow on Twitter @statecyde, and check out his website!!! Head to RIGHT NOW for my brand new shirt and a chance to get your face on the show!!! CHECK US OUT EVERY WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: http://facebo watch video >> - for more FREE BOXING TIPS! - Learn HOW TO BOX in 10 Days - ADVANCED footwork & punching power techniques - get strong & LOSE WEIGHT FAST A simple boxing tip to help you land more jabs during a fight. The great benefit of the boxing jab punch is that it's your longest and fastest punch you have in your arsenal. watch video >>

Rooftop and Catfish love snowboarding but they're sitting in a big land of sand. What to do? San boarding, that's what! watch video >>

Boxing strategy on how to land right hand punches. It usually comes down to your punching technique or your boxing strategy. I show you a couple ways to improve your right hand technique to make it longer and also explain the timing of when to throw the right hand. Check out the "Advanced Boxing Workshop" (my video on ADVANCED footwork & punching techniques): watch video >>

Boxing bodypunching strategy and fight tactics to land the lesser used right hand to the body. This helps to make your right hand a real threat and a little trickier (AND SCARIER) to defend. EXTRA BOXING TIP: don't look down when you throw body punches. Keep your eyes up top to avoid telegraphing and also to see punches coming your way. Don't forget to follow up after landing your body shots. Check out the "Advanced Boxing Workshop" (my video on ADVANCED footwork & punching techniques): http:/ watch video >>

Learn how to setup and land uppercuts on your opponent. All it takes is some understanding of proper uppercut technique and then some offensive boxing strategy. Once you know how to throw uppercut punches, then you learn the natural angles and common scenarios for uppercut punches. Check out the "Advanced Boxing Workshop" (my video on ADVANCED footwork & punching techniques): watch video >>

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