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Alyse Honnold starts the round by charging at the Champ and delivering a few overhand rights to the side of Denny's head. Wonder Woman has got a serious clinch game, sliding her hips side-to-side and delivering some nice uppercuts and knees to the face of the challenger. Hannold escaped the clinch and they're scrapping it in the middle of the cage. Damn these girls are bringing it! Denny takes advantage of Honnold's aggression and scoops her up in a double-leg takedown and dumps her. The 1st round ended with the champ in side control. Round 2: Honnold is relentless. She charges the Champ AGAIN and gets inside Denny's clinch. The Champ circles away from the fence and the fight goes to the ground. Denny transitions to back control with both hooks in and she SINKS THE CHOKE! Heather "Wonder woman" Denny retains her title with some sweet transitions to the back. Very impressive footwork by Denny. These women are Warriors. Great fight ladies!!!! Winner: Heather "Wonder Woman" De watch video >>