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An injury forces on of the fighters out of the competition, and opens the door for another to get a second chance in the tournament. The Team Melendez fighters question the severity of Heather Clark's nagging knee injury. And, the storied rivalry between #6 seed Felice Herrig of Team Pettis and #11 seed Clark finally comes to a head, as they face off in the fifth preliminary fight. watch video >>

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Full event information: Zack Mwekassa is one of the most powerful fighters Africa has ever produced, and he has a personality to match his explosive style. On November 7th he steps back into the GLORY ring to participate in the GLORY Light Heavyweight Contender Tournament, where the winner must win two fights in one night to qualify for a shot at the Light Heavyweight World Title. watch video >>

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Saulo "Cassius Clay" Cavalari is one of the most spirited, aggressive fighters in the GLORY Light Heavyweight division. He comes from one of Brazil's roughest neighborhoods, and he says that his difficult past and the people of the slums are what keeps him motivated. Saulo fights at GLORY 18 in the one-night, four-man Light Heavyweight Contender Tournament, and he's coming for the Ramon Dekkers memorial trophy at any cost. watch video >>

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Allstars Training Centers huvudtränare Andreas Michael pratar med om hans fighters insats på UFC Sweden 3 watch video >>

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This week on UFC NOW we will discuss studying fight tape in MMA. We’ll see how fighters strategize a plan and select their training partners. Also, we’ll look back at one of the greatest kickboxing displays ever in the octagon. Watch the full episode Saturday here: watch video >>

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Ronda Rousey explains why pretty fighters are "the ones you have to watch out for." Watch Rousey on Jim Rome on Showtime, Tuesday, October 14th at 10PM ET/Pt, or on Showtime Anytime. watch video >>

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Brutal finishes from around the world of MMA on "Inside MMA" featuring NAAFS, Sparta Combat League, Maximum Fighting Championship, and The Hill Fighters AXS TV is Your Home for MMA every Friday Night! Find AXS TV HERE: watch video >>

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Floyd Mayweather wants to promote MMA fights and pay fighters more money, Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano is likely set for UFC 182, and more in this MMA social media update. watch video >>

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Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Nick Diaz top the list of most searched fighters on Fight Pass. This and more in the latest MMA Update. watch video >>

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Tips from MMA / UFC fighters on how to deal with the nervousness / fear which naturally arises before competition. Can be applied to anything in life. watch video >>

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Josh Barnett talks Victor Henry and Colleen Schneider's SFL 35 title victories, when we could potentially see him back in the Octagon, the UFC heavyweight division, his podcast and more watch video >>

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