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K-1 Worlds Greatest Martial Arts Knock Outs:
The most dramatic and hardest-hitting knockouts ever delivered on the K-1 tournament circuit with punches, kicks and knee strikes. watch video >>

Invicta Fighting Championships presents the greatest finishes of 2012. Invicta Fighting Championships is a world championship Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight series dedicated to providing female athletes with a major platform to hone their skills on a consistent basis. Founded in 2012 by longtime MMA executive Shannon Knapp and sports aficionado Janet Martin, Invicta is committed to pioneering the future growth of women's MMA by promoting the best possible matchups between female competitors an watch video >>

At Evolve MMA, we believe that martial arts is one of the greatest platforms to unleash human potential. Martial arts is about the journey of continuous self-improvement of the mind, body, and soul. You will inherit confidence, mental strength, a warrior spirit, work ethic, discipline, and much more. Watch this video to see what Evolve students think of Evolve MMA. watch video >>

Greatest Knock outs with CFM 'Haunt You' watch video >>

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Jimi Manuwa plants a powerfull left hook in 'The Ultimate Challenge' creating one of the greatest knock outs EVER! watch video >>

WCK Kickboxing World Champion Jemyma Betrian talks about her upcoming Mixed Martial Arts Debut. Betrian is a certain UFC superstar, and is currently training... watch video >>

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  • Video For the month of July 2014, Vicky Iley is the Student of the Month at Evolve MMA, Asia's top martial arts organization. Vicky is one of Evolve's hardest working students and a true WarriorFit and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast. An inspiration to the entire Evolve Family, she approaches every session with a passion for excellence, exemplifying the work ethic necessary to become a great martial artist. watch video >>

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Jonathan Shrager speaks with possibly the most well known and respected Mixed Martial Arts journalist on the planet, Ariel Helwani. - Official Website: http:... watch video >>

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  • Video Paul Teo is the Student of the Month for June 2014 at Evolve MMA, Asia's top martial arts organization. A highly enthusiastic and dedicated martial artist, he is a 42 year old investor. He worked his way up from white belt to purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through incredible hard work and dedication. Above all, he exemplifies the warrior spirit and humility of a true martial artist. He is an excellent role model for the Evolve Family. watch video >>

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FightLights. All Things MMA
Mixed Martial Arts and UFC News
Exclusive, highlights, interviews, and video content.
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During an MMA demonstration gala in Amsterdam (1995) Bas Rutten and Joris Boon surprise and entertain the world. watch video >>

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