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  • a year ago
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Kid Nate and Eugene S. Robinson of discuss Nick Diaz' decision to file a formal complaint about the weigh-in shenanigans at UFC 158 plus the depressing epic that was WSOF 2 and Melvin Guillard's strange struggle to find a fighting camp that will take him. watch video >>

  • 3 years ago
  • Video and Jorge Rivera want to formally apologize to Michael "The Count" Bisping for making fun of him. We thought these videos were all in good fun, but after Bisping called Jorge a racist, a retard, and a Mexican (P.S. We didn't realize that was an insult. P.P.S. Michael, if you think your reception in the U.S. is bad, don't ever fight in Mexico) and asked the UFC to not allow Matt Phinney at the weigh-ins, we felt we owed him a proper apology. watch video >>