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Greg Jackson talks to Bas Rutten about who might be next for GSP, and who poses the biggest problem for the champ. watch video >>

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Published on Nov 18, 2013
Following UFC 167. The guy's from MMA Crypt got together to debate who really won out of GSP and Johny Hendricks. Also , we discuss Josh Koschecks recent retirement Text Message , our fighter and NOT so fighter of the night for UFC 167. Moving on to Round 4 , we discuss Ben Askren offers before rounding out the show with Quinton Jackson wins his Bellator debut.
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  • 10 months ago
  • Video -- Post-UFC 167, UFC President Dana White clears the air on the Georges St-Pierre's future going forward. White spoke to MMAWeekly moments after the post-fight press conference and explained that he spoke to the welterweight champion about his next fight. White, who admittedly was in a much better mood, thinks that GSP will fight again sooner rather than later. watch video >>

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Cesar Gracie expresses Jake Shields' disappointment in his debut, but promises a completely different fighter from UFC 121 in his next performance. Interview by Danny Acosta. Video by Rick Lee. watch video >>

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Should Georges St-Pierre return to fighting in the UFC? watch video >>

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Firas Zahabi thinks Georges St-Pierre has the competitive juice still in him. watch video >>

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Johny Hendricks Knows He Beat George St. Pierre!!! Does GSP Want it??? video by Paulie G watch video >>

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funny video of random dude tossing a guy posing for the camera. Gets judo tossed... hilarious! watch video >>

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Georges St-Pierre says he will never fight again in the UFC without stronger drug testing. watch video >>

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  • Video - Fight Network's John Ramdeen & Robin Black bring us the latest including Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira announces he will retire in 2015 and Georges St-Pierre says he will not return to the UFC unless there is WADA testing on Newsmakers. For additional coverage of MMA, boxing and pro-wrestling check out or follow us on Twitter at or find us on Facebook at watch video >>

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